Characteristics and description of potato varieties Karatop

Karatop is an early potato variety bred in Germany several years ago. Many gardeners consider it truly unique. This variety gives a rich harvest, the taste of which is top notch.


  • specifications and description of the variety
  • Features
  • Cultivation and care
    • How to select potatoes for planting
    • How to germinate seed
    • Stepping varieties planting process Karatop
  • to care requirements
    • Loosening
    • Hilling
    • Watering
    • Feeding
  • Potatoes storage
  • Diseases and pests
  • Tastes and Usage of

Characteristics and Description of the Variety

  1. The tubers are round-oval with a smooth, yellowish-skinned. The average weight is 80 g, the maximum is 130 g. The eyes are small.
  2. Flesh grainy, light yellow .Starch content - 12%.
  3. Shrub Karatop variety of medium height with leaves of small size. The corollas are white in color. From one bush can collect 23 tubers.
  4. The variety is not drought tolerant .With a lack of moisture, the quantity and quality of the crop is greatly reduced.
  5. Karatop tolerates long-term storage well. Its accuracy according to the description is not less than 97%.
The karatop pulp is grainy, light yellow


The variety is considered early ripening. The potato growing season is not more than 65 days. .You can start harvesting on the 50th day.

This variety is not demanding on soils. However, if the ground is heavy, then additional feeding and more thorough care are required.

Growing and care

How to choose potatoes for planting

It is enough for gardeners to adhere to the following selection criteria for planting material:

  1. Choose tubers that have with many small eyes .This planting material is able to give more shoots.
  2. It is important to ensure that the tubers are not affected by infectious and fungal diseases.
  3. Tubers should be of medium size( weight from 60 to 80 g).
Tubers for planting should be 60-80 grams

How to germinate

  1. seed At the bottom of a shallow box wet soil is poured in a layer of 2-3 cm. Its temperature should be at least 15 degrees.
  2. . Selected potatoes for sprouting should be , with eyes folded up, and on top of it should be covered with a layer of earth at the same height. This process is repeated until the box is completely full. However, it is important that there are no more than three layers of potatoes.
  3. The box must be shined on light .The optimum temperature with this germination is 16 degrees. The average term of germination is 12-14 days.
  4. Sprouted potatoes are sorted into a separate container, and the rest is brought to the desired condition.
Such germination of tubers will be even more effective when they are wetted with a solution of copper sulfate( 1 g of substance is enough for 5 liters of water).

Step-by-Step Planting Process of the Karatop VarietyThe distance between the trenches should be at least 60 cm.
  • The tubers in these trenches are laid out every 35 cm .Top filled with a layer of earth.
  • Tubers are stacked in trenches every 35 cm.

    . Care requirements.

    . Tillage


    Between beds it is necessary regular shedding of the earth .This process will protect the roots from weeds, conserve moisture and maintain the soil in a “light” state. The first loosening is carried out 5 days after planting. The time of subsequent loosening depends on the state of the soil and the weather.


    This is an excellent way to protect young shoots from the influence of negative factors, including sudden frosts in spring. Sprouting need to sprinkle with peat powder 4 cm.

    If the potatoes still suffered from frost, then you need to feed it with nitrogen fertilizers.


    Karatop must be thoroughly moistened once a week with .In total, you get about 5 waterings before the first flowers. Simultaneously with watering potatoes fertilized.

    Karatop is very picky about watering - at least 2 times a week.

    . Feeding

    At the beginning of the growing season and before flowering, early phosphorus potatoes are needed.

    As soon as the plant acquires flowers, the need for phosphorus decreases. During this period, potassium is needed for potatoes, as it will improve crop performance.

    Storage of potatoes

    An ideal place for storing potatoes will be dark, dry and cool space. Under these characteristics fit:

    • basement;
    • cellar;
    • special pit;
    • tara on the balcony.

    The selected place should not freeze in winter and maintain high humidity. The normal temperature for storing Karatop potatoes is between 2 and 4 degrees.

    Diseases and pests

    Karatop poorly resistant to fungal disease called phytophrosis .On the lower part of the plant, a mycelium scurf is formed, and the leaves are covered with maroon spots. Infected quickly begins to die.

    Phytophlorosis infection
    To prevent phytophrosis, it is necessary to soak the tubers of planting potatoes in onion decoction for 7-9 hours.

    When identifying signs of phytophrosis, the plant should be sprayed with copper sulphate( 5 liters of water with 5 grams of vitriol).

    . Dangerous pests:

    • . Wire .This pest gnaws the tubers and roots of potatoes. As a result, the tubers begin to rot, and the potato bush fades. To prevent the appearance of a pest, every autumn they dig up the earth, adding to it ammonium sulfate( 300 g of substance per 10 square meters).
    • Colorado potato beetle .This pest is a disaster of any potato field. Methods of dealing with it the most diverse. Chemicals Karate and Fastak are considered highly effective. They are sprayed with potatoes and soon the beetles die.

    Tastes and use of

    The taste of Karatop variety is estimated by professionals in 9.4 points on a ten-point scale .It is easily cut and in the process of heat treatment well boiled soft. Often used for making mashed potatoes and chips.

    The variety is considered to be a canteen and is intended for home cooking, however it is often used by enterprises on an industrial scale.

    Karatop Potatoes can be used for a variety of purposes. With all the advantages, it has only one drawback: is demanding of watering the .Therefore, if you are thinking about which sort of potatoes to plant, Karatop will be one of the best options.

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