Simple anti-scale agents in thermopota

More and more housewives prefer to use thermo sweat instead of an ordinary electric kettle. Indeed, such a device has many advantages: the volume is larger and the hot water is always at hand. But, unfortunately, the scum in this advanced device is formed in the same way as in a simple kettle. This means that sooner or later it will be necessary to clean the internal surface of the thermopot from unpleasant white bloom.


  • 1 the best. A large number of calcium and magnesium salts contained in it are converted into carbon dioxide and solid sediment from lime, which is deposited on a heating disk and walls, during boiling in a thermo sweat. The internal surface of the device is covered with a whitish bloom, which can sometimes be difficult to clean.

    Avoid scaling is not always possible, even if you have installed special water filters in the apartment. Do not forget to periodically look inside your thermopot in order to have time to clean it.

    Even a small amount of sediment can cause the following troubles:

    • decreases the rate of heating water;
    • increases power consumption;
    • thermo the process of work begins to make much noise;
    • water gets an unpleasant taste.

    If you ignore the rules of care, forgetting to regularly clean the thermo sweat, it may break.

    Use of special preparations

    The easiest way to remove scale from the internal surfaces of the device is to purchase a special anti-scale agent for this from the household goods store. The cleaning procedure does not take much time. Usually it is required only to add the drug to the water, boil it and after a while thoroughly rinse the thermo sweat.

    Using popular recipes

    Despite all the effectiveness and simplicity of the method described above, many housewives do not like to clean the thermal wool with household chemicals, for fear of its possible harm to health.

    If you adhere to the same point of view, several folk recipes with simple improvised means will help you to clear scale.

    Soda and citric acid

    It is very easy to remove thermal scale from scale using this method. You will need:

    • 20 gr.baking soda;
    • 20 gr.citric acid;
    • water and sponge for washing dishes.

    Pour water into the device, put soda in, stir and turn on the boiling mode. After half an hour, drain the boiling water, refill the thermowat with water again, adding citric acid to it. Boil water, pour it in half an hour.

    After this treatment, the walls and bottom of the device must be well washed, taking a foam sponge - it will help to remove residues of scale.

    If there is very little accumulation on the walls, you can only clean them with citric acid, without pre-boiling water with soda.


    You can clean the walls and bottom of the device from the scale in the proven "granny" way, using vinegar. Fill the thermotch with a solution prepared in a proportion of 50 ml of vinegar per 1 liter of water. Boil the liquid and hold it in the thermopot for several hours by opening the lid.

    Despite the availability, this method has a significant drawback - after removing the scale, you will have to clean the device again, repeatedly washing it with water to remove the vinegar aroma.

    Carbonated drinks

    A rather original, but not a bad way to remove lime deposits from a thermal melt is to use Pepsi, Coca-Cola or Sprite. Just pour the liquid into the device and bring it to a boil - the scum will disappear!

    Although these drinks are not inferior to each other in effectiveness, it is best to buy a colorless Sprite. After all, after applying the color "Cola", you will most likely have to clean the walls of the thermoplot from the ingrained dyes.

    We hope that one of these options will help solve your problem. Most importantly: whatever method you choose, do not forget to warn your household in advance that the liquid in the thermopote is not suitable for drinking, especially if you use vinegar or household chemicals.

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