Repairing the oil heater with your own hands

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Oil heaters do not often fail because they are reliable classic appliances. But there are times when you need to make an operational repair of the oil heater yourself.

The occurrence of a failure of the oil cooler, as a rule, is accompanied by the appearance of extraneous sounds inside the housing. There may also be a slight leak of oil or a protection, and the heater will simply shut down.

The first thing to do is to disconnect it from the power supply. If there is a possibility, you need to take it to the repair service center, but this is not always possible. Therefore, you need to try to repair it yourself.

At first glance, it is impossible to repair the oil heater at home. But as practice shows, in 60% of cases, the breakdown can be eliminated with your own hand. For this you need to carefully understand the cause of the failure.

When repairing the oil heater, all safety precautions must be followed and follow the instructions and operating instructions for the appliance. Violations of any of the items may result in personal injury.

Repair of oil heaters and the main types of their breakdowns

The process of repairing the oil heater depends on the type of failure or malfunction.

There are three most common directions in the deviation of the heater:

  • Appearance of whistling, sharp sounds inside the heater.
  • Damage to bimetallic plates.
  • TEN failure.
  • Deviations in the work of the electrical part.
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The occurrence of a whistle may indicate the absence of the correct oil level inside the heater. In this case, it is necessary to carefully review the heater from all sides for damage. Also, the cause of the whistle often becomes an improperly installed device. If the oil heater is frequently moved from place to place or inclined during transport, air plugs may form inside.

Oil heating devices do not like the sharp and long position in an inclined state, so it is desirable to transport it vertically.

But if it happened, you do not need to do anything, you just need to put the device in the room and let it settle for about an hour, so that the oil has accepted the operating mode. Then the device can be operated.


Damage to bimetallic plates. When disassembling the heater, damage to bimetallic plates can be detected. They are located on the handle of the temperature controller. To repair this structural part of the oil heater, it is necessary to put the knob of the temperature controller in the position of minimum heating. Then, in turn, the screws, the fixing nut, the frame, the spring are removed, and the bimetallic plate is removed.

It is not repaired, but replaced with a new one. This part of the regulator most often wears out for a long period of operation. To replace completely the bimetal plate, it is necessary to remove the sensor rod and the magnet. The thermostat assembles in the reverse order and is put in place.

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TEN failure. Teng is one of the constructive elements, which is the hardest to replace, since it can be either built-in or removable. How to repair the oil heater in this case? If the tene is removable, you can do this at home by removing the fixing bolts and disconnecting it from the power wires. If the tene is built-in, you need to drive the heater into the service center.

Deviations in the work of the electrical part. The cause of heater malfunction may be the absence of contact due to oxidation. To check this, you need to remove the heater from the base and unscrew the fixing screws. Using a screwdriver, it is necessary to remove the stop and adjacent washers. Then the anchor is removed, under which the contacts are located. If visible signs of oxidative process, you need to remove the wires, clean them, and wipe contacts with alcohol. After carrying out the repair, it is necessary to collect everything in its original position and check the operability of the device.

Repair of the oil heater housing

Cracks in the housing arise as a result of corrosion of the heater walls or in the case of mechanical damage from the outside. This failure will be visible visually. The device must not be operated in this condition. Those who decide to undertake the repair of the heater with their own hands, it is necessary to remove all the oil from the device and rinse the tank from inside with alcohol. To repair the tank should use equipment for repairing refrigerators, and as a solder, you need to choose copper-phosphor, brass or silver solder.

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Before soldering the enclosure, it is necessary to clean the damaged area, cover it with an anti-corrosive liquid, and after it dries, degrease the surface with alcohol. The next step will be the soldering itself. For this, the solder is applied to the damage site and heated by a torch according to the principle of hermetic brazing of refrigeration equipment.

It must be remembered that the synthetic oil is not compatible with the mineral type. Do not mix different sorts of oils. Therefore, if you are not sure what type of oil was poured, it is best to replace the oil completely. If the type of oil is known, according to the passport data, it simply needs to be topped up.

After the oil heater has been completely repaired, it is necessary to fill the oil in by 90% of the capacity, leaving a space of 10% under the air cushion (when heated, the oil has the property of expanding, and air will contribute to this process). If there is no air cushion inside the casing, a rupture may occur from the increased pressure.

When the body is repaired, you need to check it for leaks. If the oil does not flow even when the heater is fully started, then the repair is done correctly.

Oil heaters are widely used by summer residents for heating the premises in winter. They are effective and do not burn oxygen, but the danger is that their body is very hot. If improperly used, a number of problems can arise that are difficult to eliminate.

Oil Heater Repair - video

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