Indirect heating boiler own hands: a device of homemade boiler

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Availability of water supply with hot water - is part of the usual comfort for the modern home. However, not always possible to solve the problem of centralized communications to the suburban real estate.

Therefore, owners of private households satisfied autonomous supply hot water using the heating circuit as a heating source. To solve the problem will only build a boiler indirect heating with their own hands.

We'll show you how to make a useful instrument in everyday life. The article describes in detail the installation and connection of equipment rules supplying sanitary water in water analysis point. You will learn how to prepare for the launch of the boiler and how to put it into operation.

The content of the article:

  • Indirect heating boiler apparatus
  • Design and installation of their own hands
    • Selecting the storage tank
    • The calculation of the length of the coil
    • Manufacturing and treatment of the coil
    • Preparing the boiler capacity
  • Instructions for connection and system launch
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic
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Indirect heating boiler apparatus

In essence, the device is a conventional heat exchanger.

True exchangers are traditionally built on the "tube in tube", and in this case the heat exchange elements are the vessel and the tubular coil.

Indirect heating boiler in the house

Water heating device - boiler Indirect heating - often used for the organization of hot water in a private houses, country houses and country houses

Storage vessel takes the role outer "tubes", which is located within the "pipe" interior - coil.

Is passed through the tubular coil coolant heating systemAnd the inner region of the vessel is filled with cold water. The heat medium heats the wall of the tubular coil, and those in turn heated cold water in a vessel.

Scheme enable indirect heating boiler

It would look like the traditional scheme of connection Indirect heating boiler. In this case, the device is paired with a boiler

scheme indirect heating boiler usually done by counterflow technology of two media of different temperature level. In other words, if the output of heated water is provided at the bottom of the tank and feeding tube Cold water is higher in this case, the coolant supply to the coil is carried on the upper level.

Contact configuration is performed, if the input and output of cold water are interchanged. In practice, the circuit often encountered with the upper outlet of the heated water.

Insulation boiler indirect heating

In order to reduce heat losses made by hand boiler indirect heating should always be isolated. Good heat insulator - mineral wool

Considering that boiler provides indirect heating to heat the sanitary equipment, apparatus and the adjacent piping conduits subject to thermal insulation.

It is reasonable to install the system in close proximity boiler heating system. This approach will provide less expensive installation equipment and heat loss on the way from the heating system to the indirect heating boiler will be considerably reduced.

Design and installation of their own hands

The main task at the design stage with their own hands - a selection of storage capacity, which would have covered its volume hot water demand.

Selecting the storage tank

For most cases, operating system requirements calculation is done for 3-4 people (average family). According to the standards, one person consumes about 70 liters / day. That is, for the average family is sufficient to establish indirect heating boiler capacity of 200 liters. With such capacity need is met completely.

Receptacle under indirect heating boiler

The selection of the vessel under the remaking it into a boiler indirect heating should be given special attention. It should be a capacity of strong, durable, not corrode influence

Tank for heating the cold water is generally selected for vertical installation, but is not excluded as an option mounted in a horizontal position. As a boiler tank is permissible to use a container made of a durable heat-resistant materials.

Of course, the packaging material should be selected in view of its high anti-corrosion properties, acceptable thermal expansion, other operating characteristics.

Suitable materials can be considered:

  • aluminum;
  • stainless steel;
  • special polymers.

We must remember that any type of boilers are the vessels working under pressure. Moreover, the coolant heating system can be heated to a high temperature (90 ° C or higher). Based on these properties of boiler plants, should design and build the system with their own hands.

In practice, there are often really absurd design, also made with his own hands, for example, on the basis of normal breast jars or pots dining. Such decisions should be avoided.

A parody of the boiler

This looks to spoof indirect heating boiler. Made with their hands adequately, but for comparison with the really reliable and efficient device needs a completely different approach

boiler project indirect heating, executed with their hands, involves more calculations and pipe coil. It is necessary to calculate the required heat output of the device to the results of calculation of the length of the coil pipe and its diameter.

The calculation of the length of the coil

The traditional material for making coils boilers is copper or brass. It is recommended to choose one of these materials, since both materials have a high heat transfer coefficient.

boiler coil

The effectiveness of the coil (heating time and set the desired temperature) is largely dependent on the correct calculation. It is also important to correctly perform the installation of a spiral inside the vessel

To calculate the required values ​​for the manufacture of a boiler coil suitable formula:

L = Q / D * (Tg - Tx) 3.14 *

The letter designations are:

  • L - the length of the tube,
  • Q - heating capacity of the coil,
  • D - diameter of the tube,
  • Tg - the temperature of hot water,
  • Tx - the temperature of cold water.

Let's consider an example of how to calculate the length of a copper pipe coil 20 kW boiler for indirect heating.

There are copper tubes with a diameter of 10 mm, purchased on the market in the bay. Under taken boiler vessel capacity 200 liters. Calculated values ​​of temperature of hot and cold water: 15 ° C and 80 ° C, respectively.

Required to determine the size of the length of copper tubing sufficient to manufacture a heat exchange tube spiral 20 kW. By following calculation formula is carried out: 20 / 0.01 * (80-15) * 3.14. Result calculation: the required length of a copper pipe of 10 meters.

Manufacturing and treatment of the coil

To manufacture the coil boiler indirect heating capacity of 150-200 liters are usually taken copper or brass tube diameter 10 - 20 mm. The tube is twisted helix in view of the residual gap of 5-7 mm between the coils.

The clearance is required to make sure (it is allowed to push the coils after winding), as required compensation metal expansion. Moreover, with this embodiment the spiral is achieved full contact of water with the surface of copper (brass) tube.

Homemade coil boiler

EXAMPLE Self-winding coil for indirectly heating boiler. As the drum is used polyethylene thick-walled pipe. After winding, the coils are moved apart by 1-2 mm

In principle, copper or brass coils can be found ready for operation. For example, take a coil of any process equipment. But then you have to take into account the size of the existing capacity and compliance with the spiral of the heat exchange capacity.

Often perform selection in strict accordance with the parameters is not possible. Therefore, in order to save precious time in this respect is more favorable to produce a tubular coiled heater independently.

Manufacture coil with their hands without experience is difficult, but this task is feasible. Here the main thing - to perform high-quality winding spiral. By winding copper (brass) tube is recommended to use a drum of a suitable material.

Drum diameter smaller than the inner diameter of the boiler capacity approximately by 10-15%. As a result, if the inner tank diameter 500 mm, mean diameter value of the coil will be: (500 - 500/10) = 450 mm.

The fitting of the boiler coil

One of possible options for installing the fitting on the threaded end portion of the pipe coil. The free end of the threaded fitting will go into the hole in the vessel wall

At end portions of the tube wound in a spiral contact is required to mount the threaded fittings. To solve this problem it is necessary:

  1. Get a clean cut at the ends of the tube by treating them with a pipe cutter.
  2. Wear on the end portion of the tube crimp nut.
  3. Process edge sweep pipe.
  4. Install the fittings and tighten them firmly to the pipe nuts.

Does not necessarily apply exclusively bilateral threaded fittings. If you have the skills to solder copper pipes, suitable tools, can be set by soldering sided threaded fittings.

Also depending on the material of the vessel body, can not be excluded soldering directly to the walls of the tank. However, at independent manufacturing indirect heating boiler, this step is not recommended due to the complex manufacturing operation.

In the assembled fitting or sealed on to form a heat exchange element (coil Boiler) can already be considered ready for installation and subsequent operation. Will prepare a place for mounting directly on the boiler capacity and introduce water heater of the vessel.

Preparing the boiler capacity

How to put the finished copper (brass) inside a boiler tank spiral, if the capacity of one piece? In this case, will have to carefully cut the top and make the cover, which is attached to the vessel body bolts.

Planters seat cover and tank are aligned, polished, fitted with a rubber gasket. Meanwhile, the interior installation (and maintenance) seems more convenient if the capacity to make two covers - top and bottom.

boiler cover indirect heating

EXAMPLE cap means on the vessel, which is used for indirect heating boiler. Sealing is achieved by the gasket and bolt fasteners around the entire circumference

After installation of the cover on the boiler capacity is a problem with the coil assembly inside the tank itself disappears. Now it is enough to drill two holes in the receptacle housing, being guided by the location of the end portions of the spiral tube. The diameter of the holes should correspond to the diameter of the threaded portion fitting with a margin of 1-2 mm.

Threaded fitting portion is passed into the holes after setting gaskets. Then, the outer side walls of the tank and is wound counter-fittings tightly pull together the compound.

With this mount the heating coil is quite stable, but do you need extra support. Proceedings of coolant under pressure inside the tube is often accompanied by the appearance of vibrations. Additional support will compensate for the defect.

Compound coil boiler

Variant of the transition from the boiler coil tubes to the trunk lines with the coolant heating systems. Straight fittings at the same time play the role of fasteners

On the indirect heating boiler body also need to make holes for the set and drain the water, pressed into their short pipes and nozzles mounted on the shut-off valves. can be supplemented by a thermometer unit pointer if desired.

After completing the installation of all components, the container body is closed on the outside insulate material. It successfully suitable mineral wool with a top coating foiled.

Instructions for connection and system launch

The first thing home homemade boiler Indirect heating must be connected to a heating pipe. Where independent heating system is used, boiler include in the home network of the boiler.

The mechanical connection is made with the cover open on the boiler capacity. After connecting the need to lift the shut-off valve, which connects the back coolant line and ensure no leaks both the external device side, and inside.

Connecting boiler indirect heating

Before you turn on homemade boiler Indirect heating is completely the work, it is recommended to test the system for leaks. In the photo - a copy of the factory

If leaks are found, open the coolant supply line. You should wait for a while to warm to the coil heating system temperature. The full heating mode again carefully check all points of the coil and connections for possible leaks.

If the test showed the integrity of the system, close the lid of the vessel and connected line-feed parse heated water. Testing the system in real mode of heat transfer.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

A used gas cylinder is often used for making home-made devices. We present a video about how to make a bottle of body BKN.

Here we describe only one option of all the opportunities that exist and successfully applied. It should be noted that the options for self-construction of boilers of indirect heating, there are many.

For example, instead of the cylindrical collection reservoirs are used rectangular vessels. Winding spiral coil do not single-layer and multilayer. Complement Tan electric water heater. Design ideas have no boundaries.

Want to share your own experience in the manufacture of boilers of indirect heating or useful information on the topic? Please write comments in the box located below. Here, ask questions, express opinions, and place the photo.

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