How to choose a good blender

Young mothers often buy baby food blenders. The produced mashed potatoes are expensive, the quality is dubious. Another thing is to make food at home. It is important to keep track of hygiene, the body of babies is open to infections, viruses. However, grandmothers / mothers fed offspring without blenders. .. A reliable device will become a faithful helper, better than pushing it by hand. How to choose a good blender for the house, to find an ally in an effort to ensure a balanced diet for children. ..

Household blenders

Speech brings to the topic of home equipment, avoid using stationary blenders in a house with children. Kids will achieve the device, the unit roars strongly. Will love the shelf until the athletes grow up who are interfering with milk and a banana. It will be the turn of the stationary blenders to demonstrate brilliant functionality.

Baby food grind submersible. Model: praise Bosch. It's hard to guess by taking Philips. Give preference to the protective corolla( we take the name of nerds, although the literature refers to wire nozzles-mixers) steel. It gets dirty for a long time, less chance of contamination with plastic food.

The power of the Swiss model of the Bamix brand is low, starting at 140 watts. Another model is not enough, but Swiss professionals demonstrate a rare craftsmanship. The disadvantage of the global brand has become a great price.

. Video instructions for choosing

. Purpose of typical

blenders. You know, it was possible to read a curious phrase:

  • Trivia do not play a decisive role - they decide everything!

The phrase fits our case 100%, ultimately helps to decide which blender to choose. The result depends on the set / variety of attachments, the family to which the device belongs. There are now two:

  1. Stationary.
  2. Submersible.

We begin in a chronological way, avoiding confusing the reader with a mountain of details. You will scroll diagonally, reaching the end, you will not understand how to choose a blender.

The first stationary blenders

Trivia solves everything. Steven Poplavski claims:( allegedly) invented a blender for soda. It is difficult for Russians to understand the true meaning of words. Who tried soda water from tin cans, imported from abroad, knows - nauseous water with soda tastes like( first-rate rubbish).Americans avoid drinking liquid separately, supplement alcoholic, carbonated drinks. Authenticity of the act unknown.

Let's discuss soda. Product recommend losing weight. In the morning, drink a glass of soda to lose weight. In fact, the body actively supports acid-base balance. It is impossible to break. Acid-base balance stabilizes saliva, blood, urine, and other secrets. The man drinks a lot of soda. Shifts the balance towards the dominance of alkali.

The answer gives the body. Holds acid. With a systematic effect causes a number of effects, harmless - rapid, shallow breathing. From here comes the deterioration of the supply of oxygen, comes a fan of unpleasant pathological conditions.

That was the idea of ​​the automata soda water from the very beginning. Make mineral water, the volume is saturated with carbon dioxide. Oxide. Oxides, mixing with water, give acids. The weakest acid, characterized by the lack of a stable state - H2CO3.Safe life, violates the balance discussed above. It turns out to reduce the acidity of soda water can soda. Substances really do not have time to react, a person will not notice anything until he drinks a glass.

Stephen Poplavsky's first blender needs to quickly mix soda with soda in automatic mode. What makes slybryuga( in a good sense of the word).Creates a device that works when a container is installed, equipped with a special screw on the bottom. The sequence of actions is as follows: refill mineral water with soda, put the bowl, we get a non-hazardous soda.

Authors doubt that this was done without a back intent. America covered a dry law, the profession of the bartender has become heavy. Cocktails had to be mixed with hand shakers. Other equipment is simply illegal. Excluding new blenders, which the savvy host of the establishment explained to the police by the presence of people's need for soda. They killed two birds with one stone, the bartender profession has become innovative.

Then they guessed to make blades in the form of blades, chop up with a blender to fit the bowl. Now the bartenders mixed cocktails, soups. The blender model is called stationary, ideal for making cocktails. Especially with ice. Today, one device challenges the primacy of the stationary blender to prepare cocktails( excluding speed parameters).Vertical type screw juicer. A typical product of the manufacturer Hurom( South Korean company, the author of the method of screw extraction) easily make a cocktail. Problems will arise when ice crumbles. Solids juicer lay forbids( damages the mesh).

Immersion blenders - younger brothers stationary

Young brothers, does not mean that stationary blenders better. Just submersible appeared later than the model of Stephen Poplavski. Blenders with might and main shredded products helped cooks. There was an idea to make a blender processing small portions of the product. Low-power stationary models are extremely unsatisfactory chop vegetables, fruits, nuts. .. need housewives. Exit found: to create a relatively cheap simple immersion blender.

The design is represented by a handle, inside which the motor fits. The submersible part is located on a long metal tube representing a knife, resembling stationary models. The central mechanism is protected from the outside by a circle of steel( plastic) halo, blocking flying splashes. The main thing is to save the product! The course of grinding: the operator on top lowers the blade, rotating at a tremendous speed. Disappear the whisk, fail, grinding the nuts, getting the stuffing.

Features of submersible blenders

Master the subtleties promised at the beginning. The submersible blender is completed with a set of nozzles. Crescent knives will help to make mashed potatoes of precision, the finest grinding. Turns ingredients into dust. The best immersion blender can easily beat the nuts, use a nozzle while processing meat, beware. According to the recommendations of professionals, grains of minced meat grind visually distinct, providing the taste qualities felt by the receptors. Crescent nozzle will allow you to get pate. Being turned into a cutlet, it looks disgusting, the taste of the product is not better.

But then boil the meat, liver, carrot, fry the onion, chop it with an immersion blender, crescent-shaped nozzle, you get a great pate. Meat cutlet is processed by another nozzle - the cruciate. Crushes a product, size of result of work is higher, rather than sickles. The resulting stuffing is allowed to make chops. Please note: the immersion blender is not intended to handle a solid amount of products. One or two pieces. The rest is better to entrust the meat grinder, food processor.

Designers note the difficulty of creating multi-functional stationary blenders. No nozzles. One blade performs the functions. You understand now why the model is powerless to uniformly chop nuts, like an immersion blender. Specialization is obvious. Low-power stationary blenders are called shakers! Designed to mix cocktails, chop cabbage just powerless.

Applies to low-power models. Technical writers have repeatedly mentioned: the correct work contributes poured liquid. Fill the cabbage with water, shaker chop head. Another thing is Vitamix. The best blender on the market, worth a lot of green rubles:

  1. Turns a kilogram of ice into snow in 5 seconds.
  2. Crushes dry products into flour.
  3. Blends fruit smoothies.
  4. Power rolls over. ..

Clearly, the device does not shine for Russian brutal, is unable to shred, cut into cubes, copying submersible blenders equipped with a special bowl. The fact demonstrates the rule of market niches. The counter has no duplicate / overlapping devices. Be sure to find a trick near the most run-down food processor.

Selection of the required

Cocktails take a shaker. The device is low-power, cheap. It looks stationary, different little things( power, materials, knife curve).Details make the device an indispensable assistant, children's toy, garbage. However, useless units market threw a long time. Expensive stationary blenders are equipped with a bowl of special strong tempered glass. Models are incomparably better than plastic ones.

Prepare cakes, creams, mousses take the immersion blender. A special nozzle at the same time will beat the listed dishes, as is customary in expensive restaurants. Solving the problem of which firm is better immersion blender. Take Philips power above 500 watts. Most weak models require rest, lack the automatic shutdown option at the right time, more often matches are lit. Housewives say: immersion blenders are worthless. Invented models, squeaking at the right time: turn off the power. Rather exotic.

Finally, the creation of salads changes the choice of a blender: a submersible, equipped with a special set of bowls, knives, graters( Philips) will bring benefit. Dice know how to chop. Beauty for Russian.

The set of capabilities depends for the most part on the task. Reflecting on which blender is better to choose, understand what you are going to cook. At first glance, it will seem pathetic, literary critics will remind water articles of novice blogs, away from a joke. Let's start Bamix. The Swiss device - the eternal friend of the culinary specialist, will allow you to make mayonnaise!

Swiss Blender & Mixer Hybrid - Bamix

Bamix is ​​the first submersible blender in the world. The company has been in production for 60 years. The Swiss giant ESGE AG became the forefather of culinary technology. Let's start with the promised recipes:

  • Mayonnaise. You will need liquid egg yolk, a tablespoon of mustard, a pinch of salt, 250 g of vegetable oil. A special round nozzle Bamix in a matter of seconds will turn the mash into homemade mayonnaise. The speed is set low, the nozzle is immersed in the mixture. An immersion blender works to achieve the consistency of mayonnaise emulsion.
  • Meringue will need egg white, which was previously stripped of the yolk by the first recipe. Beat the mass with a special nozzle disc, getting an airy gentle foam. Add sugar to taste( a tablespoon without a slide).Beat on until a homogeneous consistency. Split 2-3 flatbread, sprinkle with delicious sweets if necessary. We bake, waiting for readiness( 1 - 1.5 hours) at a temperature of 120 ºС.

  • Fruit ice cream. A glass( 200 g) of frozen strawberries is placed in a mixing container. The ingredients are poured to the level of berries with milk, cream, a tablespoon of powdered sugar is added. A universal nozzle of the immersion blender ingredients are whipped until a homogeneous mass. Now ice cream is served to the table.
  • Tartar of several pieces of salmon is obtained if, by placing the ingredients in a special glass( blender), pour lightly with olive oil, add herbs to taste, a handful of shallots. A nozzle for a sickle-shaped meat can easily turn a product into a home-made paste served to the table alone or with cereal, vegetable garnish.
  • A special bowl with nozzles is used for shredding carrots. The Bamix submersible blender has an accessory called SliceSy. The recipe follows the generally accepted scheme, a special grater is installed in the slot. The Bamix handle enters the nest; at the touch of a button, the carrot is cut into circles.

Lists characteristic features of immersion blenders. You can add an option: grinding nuts, the meaning is clear. The recipes are presented on the official website of Bamix, we are grateful to the Swiss. There is no doubt which firm blender is better. Readers learned about handheld models. Let's think about what operations are feasible, on the contrary, impossible using stationary equipment.

Stationary blender in comparison with submersible Bamix

First of all we remind connoisseurs, stationary blenders are invented of two types:

  1. low-power shakers;
  2. powerful blenders.

First know how to mix drinks. From the above recipes iron in the teeth mayonnaise, ice cream. Tartar device getting tormented. Tartar employees catering establishments prepared blender stationary type 1-2 liters. The knife applies a special sharpening( products are not cheap).The main thing is different. A powerful blender with such force turns the blades, the slightest grazing of the product turns into a mash. Work Vitamix dexterous: 5 seconds, the mechanism is enough to make snow 1 kg of ice.

Master of powerful blender tartare. There is one limitation. The hand blender operates with a limited amount of product - cooks will get tired of repeating the production cycle. Tartar one feast weighs 1-2 kg. Vitamix will have to load as it should. Gram 800 - 1500 fish. Get plenty of butter, herbs, onions. ..

Immersion blender solves the problem more elegantly, allowing you to create portions of a given size. It is difficult to process a significant amount of products, here Vitamix will win. Which is better, decide on the seemingly correct gastronomic beliefs.

We admit that a powerful blender would be able to beat an egg, succumbing to a slow mixer with good knack. The name Bamix is ​​produced by a bunch of Blend & Mix. A special nozzle in the case of meringue replaces a separate mixer. If the blender beats the ingredients, it will require a significant amount of food. Four to five egg whites. A smaller amount simply will not reach the knife in height. Bamix site recipes use a single protein. We see the quantity factor( the stationary blender is not designed to beat, powerless to pull the task).Consider choosing a stationary blender.

Regarding shredding, cutting into cubes, no powerful Vitamix will cope with the task. There is no alternative to Bamix, any hardened submersible model.

Even the best stationary blender is powerless to solve the problems of the younger brothers of the line. On the contrary, the best submersible blender is unable to make an immaculate cocktail filled with ice. Obviously, manual models are adapted to produce thick consistency dishes, poor in volume.

What company is better blender

Submersible blenders

Readers realized what they had written before: they can do a lot of stationary, immersion blenders, it is time to decide which company’s blender is better. As for Bamix, connoisseurs recommend, an ancient brand that has positively recommended the name of Switzerland. Since 1950, the company producing a submersible blender, just doing this. Designers, workers filled their hands with an assembly line, cooks cooked up instructive videos demonstrating the recipe. The prices of the device bite. The

Methodology, in passing given above, will require equipment worth 14,500 rubles. The desired gift of a respectable hostess, most people would prefer to buy a plasma panel, paying the money will be right. The trimmed model M140 Mono Black( 4500 rubles) looks better. The kit is supplemented with nozzles, bowls with knives, graters are not included in the kit, you can not chop. The 140-watt model produces 17,000 turns, the technical documentation is silent whether it can beat the product. Rather - rather than not, the desired nozzle is attached.

We foresee, such a price will seem too heavy for a Swiss submersible blender( even the almighty), just to get, take Moulinex( 1000 rubles).A French company( similar to Philips), get ready to solve a number of problems. The device certainly provides a short-term mode of operation, which means: you have to turn off the engine every 1-1.5 minutes, otherwise the winding will burn. How to detect time intervals - the care of the owner, the power of 350 W does not convince the critic that the thing is better than the Bamix Mono. The minimum price of a blender distributed by merchandisers( share) is 600-900 rubles.

Stationary Blenders

A few words about stationary blenders. Site VashTehnik painted a lot of Vitamix. Uniform monster, who knows how to fully satisfy the culinary specialist: will fulfill the wishes. Prepare soups, cocktails, ice cream, mousses, jams. You can not shred, cut, whip. The power of a typical Vitamix stationary blender is 1-1.5 kW.Experts say: a strong device. It works easily: the feeling of power is felt physically.

The price starts at 50,000 rubles, it’s worth thinking three times whether to take the device home. Another thing - bars, catering establishments. Professional appliances tend to pay off faster. Yutoub showed raw foodists consuming food ground on Vitamix; we strongly doubt that the blender baler knife doesn’t damage nutrients, vitamins, imitating the grater of rotary juicers. Processing speed is incomparably higher. A good blender will come in handy for the raw food family.

According to experts, athletes compensate for their vitamins by taking special complexes made by the pharmaceutical industry. So do athletes, armed with a practical recipe. Bodybuilding is recommended to be accompanied by a doubling of the specified package dose. The postulate relates to trace elements. Experts admit: 50,000 rubles is too expensive, let's see how to choose a truly acceptable stationary blender model.

Bork products cost up to 15,000 rubles. The device warranty is 3 years. The special system of six knives eliminates the picture often shown by cheap blenders: the product simply stagnates, cannot get the blades. Bork will easily grind any vegetables. Shred not work, grate the carrot - easy. The bowl is made of tempered glass, it is difficult to break careless movement. The shape of the square container is unusual. However, the company's development managers claim: the technical solution provides wonderful performance.

Cheap blenders are produced by Vitek( 2000 rubles).The award-winning brand has proven itself well in different segments, tend to trust products. Produced by the Chinese, the typical way of foreign models. The device will have a pair of speeds, power about 800 watts. It is enough to whip a cocktail.

Submersible Philips

HR 1635 blender

The Philips HR 1635 looks good, with a price of 1350 rubles, 650 watts. The parameter for which it is worth paying money. The device is equipped with a single speed, beating-grinding simultaneously impossible. We are looking for a blender for baby puree, shall we manage?


Crumble lettuce, figuratively cut fruits and vegetables - you will have to pay about 7,000 rubles for an immersion blender, the set of which contains a full set of accessories. Different nozzles, bowl, supply blades, graters. Blender is often called a combination.

of the Device has 18-20 separate speeds, the thing beats up random foods. Setting the look of ingredients will please the hostess, reduce troubles. The developers have added a turbo mode, the device demonstrates the wonders of power. A sample list of accessories:

  1. Crescent knife perfectly grinds any products. It is better to use it, crushing baby puree. Turns meat into pate, bananas into a sticky mass.
  2. A glass with rotating sickle-shaped knives designed to quickly chop vegetables and fruits of lettuce.
  3. Added a special dough kneading hook. Archbishop, need a cook to bake pies, is extremely rare in the world of immersion blenders.
  4. The next thicket contains a set of graters, slices of vegetables, fruits with cubes, stripes, and circles. Fixtures will make any salad.

Bowls are represented by transparent plastic containers, the cover is slotted under the handle of a motor blender. The transmission mechanism provides rotation of the disk with the desired nozzle. Passing each circle, the blade cuts off a circle, a strip. We get cubes by adding a special lattice with sharp edges. A special pusher will allow you to squeeze the vegetables into the neck of feeding products, to get what you want. The disadvantage of the Philips model is that some of the ingredients get stuck above / below the rotating disc.

Blitz-answer. How to choose a blender combined? Look to the set of nozzles that demonstrate the advantages of the device! !!


Immersion Blenders With a power range of 600 W models, the Multiquick 5 series of submersible blenders looks acceptable with a price higher than 4,500 rubles. The kit contains a list of accessories that copies the Bamix M200, there are no Swiss replaceable nozzles. Considerations regarding the functionality:

  1. Obtaining coarse minced forget.
  2. To whip mayonnaise, the cook will have to use a wire mixer.
  3. Beat eggs more conveniently with a wire nozzle.

Sickle is powerless to perform a full list of operations. Blade chop nuts, make pate, mashed potatoes. Stuffing consistency is chosen larger, otherwise you will get a looseness. The final taste of the cutlets will be average. One feature is noted: for the operation of the device, you have to press and hold the button, taking a lot of power. The manufacturer apparently decided to protect the collector engine against excessive load, so that the device does not burn out. The mechanism is simple:

  1. The hostess is tired of holding the button of the immersion blender, let go of her finger.
  2. Resting cook - the motor cools.

Total: for engineering reasons, the probability of a breakdown is dramatically reduced. Cooking with the Multiquick 5 submersible blender will seem to some women as overworking black Negro slaves.

Let's discuss how to make a cold cocktail using a hand blender. The action is feasible with the participation of 100-200 grams of ingredients, donating precious time to the cook. Need to act quickly! Pre-purchased fruit, milk, ice. Getting started. We keep ice in the refrigerator, the ingredient queue is the first from the end. Take the fruit, three graters in the bowl, or process the crescent nozzle. The result becomes satisfactory - we fill in milk, we undertake the wire mixer. We take out ice from the refrigerator, we start a crescent nozzle. With the resulting snow we pour the mixture of fruit, milk, bring with a wire mixer. If done quickly, you get something good to drink. True, more difficult than putting the ingredients in a stationary blender by pressing a button!

Blitz-answer. Which immersion blender is the best for cocktails with pieces of fruit, ice? No! For this purpose, a stationary blender is purchased. Shaker( stationary blender low power).

The disadvantage is the name of the grinding bowl( ergonomic design): it allows parts of the product to stick to the walls. We have to interrupt the process, clean, recycle. Make you think. Bowl immersion blender does not master the ice nuts. We’ll add the previous postulate on Philips' old kitchen combines. One thought comes - float faster. Then it goes: the parts require cleaning - grater, bowl, lid. A small amount of vegetables is easier to cut with a knife, chop by hand. Grandma plastic, steel grater.

Stationary Bork

blenders Stationary Bork blenders are equipped with two additional knitting knives in addition to the leading crosspiece. Slightly longer. The design prevents the product from scattering along the walls, quietly waiting while the device tries. Stationary Bork blenders stand above 10,000 rubles.

Can't beat the meringues, pereteret fresh vegetables / fruits - please. Stationary blenders are specially made for cocktails where liquids and other substances participate:

  • ice;
  • pieces of fruit and vegetables;
  • grass, leaves, roots;
  • nuts.

Ultimately Bork Stationary Blender aims to get soups, cocktails. Russians avoid chopping beans and nuts; in the west they make nutrient mixtures. The product is called soup, although it sounds unusual to Russians, it is customary to cook soup borscht. The best blender for cocktails, of course stationary. Special models of vertical screw juicers are powerless to overcome the ice( dangerous for the grid).Cooking speed will remain for the stationary blender.

However, I would like to note: the device is useful for bartenders, athletes. People need to cook the mixture incredibly quickly. The maximum of useful substances turns out a South Korean method of slow pressing on the screw. Bodybuilders will argue: a blender will supply the drink with fiber, efficiency is 100%.Note that not all sports try to gain mass, sometimes a liquid watery cocktail from under the auger juicer is useful.

Blitz-answer. How to choose a blender for cocktails? Take a stationary beast more powerful! Pay close attention to the technology of eliminating dead zones.

The bowls of Bork stationary models are made from tempered glass. What a good blender will come out, protected by a fragile plastic that is so easily beaten with an inadvertent movement. No one compared the model with the North American Vitamix. I wanted to know if Bork can crush raw food leaves, roots, which are eaten by vegans. If the device pulls the load, the rest is a joke. No joke, since wheat germ can easily wrap around knives, at a minimum, the system’s performance will be impaired. In the worst case, the motor will suffer. Regarding the stationary Vitamix blenders priced from 80,000 rubles, the animals simply destroy reaching knives with a capacity exceeding 1 kW.

We’ll specify the answer of the request, what brand to choose a blender for home. German Philips. Know-how, developments of the company relate to domestic use by wide sections of the population. Thanks go to Moulinex. On the equipment of professional submissive servants stuttered, Vitamix, Bamix blenders( avoid confusing brands produced by manufacturers from continents on the globe, not belonging to a single family).

Blender is required to function properly. Whoever laughed, let him see how the goods sent by mail, transport companies. OL employees at the same time curse, call security. Lose mail Russia, order what the proletarians do! The main thing is that the first step is to open the package in the presence of an employee in case of monstrous excesses, otherwise it will be difficult to prove the guilt of the service. Then a statement is made for the search. .. A bad story, we humbly hope that the writers will pass this cup. How to choose the right blender to work, refused to perform official duties( did not imitate vigorous activity, showing ostentatious dedication to the cause)!Read!

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