Which hand blender is better to buy

When cooking popular dishes: homemade mayonnaise, jam, tender pate, fruit cocktail, vegetable soup, salad, mousse, you can’t do without a blender. Selection requires knowledge of the principles of operation and the types of technology that exist in nature. For example, the well-known Bamix submersible blender is a hybrid blender - cook what you want. With a little caveat - in a reasonable amount.

Swiss Bamixers Bamix

The cost of Bamix blenders varies according to the configuration. The most famous brand began at the dawn of the era of household appliances, the products work flawlessly. In the proof on the official website of the manufacturer posted a video showing 5 dishes for 5-minute cooking.

The Bamix blender kit includes:

  1. Bowl with grinder for shredding, grinding, polishing ingredients. Do not confuse the grinder with a grinder. The latter works with vegetables and fruits, and the mill - with relatively hard objects, for example, nuts. While the sickle-shaped knives of the shredder scurry at a height exceeding the centimeter mark, over the bottom in search of not yet ground pieces, the mill takes the nuts from the surface and turns it into crumb. Blades specific purpose.
  2. The operating bowl of the Bamix blender resembles a faceted glass. Narrow for convenience - the device has no rim. Instead, Bamix has four teeth. Due to this, it was possible to reduce the power of the device to 150 W without loss of functionality. As a result, the cook found a device that does not overheat and does not waste extra kWh. The glass is narrow, the spray does not fly to the sides.

    Blender manual Bamix

  3. A set of nozzles is diverse. A universal whipping plate will help you to prepare mayonnaise, meringue, a multipurpose knife designed for a variety of common operations. Especially for meat and fish, a sickle nozzle with well-sharpened blades was included in the kit, turning the ingredients into tartare and pate. Finally, the Bamix hand blender got the hang of being the drive for its own bowl.

The Bamix hand blender has two speeds. From model to model, the magnitude of revolutions varies, but typical values ​​are 12 and 17 thousand. These are relatively high indicators. Due to the presence of two speeds, the use of the device becomes flexible.

The price bites, but the design’s thoroughness impresses. We recommend buying a Bamix blender to serious chefs for a variety of menus. A definite plus - Bamix blender works with small amounts of food, easy to clean.

Hand Blender Saturn

Massive whisk blender Saturn - plastic.

Plastic blender Saturn

It is recommended to buy steel, but expensive models. The corolla shape is a closed half of a disk resembling the upper part of a flying saucer. A pair of wavy slots are made in the walls to push the product through. But the viscous paste sticks, gets stuck, it is difficult to clean off.

Knife sickle, with two blades, poorly chops meat, not suitable for pastes. The shape is slightly curved in a plane, similar to a propeller, in order to tighten the thick of the ingredients, but with a pate it does not work that way. Although the power of the device is 600 W( 2-3 times more than that of Bamix), Saturn cannot do basic things.

Due to the high consumption of the motor device immediately overheats, we have to give rest after two minutes of work.

launch buttons to avoid an accident two. Hold the buttons hard even for an adult man.

Blender Bamix

It happens that housewives are addicted and burn blenders, violating the cycle time. The size of the blender Saturn is great. Hard to work.

But the Saturn blender costs about 600 rubles.

Manual blenders Witek

Consider the model VT 1477 - the maxiblender, which placed three knives under the whisk. The package does not fail: bowl for grinding, shredding. A halo of steel, pretty thinned out. Much more slots than Saturn, but not up to Bamix.

Device power is 700 watts. It rotates amazingly, but the duration is 30 seconds to a minute, after which a two-minute pause is required.

Blender Hybrid Vitek 1477

He has three knives, good for crushing ice. I was pleased with the video on Youtube, where the device is being tested. Shortcomings:

  1. When splitting ice, the gearbox is immersed in snow, according to the instructions, this part is prohibited to wet.
  2. When making mayonnaise, the Vitek 1477 blender worked almost continuously for 1 minute and 27 seconds. It is one and a half to three times longer than the instruction permits.

At the blender one rather flat nimbus on three knives. Pate is easier to prepare, but buying a blender will cost about 4,000 rubles.7 times more expensive than Saturn.

Three different models of hand blender. Which one to buy? We will give a couple of tips!

  1. Find out where, at what price you can buy components for a blender. Without this small step, any breakdown will turn into an irreversible exclusion of the device from use. Finding parts for a blender is a real bother, try to look for another model.
  2. Similarly select service points.
  3. When buying, carefully check the completeness, fill out the warranty card, insistently demand the seal of the store, the seller's signature.
Which hand blender is better to buy

Which hand blender is better to buyBlenders

When cooking popular dishes: homemade mayonnaise, jam, tender pate, fruit cocktail, vegetable soup, salad, mousse, you can’t do without a blender. Selection requires knowledge of the principles o...

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