How to wash the fridge inside and outside: caring for new and old

In this article we will answer a popular question that every hostess visits: what to wash a refrigerator with? You will learn what solutions to use to clean the refrigerator inside and out, how to get rid of an unpleasant odor and how often a general wash should be carried out.

Material content:

  • 1 Preparation for cleaning
  • 2 Detergents
  • 3 Caring for a new refrigerator
  • 4 Tips for using

Preparing for cleaning

Before you start, be sure to disconnect the equipment from the power supply and free it from the products, shuffling and throwing out what has passed through and cleaned more products and more from products that are over-exhausted and spilled. After unloading, remove shelves, containers and grates, soak them in warm water.

Prepare in advance everything you need to clean the external and internal surfaces:

  1. Rubber gloves to protect your hands from household chemicals.
  2. Kitchen sponge or napkins.
  3. Cleaning spray or mild soap solution.
  4. Soda, ammonia, vinegar.
  5. Clean towel.
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Now you can start washing. This should be done slowly to remove all contaminants.


In this section you will learn:

  • Can I use solutions prepared by myself.
  • What popular recipes effectively clean the surface.
  • As a lemon, vinegar or soda will help in the fight against bacteria.
  • How to treat surfaces from mold and mildew.

In addition to the usual household chemicals, suitable tools are also suitable for washing.

  1. Any soap( ( more profitable to use household soap)) will easily clean the dirt on the rubber seals.
  2. Plain baking soda can remove old stains and stubborn stains.
  3. Toothpaste cope with dried spots, this soft abrasive gently and carefully clean the plastic surface. To replace, you can use tooth powder.
  4. Surprisingly, the apple cider will help you to clean the refrigerator chambers qualitatively.
  5. Solutions containing bleach effectively remove mold. Read more about this in the review “How to get rid of mold in the refrigerator” by .
  6. In addition to bleach with fungi and mold, will cope with a solution of whiteness with water .

Important! To wash glass shelves, use only cool or lukewarm water. Due to temperature changes, the glass may crack or break.

Household cleaners can be used to clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator compartment.

The first recipe

Grate the soap on a grater, dissolve in warm water and rinse the folds of the seal. After washing the sealer with water, wipe dry with a tissue or towel.

Recipe for the second

In 0.5 l of water, dilute 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, soak a rag in the resulting solution, after which you can begin cleaning. Lemon will help in the fight against unpleasant odors and provide freshness.

Recipe third

Mix 2 tablespoons of soda in 0.5 liters of water. This tool does an excellent job with bacteria: soak a cloth in it and thoroughly wash the inside walls, grids and shelves.

Recipe Fourth

The basis of the solution is ammonia. It is suitable for cleaning equipment after defrosting. To prepare, you should take 30 ml of ammonia and 300 ml of pure water.

Recipe Fifth

An effective remedy for removing the smell of spoiled food. Mix the vinegar essence and water in proportions 1: 1.

In addition to cleaning, it is recommended to defrost once a month to prevent frost on the walls of the freezer. If your equipment is equipped with the Nou Frost system, a large-scale cleaning every 3 months is enough to maintain stable operation.

Care for the new refrigerator

It is not recommended to turn on the equipment immediately after purchase. In winter, leave it for a few hours at rest, one hour is enough in summer. Before first use, be sure to wash the fridge; for this, use special cleaning sprays or self-made solutions. Since the technique is new, you should not use chemistry, abrasives are strictly prohibited.

To wash the refrigerator before the first use, take the soda solution. You already know the recipe and can start washing. If the refrigerator is a two-compartment, process both chambers with a damp cloth and dispense shelves, containers and grids. Dry the surfaces and removable parts with a dry towel.

Tips for using

  1. Every day you audit products, throw away something that has already begun to deteriorate.
  2. Every week, do the washing without defrosting, just get the food.
  3. In order to avoid odor, store soda or activated carbon inside, do not forget to change them every three months.
  4. Never wash the refrigerator when it is turned on: the entry of warm air into the inside of the chamber contributes to the appearance of condensation.
  5. Do not use harsh abrasives when defrosting and washing machinery.

Regular maintenance will eliminate the need for hours to wash stubborn stains from containers, shelves and compactor and significantly extend the life.

We have uncovered all the secrets to properly washing the fridge; now you can easily restore order outside and inside with improvised means. Follow these simple tips to keep your equipment clean and fresh.

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