How to use the coffee maker

The type of coffee maker greatly changes the content of the instruction manual. Therefore, first of all, let us see how to distinguish. We will give recommendations on how to use the coffee maker. You will see, despite the variety of key features, few options.

Water Preparation of the

Coffee Machine Inside the coffee maker, the heating element is standing. Increased scaling. To avoid the effect, clean the water. Discussed, considering steamers;in order for smaller readers to flip through VashTehnik portal, we repeat.

Use clean water to make

coffee. Before using the coffee maker, clean the water with a filter. Extremely dirty flows - household method succumbs. Buy a special high-performance filter. You can build in plumbing. Boiler water flows through a household filter. Rid of the liquid salt, boil. Second-rate method at home. The site Long Summer offers to freeze water. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Fill a cylindrical vessel, devoid of neck, with water. Puzzle the freezer. The temperature is not too low, less than zero.
  2. As a result, the clear water will become ice, the salt solution will remain liquid. Merge. A pair of deep holes are drilled in the outer ice surface. Through one comes brine, the other sucks air.
  3. The resulting ice is crushed, melted, poured into a bottle of arbitrary capacity.
  4. The purpose of the next operation is to eliminate heavy water. The freezing temperature of the liquid is 3.75 degrees Celsius. In the refrigerated compartment we get the specified conditions, leave the vessel to lie for 24 hours.
  5. Clean water is filtered with gauze, deuterium oxide crystals are looking for a garbage can.

It is possible to get less pure water, it is not terrible to pour it into the coffee maker.

Variety of coffee makers

Types of coffee makers

Having got clear water, you will drink coffee with pleasure. When life is fun - the work goes on.

Geyzernye coffee makers

If the coffee maker does not connect to the outlet, not a Turk( something similar), a geyser type appeared before us. Often resembles an hourglass. Take the trouble to find a geyser-type coffee machine to disassemble, clean. Let's start to unscrew the upper half of the "hourglass."Between the segments is a rubber gasket, you need to carefully put aside.

For cleaning, use a typical set of housewives. The deed is done, according to the recipe, we fill the lower part with coffee, pour water. We see two concentric tanks - we fill the outer one with liquid. The unit is put on fire. In process of preparation in the lower half there are processes characteristic of the standard Turk. Boiling begins, coffee runs away. Nowhere to go, you can see: from the central tube of the upper segment a fountain beats out. It resembles a geyser, from where the device acquired the name.

Advantage over Turk: there is no need to stand a falcon, guarding the drink. Avoiding escape. On the contrary, bother to wait for the transfusion of coffee from the lower segment to the upper one. There is no difference, cooking on coals, red-hot desert sand( traditionally practiced by Arabs), and a stove. A significant advantage of geyser coffee makers.

Carob coffee makers

A distinctive feature of the type of coffee maker is considered the presence of a horn. It sounds strange, people refuse to understand the simple fact. The horn is provided with a long handle, is represented by a miniature cylindrical container, the helix is ​​rim, and other fastening structure. Before starting work, fill the tank with water. Some rozhkovy coffee makers give chance to receive a skin. A separate topic.

Rozhkovaya coffee machine

The process of obtaining the foam next. Take a glass of milk. Rozhkovaya coffee maker is equipped with a cappuccinator tube, lowered below the surface. Following the program, a foam is prepared with one touch of a button. Cook pomelet grain. In some rozhkovy coffee makers you will find the built-in millstones, in the majority are absent. Therefore, see a separate device on hand. It is better to purchase a coffee grinder that allows you to adjust the size. Requires accurate recipes.

Ground coffee fills the cup of the horn. Ramming, reaching the stage of a dense pill. In most cases, something like an inverted pedestal is located on the body. Ramming for as long as you can. After checking that the coffee powder does not block the thread, the horn is put back on. The long handle will help to pull the container to the body. The result of the effort is a small, dense working chamber.

Hot water is passed through with a coffee tablet, pushed by high pressure. The figure reaches 12 - 15 atm. Perhaps, there are models of rozhkovy coffee makers, demonstrating value more impressively. Manifestation features rozhkovy coffee makers. Most are able to dispense:

  1. The amount of water per cup of coffee.
  2. Hot water temperature( optional).
  3. Some other specific parameters, pressure.

If you take professional models, the parameter adjusts separately; in simple rozhkovy coffee makers, the button will serve the purposes. With one touch we get American, espresso. Few help recommendations, icons, labels, the location of the buttons are individual.

Formed tablet of horn coffee makers is used once. Then bother to wash the container( shake off the cake in the basket), repeat the procedure. Rozhkovye coffee makers take more time to prepare, they reconcile, because the taste of the drink is excellent. Connoisseurs prefer to use rozhkovyh coffee makers, devoid of desire to scrub a Turk. The Arabs brew, using the natural hot sand of the desert, a tasty drink. Borrow a steel tray at home, fill in ground quartz, use Turkish health. It is necessary to heat the sand with an infrared heater with a spectrum close to the radiation of the Sun. ..

drip coffee makers Not without reason we considered the complex horn coffee makers with boilers first. Drip are distinguished by the absence of the listed components. No horn, boiler. From the water tank, the liquid is taken by the pump. Coffee is brewed by gravity. Slowly water drips into the filter. It is believed that the quality of the drink suffers significantly, but the device costs less.

The essence of the preparations recalls in the first part the previous case. Fill the tank with water. Then the working chamber is opened, the installation of the filter begins. Let out paper, are made also of other materials. Follow the instructions: the design is different. The ground coffee is placed inside the filter, the lid is closed.

The pressure does not vary, the boiler is absent. Regulated the amount of water supplied. Allows in drip coffee makers to get drinks like American, espresso. Cappuccino can be prepared only by hand, drip coffee makers refuse to beat the foam. No boiler, you need high pressure. By the way, if the coffee maker has a cappuccinator, surely the horn model.


drip coffee maker. After use, the filter is discarded with coffee. Nylon is used several times. The process itself. .. you need to throw out the coffee, wash the filter. So it turns out. Better buy a capsule coffee maker. How to fill the used capsules, read in the previous reviews of the portal VashTehnik.

Capsule coffee makers

You will not confuse the type of coffee makers with another, a capsule is put inside. The compartment holds a hidden needle that pierces the plastic sheath. Capsule coffee makers are easily distinguished by the characteristic feature. Do not be this, you can be guided by the following considerations:

  • No horn.
  • In the working compartment there is no tapered recess of the filter.

The difference lies in the compartment. There is no boiler inside the capsule coffee maker. We do not exclude that some exotic variants have been released. The white crows will confirm the rule. Using a capsule coffee machine is as simple as it gets. Charge the compartment, press the desired button with the name of the corresponding drink.

If we start with the basics, the capsules contain not only coffee. Special sets of several units will allow you to brew anything. With one amendment, the capsule coffee machine supports the production of milk froth. One by one the elements of the set are inserted into the compartment, replacing the previous one. It turns out the right drink.

Not all capsule coffee makers support this technique, so you need to pay attention to the choice of model when buying. Of course, you do not always want to spend money, buying expensive things. People fill the capsules with their own hands. Some coffee makers clean the compartment by themselves. The capsule is dumped in the trash. Others are free from waste by their own hands.

Before you begin, take care to fill the tank with clean water. Hopefully, readers now know how to use a coffee maker.

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