Dyed jeans - what to do: 9 of the rules to solve the problem


  • 1 How do you know whether the jeans are dyed at the first fitting?
  • 2 First wash and preparation for it
    • 2.1 4 proper washing secretion manually
    • 2.2 5 Rules wash jeans in a washing machine
  • 3 anchoring color
  • 4 Summary

Sometimes after the first washing socks and I was horrified to discover that the jeans are painted. Now I am not afraid of such a situation, because I have learned to keep the color and shape of your favorite pants. Their secrets and is willing to share with you.

Jeans will not be painted, if cared for properly!Jeans will not be painted, if cared for properly!

How do you know whether the jeans are dyed at the first fitting?

Check whether painted new jeans - easy. This will require a flap of white cloth. Suffice it lightly moisten and apply to jeans for a couple of minutes. If the fabric color, means material pants will also leave a trail.

Instead flap white cloth, you can use a cotton pad.

Photo. Jeans, who painted - just a sign factory use natural dyes.Photo. Jeans, who painted - just a sign factory use natural dyes.

First wash and preparation for it

Avoid staining quality pants help care for them. You should start with washing.

To wash jeans without negative consequences, Stick to three simple rules:

  1. Close zippers.
  2. Check his pockets.
  3. Wash the item by removing it inside out.

4 proper washing secretion manually

Sometimes the manufacturers themselves warn that the pants are painted. They recommend - before putting on a new thing, gently wash the pants with his hands.

Instructions proper hand washing:

Picture Sequencing
table_pic_att14947105772 Step 1. Soak

In warm water, dissolve a little soap, and soak for 20-30 minutes jeans. To prepare the solution using a simple soap, as it is the most harmless among other detergents.

Do not soak the clothes for longer than 30 minutes - it can disrupt its structure and reduce the quality.

table_pic_att14947105793 Step 2. Wash

In the bathroom fill with warm water, so that was enough for total immersion trousers. The slightly water pour detergent powder and stir until foaming. Wash jeans.

Use powder for colored things that the product does not lose color


table_pic_att14947105804 Step 3. Rinsing

The easiest way to rinse pants, spread them on the bottom of the tub. Jet cool shower water the pants a few times, parallel to bother them.

To jeans do not fade, avoid high temperatures. It is better to use slightly warm water.

table_pic_att14947105855 Step 4. Drying

Drying jeans better in a vertical position, so as not to get the furrows on the fold.

5 Rules wash jeans in a washing machine

You had washed his hands jeans, but the next wash machine again provokes their glory? So you're doing something wrong.

What to do to not painted jeans to wear? Machine wash will help you, if you follow some rules:

Picture rules
table_pic_att14947105876 rule 1

Do not soak the jeans before washing in the machine gun.

table_pic_att14947105947 rule 2

Use the appropriate wash cycle. These modes may be "delicate wash", "washing jeans", "Hand wash", "gentle wash" and t. D.

table_pic_att14947105948 rule 3

If dyed jeans, choose the temperature not above 40 ° C and spinning - no more than 800 rpm.

table_pic_att14947105959 rule 4

Use special powder for coloreds or denim. Has proven itself «Only For Jeans», whose price - about 460 rubles.

table_pic_att149471059510 rule 5

If your pants are decorated with beads, sequins, lace, and the like, put them in a bag.

anchoring color

Simple washing does not always solve the problem. What should I do if the jeans are painted and after washing? In that case, there are several alternative methods of preservation clothes in great shape:

Picture methods
table_pic_att149471059611 Method 1. Salt

During the soaking and washing add salt to the water in a proportion of 1 tablespoon of salt to 1 liter of water.

This will help you keep a vivid and rich color of denim clothing.

table_pic_att149471059912 Method 2. Vinegar

After the main wash fabric and powder soaps, rinse gins in vinegar solution.

In a basin, mix warm water and 3-4 tablespoons of vinegar. Rinse the pants in the resulting solution and rinse under running water.

table_pic_att149471060313 Method 3. Chlorine

If molt jeans can soak them in the bleach solution. The bathroom pour some water and dissolve therein chloro, then soak the trousers.

Closely monitor the soaking chlorine has whitening properties. As soon as the color of jeans began to change, remove the item and rinse with cold water.


Now you can easily prevent staining of denim items. Clothing, for which to care, is much longer. Videos in this article will tell you what you can do to not sit denim.

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