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Suede Shoes can, and looks impressive, but to call it a practical hard - water spray, sand, dirt is very clearly visible on the material. But it is certainly not a reason to give up the shoes, you only need to understand how to clean suede boots at home. Together, let us look at how to take care of this delicate material.

Suede - Material cranky and to clean it suitable not any way toSuede - Material cranky and to clean it suitable not any way to

Options cleaning suede home

Choosing what to clean suede boots at home, the first thing you need to know that there are two types of cleaning - dry and wet. The first helps to cope with not strong pollution, the other removes stubborn stains. Both of these methods are effective.

For cleaning material may be dry or wet methodFor cleaning material may be dry or wet method

4 dry method

Dry cleaning, as you might guess from the name, involves the use of dry powders or accessories. What are people's recipes, you can resort to restore the original appearance of the material? Let's face it.

Illustration instruction to action
Method 1. Eraser

This option is ideal if formed minor contamination or she just started to shine on the surface of the shoe.

Properly material grate conventional eraser, the excess can be cleaned using a special brush or sponge for suede.

Method 2. Talc

Thoroughly grease stain sprinkle talcum usual and wait for two or three hours. After you will only treat the material with a special brush. You see - from the spot no trace remains.

Method 3. foam rubber

To clean suede boots fit foam medium hard or soft material. It should be used if the shoe surface has suffered from the usual road dust - dirt more serious, it will not save.

Method 4. Mel & toothpowder

To revive the bright shoes will help the mixture of crushed chalk and conventional (without impurities), tooth powder.

Mix the ingredients in equal proportions, the composition pritrusite derived pollution and wait a couple of hours. Then you will only have to handle the brush shoes.

Cleaning suede dry methods perfectly restores the appearance of shoes from surface contamination. Stubborn and dried spots of dry cleaning is almost impossible to remove.

4 wet method

Rescue Suede boots at home from serious stain (from salts stubborn dirt and t. D.) Is possible by means of so-called "wet" methods. The most effective I have described in the table below:

Illustration Guide to Action
Method 1. Soda and milk

Return the original appearance of suede shoes, you can use the products that will always be in the house. Dilute teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of milk.

Dip into the resulting solution a small piece of coarse matter (e.g., burlap) and wipe the surface of their boots. Then another clean cloth soak in water and re-treat the shoes.

Method 2. Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide
  • The glass of lukewarm water, add a small spoonful of ammonia and the same amount of hydrogen peroxide;
  • The resultant solution moisten a soft brush or a sponge, and well walk on its surface;
  • Processed leave shoes in a well-ventilated room to dry completely. It is very important to suede dry naturally, do not put it to the battery;
  • After drying the material, process for its protective spray suede shoe.
Method 3. suds
  • One of the best budget options, with which you can clean this whimsical material:
  • Prepare usual not too thick soap solution. can be added to enhance the effectiveness of the detergent in it;
  • In solution, soak the sponge or brush and handle it boots;
  • Simultaneously mix liter of water and a small amount of vinegar;
  • Dip in vinegar solution textile cloth and re-treat the surface.

This option should be used when the dirt on the boots have dried up.

Method 4. Refined petrol and talc

To cope with strong contamination and large patches salts can be purified using gasoline. Dampen a soft sponge in it and treat it surface.

Once all parts are washed, sprinkle them with talcum powder and wait for an hour. At the end you will only treat the material with a special brush.

purchased funds

If you for some reason do not trust the national media, prepared with their own hands, you can resort to the help of purchased.

Photo: assortment of tools for cleaning suede extensivePhoto: assortment of tools for cleaning suede extensive
  • species. In the market of cleaning products are offered in a huge range. They are produced in the form of sprays, gels, lotions, cleaners, erasers, stain removers, shampoos and foams.
  • cost of. The price of finished cleaning products ranges from 170 to 2500 rubles. The cost depends on the country of origin, type of detergent and volume.
  • manufacturers. The most popular products of the German companies Erdal, Silver, Dr. Beckmann, French Avel and Saphir, as well as Spanish Tarrago.


I told you not only on finished products for cleaning suede, but also to share effective popular recipes. Using one or more of the proposed methods, you can easily return their shoes its original form.

Videos in this article will show some of the methods in action. Any specific questions on the topic, you can always ask in the comments - be sure to try to help.

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