How to plant strawberries?

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All of us, with the onset of the first days of summer, are eagerly waiting for the fragrant, sweet and juicy strawberries to be enjoyed. Much tastier and healthier than a berry grown on your own, without using any harmful fertilizers. Planting strawberries is quite a simple procedure, it is much more difficult to monitor it and achieve fertility of seedlings.

What kind of strawberries to plant?

Before planting, determine the variety of berries that you want to plant. Today, mostly planted variety "Pineapple Strawberry", such seedlings give large, sweet berries with natural sourness.

When choosing which strawberries to plant, you need to understand that the harvest depends largely on the seedlings. A good seedling has at least 3-4 green leaves, and its root system is closed, located in a cell.

If you want the strawberries to be a good freak already this year, the root neck diameter should be at least 6 mm and the roots should reach at least 7 cm.

Experienced gardeners recommend buying only elite seedlings, the first reproduction. It is believed that a great harvest will give free-growing shrub, that is, one that was dug up in early autumn and preserved throughout the winter.

When do you plant strawberries in spring?

Strawberries are usually planted in early spring or autumn. This should be done as early as possible. If you miss the moment, the seedlings may die. In the spring strawberries are planted when it is not quite hot. This may be at the beginning of May or at the end of April, which depends on the weather.

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Planting in spring has a number of features:

  • Soil preparation should start from the end of summer.
  • Mustache plants must necessarily be perennial.
  • Strawberries need to constantly weed, as the plant does not tolerate the neighborhood with weeds.
  • Soil disinfection should be done 1-2 months before planting.

Answering the question when to plant strawberry seedlings, many gardeners say that this should be done in the fall, namely, from August 15 to September 20.However, most people traditionally plant the berry in the spring in order to almost immediately get the first fruits.

Planting strawberries seedlings

Answering the question of how to plant strawberries, it must be said that it grows best on soils that contain peat. It is best suited to black soil, with it, you need to pay attention to the groundwater were located near, but not too close.

To seedlings should be planted in areas with a very low degree of inclination. Ideal if they are located in the southwest. It is better not to plant strawberries in closed areas. A large role is also played by the amount of humus in the soil, it must be at least 2%.

If the beds are located not far from groundwater, then their height should be at least 40 cm, if the soil is dry, 15 cm is enough height. Ridges should be located at a distance of at least 90 cm from each other, and seedling bushes themselves at a distance of 30 cm

Since the most dangerous danger for strawberries is the May beetles, the ridges should be located away from the forest belt where they are found. If the areas are found larvae of beetles - the soil is treated with ammonia water. As a preventive measure, you can plant lupins near the beds with strawberries, when the larvae eat their beans - they die.

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Seedlings should be planted in the soil so that the root system does not wrap. Before planting the bushes should be placed in a cool place for 1-2 days, and it is advisable to place the mustache in a container with 100 ml of water.

It is important that when planting the root system should be placed strictly vertically, if it hangs down - the roots should be cut. In this case, the root neck is located at ground level. If you plant in dry land, immediately after planting it must be watered, then fertilized with humus.

How to plant seeds?

Strawberries can be planted with seeds, for this purpose a special preparation is carried out:

  1. In a mixture of epin and amber, soak the seeds in a napkin for 2-33 days. Store them in the refrigerator.
  2. Buy flower soil in the store.
  3. Take a plastic container, cover it in half with soil. On top of it decompose 50-60 seeds, moisten the soil. Cover and place in a warm, but not hot place. You can put the container under the fluorescent lamp, seedlings will appear after 8-9 days.
  4. Further, the soil in containers watered every three days, it should not be too dry, but too wet.
  5. Plant the soil with shoots as well as regular strawberry seedlings.

Effective ways of planting strawberries:

  1. Planting stand-alone bushes .Seedlings are planted at a distance of about 60 cm from each other, so that the bushes do not intertwine, the mustache is regularly pruned. This is a time-consuming method, which gives good fruits, the berries are large, but this method requires constant loosening of the soil and removal of weeds.
  2. Landing nests .One bush is planted in the center, and 6 others around it in the form of a hexagon. The distance between the plants is 8 cm. This method allows you to get a lot of harvest, as many bushes are planted.
  3. Carpet fit - the most common way. Bushes are planted in rows, with no whiskers cut off. With this method, the seedlings have their own microclimate and it is no longer necessary to monitor it so often and carefully. True, over time, the berries can become small.
  4. Planting in even rows is a convenient and simple method that allows you to get a good harvest.
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It is also necessary to constantly remove weeds, clean the area from pests. For garden strawberries, the presence of manure or humus is mandatory, it is also recommended to mulch the area to avoid the appearance of weeds. The best way to mulch strawberries is to put packing cardboard on the ground and put straw or hay on top.

It is important to remember that it is impossible to grow strawberries in one place for more than 4-5 years, it needs to be transplanted. You should also change the strawberry varieties every 5 years, otherwise the plants will lose their varietal characteristics.


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