How to turn off the sound on the washing machine

If you have a LG or Bosch washing machine, you may be disturbed by the sound signals that appear when it is working. Children in the house, installing in the living room or mostly nightly laundry - for this or other reason you may need to turn off the sounds on the washing machine.

How to do this, you will learn in our publication.

Material content:

  • 1 Instructions on how to turn off the sounds on a washing machine
    • 1.1 For LGs LG
    • 1.2 For Bosch brand washing machinesto the user manual for your washing machine model.

      If you have an EG or Bosch typewriter, it may not have the option to turn off the signals( some models).Sometimes it is impossible to understand the instructions, which means that a simpler explanation is required, which we will provide to you.

      For LG brand

      erasers Do not know how to turn off the "music"?Follow the instructions:

      • Turn on the machine by pressing the start button.
      • washing mode is not necessary to choose, instead, click on the button "Run program".
      • After that, immediately click on the “Timer Mode” button - it is located at the top, in the right corner of the AGR control panel. Hold your finger on the button for 3 seconds.
      • Again press the start button of the program and check if the machine makes sounds. If the melody does not disappear, repeat all over again, but hold the button for a little longer - 5-10 seconds.

      Caution! This shutdown method has a flaw. The sound is not turned off forever, and at the time of the inclusion of the machine. The next time you start the technique, you need to do the described actions again. If you're lucky, your settings will remain in your model.

      Disconnection Method # 2

      The manufacturer of EG washing machines did not provide for other ways to turn off the sounds, but our man will always find a way out of the situation.

      Use alternative disconnection methods if the warranty certificate has already expired. Otherwise, the service center will refuse to guarantee the repair, referring to the already opened body of the MCA.If the warranty is over, you can safely act - de-energize the speaker, and the sound will disappear forever.

      If the speaker is just stuck( free of noise), the sound will not disappear, but it will be much quieter. If you unsolder it, then the technical possibility to publish a melody at the typewriter will not be.

      Important! To remove the speaker, you need to partially disassemble the housing of the CMA.It is located on the electronic control unit. For successful work requires proper disassembly of the electrical circuit.

      Manual disconnection instruction:

      • De-energize the machine, disconnect it from the communications, disconnect the drain and water intake hoses.
      • Expand the machine to provide access to the back wall.
      • Remove the top panel by unscrewing a pair of bolts from the back of the case.
      • Turn the machine in front of you and pull out the powder receptacle by pulling it towards you and holding the valve in the center.
      • On the left and right side of the cuvette you will find 2 fasteners that need to be unscrewed.
      • On the left in the upper corner there is another mount - unscrew it.
      • Now carefully, in order not to break off the locking latches, remove the control unit.
      • Turn the panel over and remove the screws that hold the board on the panel.
      • Using a thin screwdriver, bend the latches, pull out the board so that its front side is in front of you.

      Warning! Take care not to break the wiring connecting the electronics and parts of the washing machine.

      • Examine the board to find the speaker. Usually it is located near the toggle switch, but in different models the location may differ significantly.
      • Take a soldering iron and unsolder the speaker. If you are afraid of such radical measures, fill the sound source with epoxy resin, then loud sounds are unlikely to pass through the layer of this dense substance.

      For Bosch

      brand washing machines The Bosch SM operating manual may not specify how to turn off the sounds without parsing the case. But there is a way, consider the example of Bosch Maxx 5 WLX 20460 OE.

      Proceed as follows:

      • Rotate the selector to the right by 1 division.
      • Hold down the lower right button and at the same time turn the selector another 1 mark.
      • While you are in the second division, press the right middle button to change the sound of the buttons( at “0” the sound will be muted).
      • Turn right another 1 mark, setting the selector to the third division.
      • In the third division with the right middle button, change the sound of the end of the washing process( to switch off, select “0”).
      • Return the programmer wheel to the disabled position so that the machine remembers the settings you entered.
      • If the buttons stop responding to your pushes, simply turn the selector wheel to the off position and start over.
      • If it didn’t work out to adjust the sound the first time, run the procedure again, but after each attempt, remember the settings by turning the programmer to the off position.

      As you can see, in some machines it is not necessary to disassemble the case to turn off intrusive sounds. If there is a need to turn off the speaker, carry out all work strictly according to the instructions, so as not to damage the electronic board. Silent wash!

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