How to wash white socks home - 5 Rules for the care and 7 recipes for soaking


  • 1 Care white socks: 5 Rules
  • 2 Tools and tricks wash
    • 2.1 Machine wash: 7 recipes
    • 2.2 Features hand-washing
  • 3 Finally

You think wash white socks can be the same as the rest of the stuff? Then do not be surprised that they are shades of gray, stretched or not dostirany. If you want to keep them white, then I'm ready to tell you how to wash white socks at home.

Restore white socks easily while fresh pollutionRestore white socks easily while fresh pollution

Care white socks: 5 Rules

The main drawback of the white stuff - they are soiled and the ability to quickly lose "commodity" form. Before describing how to whiten white socks, I want to share with you a few secrets of care:

Picture recommendations
table_pic_att14960033271 Rule 1. Do not wear socks more than one day.

Cope with light pollution (which can not be avoided) is much easier than to wash embedded dirt.

table_pic_att14960033282 rule 2. Do not forget to pre-soak.

Before washing, soak the socks, rubbed their soap and after waiting an hour or two.

table_pic_att14960033293 rule 3. Do not use hot water.

Them like dirt "baked" in the tissue, causing it to wash will be many times more difficult.

table_pic_att14960033304 rule 4. Do not rub the fabric is strong.

If you wash the socks with your hands, be extremely careful. Excessive friction are more likely to disrupt the shape of things (especially when it comes to products with high content of cotton yarns).

table_pic_att14960033315 Rule 5. wash separately.

Always sort laundry, separating the color and black from white.

Tools and tricks wash

Adults and children's socks and you can wash out in the washing machine with the same efficiency, and manually. But that they remain pure white, you need to know about some of the bleaching agent.

, You need to properly soak their toes to stay as clean as in the photo, You need to properly soak their toes to stay as clean as in the photo

Machine wash: 7 recipes

Before white socks washed in the machine, they must be thoroughly soaked in the bleaching liquor. There are many solutions for it, only to tell about checked on personal experience.

Picture instruction
table_pic_att14960033337 Method 1. Boric acid

Tablespoon acid (it is sold in any drugstore, and the price she had available) dissolve in a liter of water.

Leave the socks in the liquid for several hours, and then extend in the machine in the normal mode.

table_pic_att14960033338 Method 2. Lemon juice

In bowl add water, mix it with lemon juice and leave the socks otkisat a couple of hours.

Due to the citric acid products snow white will remain for a long time.

table_pic_att14960033349 Method 3. vinegar

In the not too hot water (40 ° C), dilute teaspoon vinegar.

Hold socks in this solution need to half an hour.

table_pic_att149600333510 Method 4. Baking soda

Dilute teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. The resultant liquid fill the rinse compartment.

The interaction of soda and washing powder will not only save on the dirt, but also to preserve the snow-white kind of clothing.

table_pic_att149600333611 Method 5. Laundry soap

Wet socks in warm water and rub them thoroughly soap on both sides.

Wrap the items in a bag and leave them overnight. The next day, wash in the machine in the mode of a quick wash.

table_pic_att149600333712 Method 6. Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide

Mix the ingredients in a proportion of 1 to 2. Soak the items in the resulting composition of about half an hour and wash as usual.

To get rid of the unpleasant ammonia odor socks hang out to dry in the fresh air.

table_pic_att149600333713 Method 7. Turpentine

This option will restore the original color of socks, long ago lost its snow-white look.

In 10 liters of water, dilute 3 tablespoons of powder and the same amount of turpentine. Soak in the composition of socks for a day, then thoroughly rinse them.

Hang to dry the product in the open air, to eliminate the unpleasant odor.

Features hand-washing

It would seem, hand wash, do not fraught with special secrets and is elementary. But in this process there are some secrets that will help increase the effectiveness of the procedure.

To simplify your process of hand washing, try one of the pre-soak, the recipes for which I have brought. Do not get too rub the fabric, so it will wear out faster. And to keep the snow-white kind of socks, resort to digestion.

Without digestion and washing machine to achieve the desired effect bude extremely difficultWithout digestion and washing machine to achieve the desired effect bude extremely difficult
  • In a saucepan with cold water, add the juice of ¼ lemon and grated soap.
  • Dip in a solution of socks and put the pot on the fire.
  • After boiling water boil socks another 20 minutes.
  • Thoroughly rinse the product.
After digestion socks rinse with warm water and dryAfter digestion socks rinse with warm water and dry

Note woolen socks not withstand digestion, they can be washed in a little warm water with a conventional shampoo.


As you can see, there are many recipes for washing white socks, you can only try it in practice and enjoy the result. A video in this article will give visual instructions on how to wash white clothes. In comments sure to share your personal experiences or ask me questions that interest you.

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