Error F05, F5 in the washing machine Ariston

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Error F05 in the washing machine Ariston( Hotpoint Ariston) appears on the display after the washing is completed, while the water is in the tank. During operation, you hear a loud hum and crash.

If you do not fix the damage, the error code will be displayed again - immediately after turning on the machine. To find out the cause of the problem, find out how to fix it, you need to decipher the code.

Material content:

  • 1 Error detection
  • 2 Description and reason for the appearance of the code
  • 3 Troubleshooting

Error recognition

Error F 05 electronically controlled Ariston eraser shows on the display.

Electromechanical machines report a malfunction like this:

  • In machines from the Ariston Margherita range, the turn-on light blinks five times with a break. Additionally, the “Key” - “Lock” light is on, the program control selector rotates clockwise and clicks.
  • Models Ariston AVL, AML, AVSL show code F05 with a flashing indicator “Superwash” - “Extra Rinse”.At the same time, the “Key” light often flashes.
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  • CMA Hotpoint Ariston type ARSL, ARXL will highlight the code by repeating the flashing “Drain” - “Key” light.
  • The Hotpoint-Ariston Aqualtis washing machine flicks a temperature indicator of 40 ° for washing in cold water.

Have you determined that your machine produces error F05, F5?Now you need to know what the malfunction code means and how to fix the malfunction at home.

Description and reason for the appearance of the

code The board shows the F5 error in the Ariston washer, which means: the drain pump has broken, because of this the pressure switch does not recognize the presence of water in the machine.

Causes of occurrence:

  1. Drain filter or hose clogged, sewage system clogged.
  2. Not enough energy is supplied to the pressure switch, or the device has completely failed.
  3. For normal functioning of the sensor drain pump little energy. Possible device failure.
  4. Pump inlet valves out of order.

Try to clear the error and solve the problem without calling the wizard.


The following actions can help you find the likely cause of a breakdown and solve the problem:

  • Clear the error by restarting the Ariston washing machine.

Reboot correctly! To do this, it is not enough just to turn off the machine with the “On / Off” button, you need to completely de-energize the washing machine for 5 minutes. Repeat 2-3 times.

  • Check if the sewage system is blocked. Take the end of the sewer hose and turn on the Spin mode. Did the machine drain the water and start spinning the laundry? Then you need to clean the sewer.
  • Clean the drain filter, flush the hose. Then run the wash again. If the error F 05 disappeared from the display, everything is done correctly.
  • Check the wires that connect the control module to the pump and pressostat. It is possible that due to damaged wiring, they are not getting enough power to work. Replace damaged wires.
  • Inspect the pump. Remove the back cover of the CM Ariston, with a tester check the voltage of the drain pump. Then do the same with the pressostat.

  • If the readings are normal, try replacing the pressure switch. What if the error F5 flashes again? Then it is necessary to replace or repair the drain pump.

Before you replace the pump, carefully check its performance with a tester( multimeter).

If all the checks are in doubt, and you do not dare to change the details of the machine, contact the master.

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