How to wash a mirror without stains: household chemicals and 5 popular recipes


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In every house there is a mirror - and not one. I, for example, in each room. And before I had no idea how to clean the glass without streaks. But over time, I learned to do it, and I know the most effective ways. I share with you tricks cleaning mirror surfaces.

To mirror shone, it is necessary to monitor its cleanlinessTo mirror shone, it is necessary to monitor its cleanliness

Causes of Divorce

Before moving on to practical tips, let's look at common reasons for the formation of dirt on the mirror. There may be several:

  • splashes of water. Most often suffer from them in the bathroom mirror. Running water with various impurities reaches the surface and leaves a limescale.
  • Mud. Dust of life of flies and other insects, sticky fingerprints - all contribute to the contamination of the mirrors.
  • cleanser. It is ironic, but cleaner for mirrors that you use in the process of cleaning, just and can cause divorce. This is especially true of cheap low-quality household products.
Splashes of water - one of the most common sources of pollutionSplashes of water - one of the most common sources of pollution

Clean mirrors without streaks

ready money

If in the process of cleaning you prefer to use household chemicals, you probably know that the manufacturers are offering a lot of options. All of them are designed to accelerate and facilitate the establishment of order in the house.

What to look for when choosing such a tool? I advise the three best options:

  1. The liquid for washing glassware. To wash the mirror, dissolve it in a small amount of warm water. Wipe the mirror surface, remove the remains of the solution and polish cloth, intended for the care of suede. You'll see - no divorce will not.
Means for washing the glassware suitable for cleaning mirrorsMeans for washing the glassware suitable for cleaning mirrors
  1. Spray windows. Even more convenient to use for washing. The main thing - make sure it includes the alcohols, but does not contain ammonia - dark spots can develop because of it on the surface. You can do it even easier to find, and means for cleaning windows and mirrors at the same time.
Window cleaner copes with cleaning mirrors without streaksWindow cleaner copes with cleaning mirrors without streaks
  1. Napkins. You can use not only wipes for glasses, but also the means for processing screens office. I will say more - wipes for computer screens and laptops which are more efficient and delicate, so it is recommended to stop the choice on them.
Wipes do not leave streaksWipes do not leave streaks

There are also special dry wipes, which can be used repeatedly. Enough to moisten them with clean water and rub the mirror. No divorce from even the tiniest drops of water will remain.

There is another kind of napkins, designed to wipe the glasses and optical equipment. How to clean glasses, I tell you today, I will not tell, but I will note that these wipes are impregnated with a special composition, which is perfectly clean mirror surfaces.

5 popular ways

Wash the mirror without divorce is quite real, and without the help of household chemicals. Suffice it to know which of the available tools can be used with their hands as a cleaning agent.

Soapy water and a newspaper - the old recipe for effective cleaning of mirrors, but time-consumingSoapy water and a newspaper - the old recipe for effective cleaning of mirrors, but time-consuming

Let me tell you about the people's methods of cleaning glass surfaces in the home, which was used by itself. You can choose any of them - they are very effective.

Illustration Mode of application
yloavryolvpol1 Recipe 1. Cologne or vodka.

The original detergent that deliver mirror surfaces of grease, hair lacquer tracks and t. D. Clean with an alcohol solution of a mirror, then wipe it dry with a paper towel or crumpled newspaper.

yloavryolvpol2 Recipe 2. Vinegar and crushed chalk (Little or tooth powder).

You need to dilute 10 ml of vinegar in a beaker of boiling water and add to a solution of chalk spoon.

Allow the mixture to infuse, then drain the excess water, and the resulting smear gruel soiled surface. Wait a few minutes and crumpled newsprint remove chalk layer.

yloavryolvpol3 Recipe 3. raw potatoes.

Effective means, the price of which is minimal. Cut the potatoes in half and rub the surface. Then you will only have to handle the mirror with a soft dry cloth.

yloavryolvpol4 Recipe 4. Green tea.

For cleaning mirrors is quite possible to use a strong brew of green tea. She cleans the surface from stains, streaks and dirt, also add luster.

Instructions for its use is simple: soak a soft cloth in the tea leaves, wipe the mirror, then wipe the surface dry.

yloavryolvpol5 Recipe 5. Onion.

It helps save the mirror from the traces of life of flies and other insects. Simply wipe the surface of the cut onions. And to get rid of the unpleasant smell of onion, rub the mirror vinegar solution.

add shine

If you want to mirror simply shone, conventional detergent is not sufficient. I will share with you a little trick that will provide the perfect surface gloss. To do this, you can use:

  • saline;
  • milk;
  • aqueous methylene blue solution;
  • ammonia.

The principle of use is the same. Soak a soft, lint-free cloth to choose the means and rinse them a smooth surface. After all will wipe it dry and enjoy the exquisite brilliance.

In the photo - which would ensure a perfect mirror shineIn the photo - which would ensure a perfect mirror shine


How to clean mirrors without streaks? Now, for you this is not a problem! You learned about the most effective means of purchased and national recipes. So it remains only to choose the method and start cleaning.

More clearly, how to wash the mirror, shown in the video matched to this article. And if you still have questions, ask them in the comments.

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