When and how to properly plant onions turnip spring

One of the useful garden plants, unpretentious in terms of cultivation is the turnip onion. Depending on the time of receipt, it is one-year and two-year. You can get a normal onion from the seeds in the year of sowing, or first grow sevok. And next year, to get a harvest of large bulbs, subject to the rules of agricultural technology. What gardener did not grow onions in his garden? The correct method of planting seedlings is the key to a good harvest.

Table of contents

  • The right way to plant a turnip onion from sevka: soil preparation
  • Seeding preparation for sowing: temperature and planting pattern
  • Time, rules and planting time in spring
  • Onion - good care for planting
  • Diseases and pests

Proper way to plant a spring onion
  • Diseases and pests
  • Proper way to plant a spring onion
  • Diseases and pests
  • Proper way to plant onion
  • Proper onion planting
  • Sevka: soil preparation
  • Growing onions from the sevka is easy, affordable for novice gardeners from any region of Russia, be it Moscow, Kirov Oblast or the Far East and Siberia. Seed material can be purchased in specialized stores or try to grow it yourself. For this, early spring Chernushka seeds are buried in the ground with two lines with a distance of ten centimeters between them.

    Depending on the soil, the sowing depth is from one and a half to three centimeters. The seedlings that appeared in ten to fifteen days do not thin out. For full growth, the seed requires a loose soil, no weeds. Watering is often carried out until the end of the period of formation of a small onion.

    Cleaning is done by hand, it is well dried before laying for the winter. Store seed at a temperature of plus 18 degrees.

    The right way to plant a turnip onion from sevka: soil preparation and depth

    Seeding preparation for sowing: temperature and planting pattern

    Before seeding, it is necessary to prepare sevok. The scheme by which you can plant sevok simple. Onions warmed to a temperature of 25 degrees and above. For this, a seed box is placed near the heaters.

    Another way to plant sevok - his room in a container with hot water for twenty minutes. Water temperature should not exceed fifty degrees. Then it is doused with cold water and laid out for drying at room temperature.

    Help. Contrast temperatures will harden the bulbs. The procedure will prevent the subsequent formation of arrows at the vegetable plant.

    A place for planting heads is selected where there were beds with peas, potatoes, cabbage, and pumpkin. The best neighbors for him are carrots and garlic, the smell emitted by the greens of these vegetables, will scare away pests.

    Soil composition is also important. Acidity should not exceed 7.8. At elevated levels, slaked lime is added to the soil. This must be done in advance: in the fall during spring sowing and vice versa. Land for planting choose in an open place without shading. The plant does not like wetlands.

    Careful preparation of seed and soil is an important condition for obtaining high quality onion crops.

    Planting process onion sets

    Time, rules and dates for planting in the spring

    The planting time depends on climatic and weather conditions.

    Attention. The temperature of the soil for planting vegetables should not be too low - there will be a lot of arrows. The ground should warm up to ten degrees.

    In the spring, they begin planting crops no later than the first decade of May. But many people put small onions in the ground in autumn. In the winter it is better to plant material in late October. Then sevok not soaked so that he did not die from a sharp decrease in temperature. The advantage of this planting is the natural hardening of the seed.

    Sow onions better to a depth of two or three centimeters. Bulbs are spaced at a distance of eight centimeters. According to the rules of agrotechnology, an eighty gram of seed is enough for one square meter.

    Spring beds are mulched with sawdust to preserve moisture. After the autumn planting before winter it is better to cover the beds with straw or pine needles.

    Onion sets close-ups

    Onions - competent care for plantings

    For the care of onions does not take much time and effort. It consists in the following actions:

    1. The plant needs moderate watering. On hot days, one hydration per five days will suffice. At moderate temperatures - one watering in ten days. Watering is stopped one month before harvesting the vegetable.
    2. Onions grown on poor soils require fertilizing. During the summer, fertilize three times. The first time you reach a green feather height of seven centimeters. The rest of the feeding three weeks later. Diluted poultry manure, mullein in a ratio of 1: 15 is suitable as a fertilizer. Urea and superphosphate are suitable for mineral substances. Twenty to fifteen grams of fertilizer are also diluted in a bucket of water.
    3. Tillage of beds is made regularly to a depth of five centimeters.
    4. Onions grow poorly when grass is clogged with soil. Weeds are harvested as needed.

    When fertile soils in the garden for planting vegetables will need only watering, loosening, weeding.

    Grown onions, ready for harvesting

    Diseases and pests

    Onion has become affected by pathogenic fungi in the hot, hot summer. Peronosporosis is determined by the appearance of light spots on the feathers. The disease is transmitted by wind, man, insects. The best drugs against the disease is a one-percent Bordeaux liquid suspension Podikarbatsin. Spray sick plants three times with a break of ten days. The last treatment is carried out twenty days before harvest.

    The appearance of round-shaped bloated orange spots on the stems is a symptom of rust disease. It is possible to prevent the development of the pathological process by regular weeding of the beds, with rare plantings of seed sets.

    Important! During massive onion growth, it is sprayed with copper oxychloride. Thirty grams of the substance is dissolved in ten liters of water, adding liquid soap. Spray carried out during the day, repeating the procedure after a week.

    Fusarium rot of Donets is determined by the rotting of feathers and turnips. Disease prevention consists of tillage before planting with Iprodion. It is necessary not to plant onions in the same place every year and disinfect the seed with a solution of potassium permanganate.

    Pests are dangerous for vegetables:

    • onion fly;
    • wire bugs;
    • onion weevil.

    Creolin is used to scare away flies.

    The successful struggle with wireworm is to carry out proper farming practices.

    The weevil, or stealth hunter, is fought, spraying crops in May with insecticides with nicotine sulfate. Rescues pests from raids by thoroughly cleaning the garden from debris after harvesting vegetables.

    Compliance with the rules of planting, cultivation of onions from sevka guarantees a high yield of healthy juicy bulbs.

    Onion Diseases

    We don’t think much about growing some vegetables. Onions are such plants that do not require special knowledge of their agricultural techniques. And often this leads to a loss of the crop, to its complete deterioration and decay. It is necessary to pay attention to this vegetable crop, from planting to harvesting.

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