Common Garden Weeds

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It is very important to be able to distinguish weeds from your flowers, if only because pests have to be disposed of. Growing crops in the garden, you, in any case, at the same time grow and weeds. Note that some of them (for example, marijuana, dandelions, portulac) can be eaten when they are young and tender, and grown in a zone that has not been treated with pesticides.

The most famous weeds

We will tell you about common harmful plants, so that you can easily spot impostors in your garden.


This plant tops the list of pest puddles in America. The fast-growing one-year-old weed reproduces by seeds and appears between the middle of spring and the end of summer, when the earth is warmed up. It grows well in dry hot climates. Begin to weed croissant immediately, as you will notice its appearance. Dig a weed with roots using forks, or cover with black film. Do not let it multiply.

To prevent the problem, divide the fight into two stages. In early spring flour from corn gluten (an organic herbicide) is used. At this time of the year, the soil is still cold, and the crabgrass is weaker. Each time this annual appears from the seed, and the herbicide prevents germination, thereby preventing the weed from developing. Re-sow the lawn in the fall. This will allow the new grass to grow before the next summer again attack the weeds.

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The best protection against crabgrass is a healthy, dense lawn and soil with the correct pH balance (, ). Perennial ryegrass is an excellent option. It also provides insect control, as it exudes a weak natural toxin that kills small flies. Crabgrass grows well in compacted lawns, so treatment with hydrogen peroxide 3% in the proportion of half a liter by 9 square meters. m. lawn will help eradicate the annoying plant.

Mar (Amaranth)

One-year-old weed reproduces by seeds and is distinguished by a characteristic fleshy main stalk of red color. He appears in late spring or early summer and likes warm weather. Try to weed the flower before it starts to bloom.

To prevent the appearance of weed, cover the garden area of ​​winter mulch, and in the early spring dig a good ground. In the process, you can bring in new seeds of mari, so it's best to wrap up the soil again. Cover the ground with five layers of a wet newspaper, and sprinkle a mulch with a 15 cm cover.

Amaranth is edible. In June, the young leaves of the plant can and should be eaten, as they are very nutritious.

You can store these vitamin-rich herbs as well as carrots and beets, then add to salad, or cook like spinach. Native Americans use black marini seeds as flour for baking.

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This hardy perennial multiplies by seeds and grows in meadows, pastures and lawns. It can appear at any time of the year. Tear out the plant by hand and destroy it.



An annual plant reproduces by seeds or deep, horizontal roots. The flowering vine sprouts in late spring and is noticeable throughout the summer. Although the flowers look attractive, morning glory can become a serious problem in warm weather, as it is rapidly spreading. Try to weed the weed before flowering.

White Mar

This fast-growing annual is distributed by the seed method. In summer the weed actively sucks moisture out of the soil, so remove it as soon as possible. Use a sharp hoe to clean the garden of this plant.

Pyritei creeping

The pike is a stand of perennial grass. Its articulated, long straw rhizomes form a continuous cover on the soil, from which new shoots grow. Try to dig this weed out as soon as you notice it in the garden. Propagated by seeds.


Known for their bright yellow flowers and swollen spherical heads, dandelions are one of the most recognizable species of garden weeds. Toothed leaves of this perennial are edible and sometimes used in salads because of the high content of vitamins and minerals.

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To pull out the dandelion, grab it firmly by the base and gently rock it until the deep root completely rushes out of the ground. Alternatively, use a hand shovel to dig a weed. Try to remove the whole dandelion root immediately, since any part left in the ground can grow again.


This one-year-old plant is propagated by tiny black seeds and fragments of the stem. The weed appears at the end of spring - early summer and enjoys warm weather, as well as rich fertile soil. Propolite or pull the perforated whiskey as soon as you see it, and then destroy it. A harmful plant can live in your land for many years.

Shepherd's Bag

A flowering one-year-old weed loves cool weather, and its yellow-brown seeds can long survive in the earth. Try to remove this plant before it spreads the seeds.

Now you know how to deal with weeds, and how to distinguish them among useful plants on your site. Remember that harmful crops should be eliminated quickly and ruthlessly. Then the soil will be fertile, and the garden - well maintained.

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