Characteristics and description of tomato varieties Emerald apple

Those who like to experiment with new tomato varieties will be delighted with the tomato variety Emerald Apple. Its main advantages are beautiful hearths with delicious gustatory qualities that carry a huge amount of useful elements, in the article we will give their characteristics and description. Also, there are similar varieties - the Crimean, Chinese and Green Apple.

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variety Description and characteristics of tomato Emerald Apple

The culture is referred to as by medium aging, grown in greenhouse conditions and in open beds. With each bush, you can get an about 10 kilograms of crop. Fruiting begins in the middle of the summer season and continues until the beginning of autumn.

Shrubs tall, reach one and a half meters. They are quite powerful, which is very important for the development of tomatoes.

It is recommended to form a bush on your own, as excessive shoots have a detrimental effect on the plant.

Fruits are large,

from 250 grams each, of rounded shapes, with light ribbing. It tastes sweet, with a little sourness. Typical for tomato wateriness is completely absent.

The weight of the fruit of the variety is about 250 grams.

Tomatoes are recommended when composing diets and feeding children.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The main advantages include:

  • the original appearance of tomatoes;
  • excellent taste;
  • excellent preservation of the crop;
  • ability to withstand many diseases characteristic of tomato plants;
  • stable yield.

As a disadvantage, many gardeners have noted the increased demands on the culture for the presence of nutritional components in the soil composition, the mandatory formation of plants.

Soil Requirements for Planting

It is best to choose light and nutritious soil with neutral acidity .The ideal option for planting tomatoes is considered to be a mixture prepared from turf land and humus, taken in equal shares.

It is allowed to mix a small amount of river sand, which is previously washed with vermiculite.

Planting Rules

Tomato Seeds Emerald Apple
When growing seedlings, it is best to sow seeds in March - early April.

They are pre-soaked for twelve hours in a growth-stimulating solution. After that, the material can be planted to a depth of not more than one and a half centimeters .Landing is completed with light irrigation. Capacity covered with plastic wrap or a piece of glass.

As soon as the first shoots appear, the seedling boxes should be placed in a place that is best illuminated by the sun.

If necessary, it is permitted to arrange additional lighting. Temperature should be maintained within sixteen degrees of heat.

When sprouts form the first leaves, they can dive in separate containers.

Shortly before transplanting to a permanent place, the seedlings should be fed with complex fertilizer formulations that contain the necessary nutrients for the plant.

Transplantation of tomatoes in open ground

Planting seedlings in the ground is done according to the scheme 50 by 60 cmAs a rule, such works are performed by in late spring - early June .

In order to avoid thickening of the landing, it is necessary to follow the “50 by 60” centimeters scheme.

Grade care after transplanting

It is mandatory that each transplanted plant is attached to a support post.

Bottom leaflets and excess shoots must be removed. In the final version, you should have with the two strongest and most developed stems, .

For the first time, beds should be covered with polyethylene, which is removed after a few days. Watering is carried out not too often, exceptionally warm water .

Watering is done with extremely warm water.

It is necessary to wait for the moment when the soil in the beds begins to form a dried crust. At the same time, weed vegetation is removed and tillage is performed.

Diseases and their prevention

As mentioned above, this tomato culture is excellent against many diseases. But preventive measures are necessary to maintain in order to maintain a high level of yield.

For this purpose, the seed is calcined before brewing in the oven. The soil in the greenhouse is treated with a heated solution of manganese.
  • To protect from gray mold and fungus, special biological preparations are used that do not contain toxic substances.
  • . From late blight, is treated from time to time with preparations containing copper.
  • The bushes are protected from pests by insecticides, medicinal herbs - yarrow, celandine, chamomile.

Harvesting and storage rules

Mass harvesting occurs in September

Mass harvesting falls to in September .Tomatoes can be canned and pickled, added fresh to salads. Storage is possible in a dark warm room.

Reviews gardeners about the variety

Elena Ivanovna

I live near St. Petersburg, I grow tomatoes in a greenhouse. I tried different varieties. Emerald Apple in our conditions a little naughty, but the taste of the brand is excellent. I mainly use it for salting.

Ivan Viktorovich

How many do not do tomatoes, tastes more delicious than this, did not grow .Bushes are powerful, tomatoes are juicy, dense. I recommend to all gardeners Emerald Apple.

Galina Viktorovna

Tomato variety is excellent in all respects. But nevertheless, will have to take care of for him in order to achieve a good harvest. The main task is to form bushes so that the plant can bear fruit normally.

San ​​Sanych

I never thought that Emerald Apple has such flavors .Juicy pulp does not contain wateriness, tomatoes are dense, rounded forms. Yes, a bit complicated is the care - pinching, tying up. .. But it's worth it!

Alexandra Sergeevna

Now I will grow only this apple variety. This year, advised a friend to plant Emerald Apple. I thought I was wasting my time. But the tomatoes ripened in such quantity that they only managed to conserve and salt.

We recommend everyone to add exotic notes to your garden by planting this tomato variety on the beds. The plant is original, its fruits are tasty. For your work you will receive a decent reward in the form of a rich harvest.

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