Haier Refrigerators: Top 8 best models, reviews + Tips Before You Buy

Do you like the refrigerator Haier, but confuses the high price tag on the equipment comes from China? Agree, a new refrigerator, and even more expensive, should be not only nice appearance, but also functional, spacious, and most importantly, sustainable. Or do you doubt the wisdom of the choice of brand products Heyer due to lack of information on its reputation?

We will help you to dispel all doubts - this article contains reviews of real customers of the specific models of the brand, the basic features and functionality of the units.

We also give top most purchased refrigerators from Haier, with their main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages for users opinion.

The material in question is equipped with pictures and helpful tips videos, selection of refrigeration equipment. So you can easily understand the diversity of the product range manufacturer and choose the best option for the home.

The content of the article:

  • A little history of the brand Haier
  • High-tech refrigerators brand
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  • Useful functions and customer reviews
  • Overview of the most popular models
    • Model # 1 - Haier C2F536CSRG
    • Model # 2 - Haier C2F636CWRG
    • Model # 3 - Haier C2F636CCRG
    • Model # 4 - Haier C2F636CWRG
    • Model # 5 - Haier C2F637CGG
    • Model # 6 - Haier C3F532CMSG
    • Model # 7 - Haier C2F636CFRG
    • Model # 8 - Haier C2F637CXRG
  • What to look for when buying?
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

A little history of the brand Haier

That there are no illusions, it is necessary to clarify immediately: Haier - Chinese trademark. People who fundamentally do not buy household appliances, issued in China is unlikely to be interested in the brand.

But buyers are convinced that the "Chinese", too, are different, can not worry: refrigerators by Haier really high quality and reliable.

Haier - decent equipment

Haier has been not only a refrigerator. The company produces complex high-tech electronics, washing machines, dishwashers, microwave ovens. Buyers appreciate the laptops and mobile phones of this brand. The company is 96 model series multi-type products

Haier - it is a large multinational company, which manufactures equipment for different purposes. Manufacturer's mission is to manufacture cutting-edge devices that facilitate life and leisure customers. This is an innovative multi-functional equipment. Particular attention is paid to the quality of its assembly and economy.

Design patterns are designing highly trained specialists, so every device released by Haier, convenient, practical, easy to operate.

The developers have taken care to avoid any problems Members functionality of any new items is intuitive, and technical documentation, and instructions are extremely clear.

Ergonomics - a distinctive feature of the Haier

Haier company pays attention to the design of technical innovations. The models differ ergonomics and Super stylish appearance. Household appliances fit perfectly into the ultra-modern design of the premises and look good in the classical interiors (+)

Company history - it is not about instant takeoff. Brand Haier appeared in 1984. Initially the company was engaged exclusively refrigerators, and today it is this kind of equipment brand occupies the highest position in the rankings of independent market researchers.

Thus, according to an international monitoring company Euromonitor International Limited, Haier - a world leader in terms of sales. These results were obtained in 2008, but over the past 10 years, little has changed.

The brand always remains in first place ranking and a global database of companies engaged in a strategic market analysis.

Every tenth sold refrigerator - Haier

Almost a tenth of (9.8%) of all refrigerators sold in the world - it is Haier. Exact data on retail sales have been obtained as a result of the global studies conducted by Euromonitor International in 2015

Transnational head office is located in Qingdao. It is a provincial Chinese city on the shores of the Yellow Sea. However, there are regional offices in many European capitals and major cities of America.

Total Corporation has 24 enterprises producing machinery and 66 trading companies in different countries. Its offices and production facilities employ more than 60,000 employees.

It really is a giant company, and this success is not achieved immediately, but within 30 years of hard work and purposeful development.

Haier home appliances exports to 160 countries and is among the hundred best-known brands, as evidenced by the results of the World Brand Laboratory Analytical Center in 2004.

The Corporation is sponsoring research in the field of innovative technologies, is engaged in charitable activities, it supports promising young athletes around the world. Her reputation is impeccable.

Haier Appliances like all

The company made a bid for the study of the changing tastes of their potential customers. Permanent adaptation of products under the consumer was the right strategy. She brought a huge success the brand and high corporate profits. Shares in affiliated companies are traded on the stock exchanges in Shanghai and Hong Kong

This technique is trusted. It is not only high quality products, but also in relation to the producer to the end consumer. Cooperation with the customer does not stop at the time of purchase.

The company supports the user:

  • you can always get advice, an additional instruction manual products;
  • file a claim;
  • buy spare parts in case of repair of the refrigerator.

Work network of service centers and hotlines perfectly established, and the buyer can rely on effective feedback. Haier has nothing to do with the concept of "cheap low-quality Chinese".

This reliable technology at a reasonable price, and can be trusted.

Robust Chinese technique

Manufacturer Haier household appliances deservedly gained a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of functional equipment, paying close attention to the quality of products offered for sale

High-tech refrigerators brand

The Corporation has established 20 design institutes are engaged in research and development of new models. Haier - a refrigerator, which have no analogues in the world.

Manufacturer ahead of competitors, explores solid technology that completely and adequately replace traditional working substances.

New methods of cooling appliances do absolutely safe for the environment and the planet's ozone layer.

Environmentally friendly refrigerator

Haier cares about the environment. Brand products are in great demand in countries where clean environment - a priority

Solid state technology is 20-30% more efficient than conventional cooling methods, which are used in conventional vapor compression refrigeration. The devices operate without noise and vibration, easy to operate, manage and maintain.

When using innovation eliminates the need for potentially hazardous to the environment gases or liquids.

At the IFA Berlin trade show it was introduced innovative wine cooler made using solid-state cooling methods, and it created a furor.

Domestic refrigerator apparatus Haier

Software companies pay special attention to the zoning of the internal space of devices and external design. Brand products are easily recognizable by a few angular forms, bright colors and patterns, ergonomic design and capacity of cooling chambers

Another feature of the product - the ability to work in different modes. So, Flex zoneWhose capacity is 100 liters, it can function as a normal refrigerating chamber and a freezer.

It operates over a wide temperature range from -20 to +5 degrees.

The spectacular and roomy refrigeration equipment

Interestingly decorated and roomy model Hayer - a real decoration for the kitchen. Juicy color combinations pleasing to the eye, a positive charge cheerfulness and create a cozy atmosphere homepage

Users can select the mode of operation of each individual refrigeration zone. This ensures that all products are stored at the correct temperature and for a long time remain fresh.

They do not dry not peremerzayut, and their flavor and nutrient content is not changed.

Useful functions and customer reviews

Haier products are diverse. The manufacturer has taken into account all the needs of customers and created a line of refrigerators of different purposes: recessed, free-standing, with retractable cameras with swing doors.

The company adapted its units under the different goals of users and produces two-, three-compartment model, in which the freezers are located both at the top and at the bottom of the structure.

refrigerator drawers

Drawers models glide along the guide rails and removed. The user does not have to exert any effort for the operation of any of the refrigeration zone

Of useful options and design features attract consumers' attention are:

  1. inverter compressors - an extremely durable, and the cooling rate them much higher than that of conventional models. This is the most expensive part of the refrigerator design. If it fails, for the replacement have to pay almost half the cost of a new model.
  2. Superzamorozka - the contents of the freezer is frozen for a few minutes. Function like families who once decided to buy a lot of products in the long term. This mode is activated manually and the compressor is running, until the owner turns off.
  3. active cooling - it allows you to adjust the amount of cooling different zones. This option provides the required temperature of the various groups of products, which can not be maintained only by the natural circulation of cold air.
  4. Support temperature - users do not have to worry about the management mode of the refrigerator to adjust necessary parameters in certain areas.

The number and type of available options depends on the model of the refrigerator, but all of them are equipped with no Frost.

Thanks to this, users do not need to defrost the freezer. No frost on the walls and the refrigerator is not required to disable its elimination.

Haier with No Frost system

NoFrost function - salvation for the hosts, who have no time to engage in defrost refrigerators. This model does not have to disable, unload the freezer and risk products

The operating principle of the models with the option NoFrost lies in the fact that the moisture contained inside the cooling chambers is discharged outside the housing and evaporates. This is possible thanks to the continuous circulation of cold air in the chambers.

In NoFrost function has its drawbacks, because the constant flow of air contributes to drying of some products.

Solve a problem: keep enough food in sealed containers airtight containers or film. At the same time it will help prevent unpleasant odors.

No Frost system is not perfect

No Frost function is convenient, but far from ideal. Some users are dissatisfied with the fact that because of the intense air circulation products become hard and parched

To maintain cleanliness in refrigerators with NoFrost function enough twice a year to clean crumbs, debris, wash the stains from the liquid products from the shelves. Wall structure should be washed inside and outside the water with the addition of household detergents.

Overview of the most popular models

According to buyers, many Chinese brand models deserve attention. Equipment show their best side, so the money to buy it is not in vain spent. Yet owners allocate 8 most worthy models.

Model # 1 - Haier C2F536CSRG

This economical two-chamber refrigerator with bottom location of the freezer. The model with features of the active cooling superzamorozki cooling both compartments is made according to the scheme No Frost.

At the disposal of the future owners of a solid unit, which is a useful volume of 364 liters, and the displacement of the freezer - 108 l.

Managed by electronics equipment, a display, which displays information about the work. If the refrigerator Haier C2F536CSRG door remains open for a long time, it beeps. According to the criteria of energy consumption in the model class A.

The only disadvantage of the model - the high cost. The dual-chamber design provides freshness unit area. There is a function superzamorozki. You can outweigh the door, if desired. Disadvantage: no ice generator.

Model # 2 - Haier C2F636CWRG

Tall, relatively narrow refrigerator is in classic white. If the height of the housing 190.5 cm and 59.5 cm width unit accommodates 364 liters. Freezer given 108 l.

The refrigerator and the freezer compartment is cooled according to the No Frost system, that is, in both branches of equipment will not be any ice crust or frost. Forced defrost it unnecessary defrosting is carried out twice a year for cleaning banal.

Managed Model electronic system on access door has mounted a display showing operating data and error. On the door is open the unit will signal sound.

Testing for energy efficiency has allowed to assign this refrigerator Class A +.

Haier C2F636CWRG The advantages include the possibility to conduct superfreezing and cooling the same degree. On the downside - fingerprints, which remain on the shiny surface.

Model # 3 - Haier C2F636CCRG

Refrigerator Haier C2F636CCRG from the previous model is different pastel color and the presence of fresh area.

This original color scheme allows you to create in your kitchen a unique atmosphere, supports thoughtful interior design.

work and refrigeration and freezer without the formation of frost and ice build-up. Defrosting can be held no more than twice a year, and from a purely sanitary purpose.

freezing capacity is up to 12 kg per day, which is quite good for a freezer unit of 108 l.

People leave only positive feedback about the appearance and the functionality of the model, not focusing on the negatives.

Model # 4 - Haier C2F636CWRG

Two-door unit is similarly divided into two chambers, each of which is cooled according to the principle No Frost. Forced defrost not be either the freezer or the refrigerator compartment. Size and capacity are the same as in the above models.

All the same electronic control and sound alarm when door closed tightly. There is a small information display that gives users better performing settings.

Also impressive is the excellent freezing capacity - it corresponds to 12 kg of food per day, which is a nice bonus for lovers of seasonal preparations.

Model Haier C2F636CWRG solved in the traditional white color, which significantly expands the scope of its application in a variety of design solutions.

Model # 5 - Haier C2F637CGG

Almost two-meter refrigeration unit Haier C2F637CGG offers potential owners a useful volume of 386 liters. Of these, 108 liter freezer allotted, the zero compartment - 21 l.

As the freezing and refrigerating compartment is cooled in a "frost free", ie not require regular defrost icy to remove condensate.

The refrigeration section is located freshness zone, allowing the maximum useful maintain the quality and flavor of products stored inside.

Model beeps when the temperature limit is exceeded and when an open door, and performs an equivalent Supercooling freezing. According to the results of testing this refrigerator energy consumption is assigned to class A +.

No significant deficiencies were noted. However, some users indicated that their models are sometimes publish some strange sounds.

Model # 6 - Haier C3F532CMSG

Refrigerator Haier C3F532CMSG somewhat lower than their counterparts. Housing height 179 cm, with the unit 313 holds l, of which the freezer compartment has to 108 liters.

The control unit via an electronic system. The dynamic type cooling prevents the formation of ice and frost in the freezer and the cooling chamber.

A display and alarm devices that react to temperature rise and the open door.

Model attractive silver-gray color. Produced Supercooling and superfreezing. Technology refers to the energy class A.

Model # 7 - Haier C2F636CFRG

Refrigerator height of 190 cm can accommodate Haier C2F636CFRG 364 liters of food products and blanks. Freezer compartment in a traditional 108 liters. There is a freshness zone, contributing to the preservation of useful properties of the products, and zero camera.

To defrost the freezer and refrigerator compartment to be no more than a couple times a year, because the cooling of the two cameras are No Frost system. According to the aspects of energy consumption is not the most economical option, its only class A.

The merit list of users very often say convenient location shelves and display control. The housing is made of plastic and metal with a nice silvery surface.

The disadvantages include intense noise during operation, greatly heating wall and the small angle of door opening.

Model # 8 - Haier C2F637CXRG

In a series of almost identical two-chamber refrigerators Haier C2F637CXRG model stands out mainly interesting design. Beautiful silver fridge capacity of 386 liters is suitable for a large family.

Suffice economical equipment classiness of energy consumption it if not the highest, but still A +.

Obtained freshness zone, freezer compartment with the refrigerating operate without frost formation model is electronically controlled. If desired, the shelves can be rearranged to the desired height and outweigh the door.

As for noise, the unit runs fairly quiet, making up to 42 dB when the motor is turned on.

Of the minuses users point to the need for careful care of the surface of stainless steel refrigerator.

What to look for when buying?

Buyers did not report any claims to the model, so the disadvantages, if any, have not been established.

Choosing a refrigerator out of the lineup Haier

Before buying a refrigerator need a good understanding of what foods and in what quantities will be stored there. On this depends the volume of the model and desired options

When choosing a Haier refrigerator should focus on the needs of family and personal preference. As for the cost of refrigerators, it is of adequate quality and quantity of useful options.

On average, prices for brand models range from 40-50 to 90 thousand rubles. Devices are really worth the money and rarely disappoint customers. Many models are recognized almost perfect.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

We offer reviews, feedback and practical advice to help you understand the features of refrigeration equipment in China.

Haier design features of most models in the video:

Video review of brand refrigerators:

Practical advice on the correct choice of the refrigerator:

Buying refrigerator - an expensive undertaking. Sometimes it makes sense to pay a premium if it is a cost-effective, practical and beautiful models worthy of the brand, such as Haier.

Expenses are always recouped by a long smooth operation, easy operation. Aesthetic appearance ensures that after the renovation of the kitchen model will look good in an updated interior.

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