What is the optimal temperature in the refrigerator and freezer?

Fridge, household or professional, is intended for storage of products in low-temperature conditions to prevent the development of pathogenic microflora and putrefactive bacteria. In the volume of the refrigerator, the temperature regime is established that is favorable for the preservation of products for a certain time. Let's try to figure out what temperature should be in the refrigerator, what needs to be done for this.


  1. How to set the correct temperature in the chambers
  2. Methods for setting the temperature in the freezer and the common chamber
  3. Terms of Use
  4. Video: how to store food in the refrigerator

How to set the correct temperature in the chambers

To find out what the optimal temperature in the refrigerator and freezer should be set, you should firstly consult the technical passport, where the boundary parameters of the operating mode of the device are indicated, and secondly, we must focus on the type of products and their placement inside cavities. The entire internal volume of the domestic refrigerator is divided into zones: a freezer, a freshness zone and other compartments. The difference between them is the temperature level: in the freezer it is minus, and in the freshness zone and other compartments it is low, but with a plus sign.

Refrigerator compartments


The freezer is designed for long-term storage of products, therefore, a negative temperature is maintained. For each type of refrigerator, it may differ, but, as a rule, the range is -6ºС - -24ºС. What temperature in the freezer of the refrigerator will be most suitable determine the purpose of freezing.

Most models have the ability to adjust the temperature in the freezer in six-degree increments, as evidenced by the markings in the form of stars: each star corresponds to -6 ° C. Most often, the limit value reaches -18 ° C, but there are also refrigerators in which it is possible to set the temperature in the chamber to -24 ° C for instant freezing. Low temperature in the refrigerator compartment of the refrigerator contributes to the longest storage fresh meat, fish, semi-finished products, delicate fruits and food products that have passed thermal processing.

Freshness zone

The freshness zone is part of the internal volume where the recommended temperature in the refrigerator is 0ºС - + 1ºС. It is usually located in the upper part of the refrigerator under the freezer. The regime created in this place in the best way contributes to the preservation of meat, fish and dairy products, preventing the development of bacteria.

At the optimum temperature in the refrigerator, food does not have time to freeze and perfectly retains its appearance and organoleptic qualities. This temperature in the refrigerator in some cases is favorable for quick cooling drinks, such as vodka, juice or champagne, but cannot be considered suitable for wine storage.

Other branches

All refrigerated compartments located below the freshness zone have a different temperature regime. So, for example, already on the second shelf the average temperature in the refrigerator is + 2ºС - 4ºС. In such conditions, processed foods perfectly preserve their nutritional properties: semi-finished products, confectionery, meat and fish prepared foods, cheeses and sausages, eggs. However, users should remember that confectionery products containing dairy products and animal fats are not designed for long-term storage - no more than 36 hours. The same restriction applies to cooked sausages and fish products.

Refrigerator temperature in the next sector should be between + 3ºС - + 6ºС. This department is intended for food that has undergone high-temperature processing, that is, for soups, sauces, stewed vegetables, boiled pasta and cereals, fresh vegetables and bread.

At the very bottom drawers are located in the refrigerator: they are convenient to use for storing fresh fruits. In this part, the temperature in the refrigerator should be above +5, but below + 10ºС, since it is these conditions that are favorable for cooling and preserving fruits and vegetables.

On the door in accordance with the zonal division of the majority of the refrigerator, shelves are located on which it is convenient to place packaged products, drinks, eggs, dairy products, canned food, slices of cheese and meat, some types of drugs (if such a requirement exists in the annotation).

Methods for setting the temperature in the freezer and the common chamber

In order for the device to work properly, and the food retained its quality, you should carefully consider the process of setting the optimum temperature in the refrigerator's refrigerator compartment and in the freezer.

The adjustment methods depend on the model chosen by the user: somewhere it will be a mechanical regulator with marks on it, and somewhere - electronic with a touch or button console and indicators. With the help of such regulators it is possible to determine what temperature in the freezer of the refrigerator and in the main volume of the refrigerator will meet the requirements for the best food safety.

Terms of Use

Regardless of the model, you must strictly follow the rules for operating the refrigerator:

  1. Do not lay hot or warm food.
  2. Any kind of food should have airtight packaging.
  3. Keep track of what optimal temperature in the refrigerator should be set depending on the season, degree of volume filling, mode of use of the device, storage conditions.
  4. To follow defrost instructions refrigerator if automatic mode is not provided.
  5. Close the doors tightly.
  6. Promptly remove expired products.
How to store food in the refrigerator

Thus, the answer to the question “How much should a normal temperature be in a refrigerator and freezer” can only be given taking into account the consideration features of a particular model of the device, the presence of temperature zones inside the cavity of the refrigerator, types of products and their recommended duration safety. Therefore, before placing unprocessed, finished products or semi-finished products in a refrigerator or freezer, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the storage requirements.

Video: how to store food in the refrigerator

The video provides the most intelligible information on the correct location of products in the refrigerator and freezer, the methods of preparation and packaging of food:

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