What kind of fruit is avocado and how is it eaten

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Avocados are fruits of the American Perseus, an evergreen plant of the Laurel family. This is an exotic fruit, and it is important to know how to choose the right avocado, how it is eaten and with what products it goes. Despite the fact that its second name is “alligator pear”, it has nothing to do with traditional fruits, except for external similarity. Avocado dishes are cold appetizers, salads, sandwiches for every day or for the festive table.

How to choose the right avocado

Fruit taste depends on the degree of maturity of the fruit. For those who wish to cook an unusual dish based on alligator pears, it is important not only to know how to eat avocados correctly, but also to be able to choose them in the store.

High-quality ripe fruit can be distinguished by several characteristics:

  1. The color is dark green. Too light shade prepares for avocado immaturity. Black fruits are unsuitable for consumption, they are overripe or spoiled. An exception is the California variety of avocado( Haas), whose skin is black.
  2. Consistency - soft, with pressure on the fruit a dent appears, which quickly smoothes out.
  3. Stone is easily separated into the pulp. Before buying, you can shake the avocado: if the fruit is ripe, a knock will be heard.

If you choose between insufficiently mature and overripe fruits, it is better to stop at the first option. Avocados should be stored at room temperature, and after a few days its skin will darken and the consistency will become soft.

If you are going to prepare avocados not immediately after purchase, but after a few days, it is better to choose a light, unripe fruit. These fruits ripen quickly at home, but also quickly deteriorate.

What does avocado fruit taste like?

It is worth trying in advance what kind of avocado tastes, in order to understand with which products it is better to combine it. Different varieties may have a different flavor. Ripe fruits resemble butter with spicy herbal and nutty flavor. The fruit has a fresh taste, so few use it in its pure form without seasoning and sauces.

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It is impossible to determine unequivocally what the taste of avocado looks like. Its consistency allows the pulp to be used as a variety of pastes, sliced, component of the main dishes. In the composition of different dishes, these fruits may have a different flavor, which depends on the taste of the main ingredient. In combination with sharp cheeses, bacon or salted fish, avocado does not stand out, but gives the finished dish a soft, pleasant texture and originality.

What you need to know before cooking?

Before cooking, you need to properly prepare the fruit. It is important to know how to peel an avocado in order to preserve its shape and not damage the flesh. From the ripe fruit, the peel is separated without effort, it is enough to pry it with a knife and peel the fruit by hand. If she holds tight - it means that the avocado is not ripe, and it should be postponed for a while. After cleaning, you need to get rid of the bone, it should also be easily separated from the pulp.

This cleaning method is suitable for cutting or for preparing salads. Lovers eat avocado raw or use it as a pasta for sandwiches does not necessarily separate the peel. The fruit is cut in half, the bone is taken out, and the pulp is picked with a knife or spoon.

Recipes for dishes with avocadosThis fruit is used in the daily diet, added to the holiday menu in both cold and hot dishes.

The easiest way to serve is suitable for those who know how to eat avocado raw, with or without seasonings and additives. There are several raw fruit recipes that are suitable for a homemade breakfast or dinner party, look original and have a pleasant taste:

  1. The raw fruit is divided into two equal halves, seasoned with salt, lemon juice or sauce to taste. The pulp is separated from the skin by a spoon and eaten.
  2. Fruits are peeled, taken out of the stone, cut into slices.
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Avocado sandwiches are suitable for both light breakfast and as a cold snack on a festive table. Pulp smear on toast with a knife. It is better to add foods that have a pronounced flavor, while the avocado will neutralize and soften the taste. Most often, the fruit is combined with bacon, red fish( salmon or salmon) omelette, various types of cheese and fresh vegetables. As a basis, you can use fresh or toasted bread or make pita bread rolls.

There are many tips on how to prepare avocados and how to eat them. Ripe fruits can be used as a side dish for various types of meat or poultry: beef, veal, chicken or duck. It should be remembered that avocado is a high-calorie and nourishing fruit, so portions should not be voluminous:

  1. Avocado meat dishes can be spiced or fruit sauces, add pomegranate seeds.
  2. Avocado pulp goes well with red fish( salmon or salmon).It is recommended to bake the fish in the oven, divide it into portions and season with the sauce. Avocados are served separately as a cut.

There is a huge amount of hearty salads based on avocado pulp. The main ingredients are fresh greens, various types of meat and red fish, sharp cheeses( feta, cheese) or scrambled eggs. Products can be easily combined, added to salads, seasonings, sauces, herbs to taste.

As a main dish, you can make avocado cream soup. This dish will not leave guests indifferent, and at the end of the evening they will be asked to share a recipe. For those who are interested in where it is better to add avocado and how to eat it - recipes for unusual first courses:

  1. Beat the pulp with a blender, combine with chicken broth, previously brought to a boil, and then beat again. Slices of roasted garlic are added to the finished soup. This dish is poured into small plates and served hot, garnished with greens. Soup based on broth and avocado is very satisfying, so for the main course it is better to cook lean meat, fish or baked vegetables.
  2. Soup will be less calorie if you cook it without adding beef broth. Avocado pulp goes well with spinach: these two ingredients are ground in a blender, diluted with water and brought to a boil. To enhance the taste, it is recommended to add crackers, seafood, bacon slices or salted fish.
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Those who want to understand what avocado is and how it is eaten should get one fruit and try it. The taste of ripe fruit is quite specific, albeit unobtrusive, and very few people remain indifferent to it. Avocado is an unusual fruit, and its presence can turn an everyday dish into an exotic delicacy. The only caveat - you need to choose a ripe enough, but not overripe fruit.

How many avocados can I eat per day?

Fans of ripe exotic fruits are interested in how much avocado you can eat per day. The caloric value of 100 g of this product is 245 kcal, which is equivalent to an equal amount of lean meat. Those who are prone to rapid weight gain, should refrain from excessive use of avocado. It is better to restrict one medium fruit per day, combining it with whole-grain bread or adding to salads with fresh greens. The fruit quickly satisfies hunger, but after several eaten fruits, a feeling of heaviness appears.

Avocado is the leader among fruits in terms of fat, but fats are easily absorbed and saturate the body with essential vitamins and amino acids. It is permitted for diabetics, as it contains sugar in very small quantities.

How to eat avocado - video

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