Gentle washing mode in the washing machine

If you have things from delicate fabrics, you know how to care for them carefully. In a modern washing machine, you can clean any clothes thanks to thoughtful washing modes.

In order to provide quality and effective care for fabrics, you need to figure out how to install a delicate program and in what cases use it.


  • 1 washing

    Regardless of the brand and model of the washing machine, the principle of the mode is the same. How AGR Wipes:

    • The laundry is done with plenty of water. This allows you to reduce the friction of tissues, as well as to qualitatively rinse the powder in a gentle manner.
    • Low water temperature - 30-40 degrees - allows you to save the color and shape of linen.
    • The drum in a delicate mode rotates slowly, swaying slightly, which allows you to save rhinestones, beads and other decorations on clothing.
    • Depending on the program, the spin function may be completely absent or carried out at minimum speed: from 600 to 800 per minute.

    Pay attention! In mechanically controlled washers it is necessary to install an additional spin.

    Now you know what delicate mode means. Consider what it is intended for.

    For which fabrics is

    used? Before washing, be sure to sort things by color and type of fabric. What can be washed:

    • The linen and clothes from thin fabrics: satin, chiffon, organza, lace need a delicate wash.
    • Also things that do not tolerate fast turns and strong spin: cashmere, silk, wool.
    • Clothing with a decor needs to be treated with care, because at high speeds the decor can fall off. This applies to items with rhinestones, ruffles, ruffles, pleats, seals and patterns.
    • The membrane tissues and microfiber are ranked as delicate.

    Make sure that in front of you is a delicate thing, help tag on the clothes. How many degrees are indicated on the tag? At a temperature of 30-40 degrees, clothing definitely needs careful care.

    Gentle mode allows you to:

    1. Eliminate clothing molting.
    2. Extend the life of a thing.
    3. Protect from stretching and skewing of fibers.

    Delicate mode icon on an

    washing machine Depending on the manufacturer, Indesit, LG, Samsung, Candy, the function can be signed on the panel or have a symbol, an icon.

    Consider how the program is also called and looks in different brands of CM:

    • The manufacturers of “Ariston” have provided two modes to choose from. How does the delicate mode differ from handwash? The fact that it lasts 30 minutes longer and is indicated by a flower on the panel. Hand wash provides additional soaking.
    • For Ardo CMA, there are the same modes, only the icons are slightly different.
    • On Bosch cars there is a symbol in the form of a dress with a butterfly.
    • Waste Electrolux have three similar programs at once: “Hand wash” is indicated by a basin with a hand, “Thin fabrics” by a butterfly, and “Delicate” by a flower.
    • In the Zanussi SM, the functionality has been expanded: two “Hand Wash” modes are indicated by a hand basin, and two “Delicate” modes are indicated by a flower.

    How long does a delicate wash last? One to two hours. During this time, with careful movement of the drum, the washer man manages to wash things using a lot of water.

    How to enable delicate mode

    How to find this function if there is no such name on the washer panel? The fact is that each manufacturer can attach different values ​​to this mode. As programs are designated:

    • For washing silk;
    • Wool;
    • Thin fabrics;
    • Hand and Careful Wash;

    How to make this mode yourself? You can install the program yourself by selecting the following options:

    • Wash at a temperature of 30 to 40 degrees.
    • Extra Rinse.
    • Spin Shutdown or 600 rpm.

    Means for the delicate washing of things

    When washing clothes made of thin fabrics, a bag or a mesh is used to protect them from deformation and damage.

    The best products for such things are liquid detergents, gels that do not contain phosphates, enzymes, chlorine. If you choose a powder, it should be well dissolved in water.

    Liquid means are well rinsed, do not cause an allergy. Usually they are sold with the note: for careful care. In addition, soften the fabric and retain its shape.

    You have learned what delicate laundry means, therefore you will be able to take care of things with high quality. Select only special products and optimum temperatures.

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