The scrub paint from clothing - 11 recipes for all occasions


  • 1 The main rules of struggle with paint
  • 2 How to get rid of paint on clothes
    • 2.1 Remove the water-based paint: 4 fashion
    • 2.2 Remove paint, oil-based: 4 ways
    • 2.3 Remove acrylic paint: 3 Ways
  • 3 Finally

Frankly, before accidentally got paint on the clothes made me panic. Not one favorite thing I ruined until we know than to scrub paint from clothing. So you do not repeat my mistakes, I'll tell you about a few proven and truly effective way to help remove paint from clothing.

Spot colors can be removed in various waysSpot colors can be removed in various ways

The main rules of struggle with paint

I realized some important nuances that will not only help get rid of paint stains from things, but do not damage the material:

  • act quickly. Remove dried paint is extremely difficult, so try to act as quickly as possible - until the stain is fresh.
  • Do not use the first available solvent. Believe me, it can lead to disastrous consequences, and the thing then just have to throw it away. Solvent must choose according to the type of paint and the fabric.
The fresher the stain - the easier it is to bringThe fresher the stain - the easier it is to bring
  • Check cleaner. The first thing you need to test the selected material on an inconspicuous area of ​​the article (for example, in the alleys of the pants).
  • Work on the reverse side. Regardless of whether you are trying to bring a stain on his pants, dress or blouse, treat it solely from the wrong side.
  • Do not forget about washing. After struggling with a spot of paint, always wipe the product. For example, you can display a specific smell cleaner.
The solvent should be selected for the spot based on the type of paint material andThe solvent should be selected for the spot based on the type of paint material and

How to get rid of paint on clothes

Before scrub paint from clothing, you must also remember that the spot should be treated, moving from the edges toward the center. So you can avoid streaks.

Remove the water-based paint: 4 fashion

After drying, water-based dyes is almost impossible to remove (not for nothing that these substances are used even for painting facades of houses). But here's a fresh stain with a jacket or trouser is easy to deduce:

Illustration instruction
table_pic_att14945942803 Method 1. Powder

You can scrub the paint (provided that the fresh stain) in the usual powder or soap.

Just faded the product, if necessary, repeat the procedure until the complete disappearance of pollution.

table_pic_att14945942804 Alcohol 2. Alcohol or benzine

I've heard that a lot to get rid of stains recommend refined petrol (as pictured). But find it does not always work.

In this case, you can replace conventional gasoline with alcohol. Stretch the injured tissue, wet it with alcohol and rub thoroughly with a cloth.

table_pic_att14945942815 Alcohol 3. Polish for hair

Quite an unusual way, but effective. Apply paint to the stain and rub it with a cotton swab.

We must act quickly - agent should not linger on the fabric over a minute. Nail polish remover suitable running water.

table_pic_att14945942816 4 alcohol. Vinegar, salt and ammonia

To prepare the cleanser with your hands, mix two tablespoons of vinegar and the same amount of ammonia, add a spoonful of salt.

Apply the mixture on the spot, wait for a few minutes, and then rub it old toothbrush. Rinse the product, the paint will be over.

Remove paint, oil-based: 4 ways

To remove oil-based paint, the first thing you need to clean it with a knife or a stiff brush, and then lubricate some grease (you can use butter or vegetable oil, petroleum jelly).

Illustration Guide to Action
 Method 1. Acetone

This component is commonly found in nail polish remover means, the price of which is available to anyone.

Put a bit of the liquid on the stain, wait 10 minutes and rinse.

Acetone should only be used on white fabrics, the colored clothes, he can leave stains.

table_pic_att14945942848 Method 2. Petrol

You need to use a refined petrol or gasoline for lighters. Wet in it a cotton swab and rub the area with them.

table_pic_att14945942849 Method 3. Turpentine

Impacts of pollution, like gasoline. If all of a sudden after the procedure on the remaining grease stain fabric, it is easy to deduce.

Simply attach to the fabric, white paper and go over the surface with warm iron.

table_pic_att149459428510 Method 4. Butter and powder

Tablespoon of softened butter, mix with the same amount of detergent.

The resulting mixture was put on pollution and slightly rub the material. Wait a few minutes and wash the product.

Remove acrylic paint: 3 Ways

And in this case there is a direct correlation between the freshness of paint spots and the complexity of its removal.

Illustration instruction
table_pic_att149459428511 Method 1. isopropyl alcohol

surplus ink blot with a paper towel, cloth or cotton cloth.

Pour a small amount of isopropyl alcohol on the cloth, wait a little less than 15 minutes and wash the product in the washing machine.

table_pic_att149459428612 Method 2. The liquid for washing glasses

Treat fresh fluid stain care glasses, wait a few minutes and remove it using a cotton swab.

Do not wait until the substance is completely dry - it will be difficult to remove.

Method 3. Dishwashing liquid

In equal proportions mix dishwashing detergent with warm water.

Apply it on the injured area for 20 minutes, then wash.


I told you about all the ways to remove various types of paint, which I know. Even more useful options can be found on the video in this article. Share your tested recipes or ask questions in the comments - be happy to answer all.

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