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Burns and gastritis, sores in the mouth and pressure sores, runny nose and pimples on the face - this is an incomplete list of what Kalanchoe cures,rather, its juice. This plant rightfully bears the title of green doctor. But not all its types have healing properties. In medicine, Kalanchoe Degremona and Kalanchoe pinot are used.

Pharmacological properties of Kalanchoe juice

The active use of Kalanchoe juice in the treatment of dermatological, dental, surgical and other pathologies is explained by its composition. Fresh leaves and stems contain:

  • flavonoid glycosides, which have a bactericidal and choleretic effect;
  • tanning agents with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic properties;
  • organic acids and enzymes that improve local metabolism;
  • vitamins C and P, strengthens blood vessels, normalizes interstitial metabolic processes and improves immunity;
  • as well as polysaccharides and trace elements.

All this together provides sanation of wounds, suppresses wound infection, accelerates epithelium regeneration, normalizes microcirculation in tissues, relieves inflammation.

How to treat with Kalanchoe juice

In the pharmacy instructions for using Kalanchoe juice, you can read that it is used externally and locally. The difference is that in the first case lotions for the skin are prepared with the preparation, and local applications and irrigations are suitable for mucous membranes.

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Wounds, burns and other skin damage

Gaunty cloths, soaked in juice, are applied to trophic ulcers and bed sores once a day. With a strong burning sensation, Kalanchoe liniment is used or an equal proportion of 0.5% solution of novocaine is added. Treatment requires medical supervision.

To fight acne infection, cleansed skin is rubbed several times a day with Kalanchoe spirit tincture.

Varicose veins

To strengthen the vascular walls and eliminate congestion with varicose veins, the legs in the mornings and evenings are rubbed with Kalanchoe tincture. It is prepared independently: half of the glass bottle is filled with finely chopped green mass, topped up with alcohol or vodka to the top and insist for a week in the dark. The finished tincture is filtered, squeezing the raw material, stored in the refrigerator.

Gynecological problems

With erosion of the cervix and endocervicitis at night( 8-10 hours), a tampon soaked in ointment or kalane juice is injected into the vagina. These same drugs lubricate nipple cracks, postpartum wounds of the perineum.

Stomatological diseases

With periodontal disease, gum disease, stomatitis, applications are performed by applying gauze tampons with juice for 15-20 minutes up to 5 times a day. They reduce swelling and pain after surgical manipulations( opening an abscess, extraction of a tooth), promote rapid regeneration of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, and reduce the risk of suppuration.

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ENT diseases

For acute otitis media, a cotton swab soaked with juice is placed or 2-5 drops of warm juice or alcoholic liquor are instilled.

To eliminate nasal congestion with sinusitis or a bad headache, Kalanchoe juice diluted with water is dropped into the nose up to 5 times a day. Bred concentrated juice or its alcohol solution in the ratio of 1 to 5. Strong sneezing qualitatively cleans the nasal sinuses, and then nasal passages can be moistened with a cotton swab dipped in juice.

Pregnant women should not use Kalanchoe juice for the treatment of rhinitis, not only because of possible allergic reactions. Sharp contractions of abdominal muscles during sneezing are dangerous.

For tonsillitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis with an aqueous solution of juice, gargle every hour in the first few days of illness.

Internal use of Kalanchoe juice

When gastritis, colitis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is prescribed, the use of Kalanchoe juice inside. But in each case, the dosage can only be determined by the attending physician. Kalanchoe juice is included in the therapeutic drinks consisting of lime juice, cucumber and other fruits and vegetables.


To prevent colds and improve immunity, Kalanchoe juice is taken on a spoon after breakfast.

Making juice at home

Bushes of medicinal varieties of Kalanchoe are not demanding to care. Therefore, amateur flower growers do not buy Kalanchoe juice at a pharmacy, but they easily get fresh medicine at any time of the year. To do this, cut the required amount of fleshy leaves and stems, chop up with a meat grinder, garlic press or just a knife, and then squeeze the green gruel through 3-4 layers of gauze.

But this method is good only if the healing solution was needed urgently. To get a stronger remedy, cut greens are wrapped in paper and placed in a dark, cold place. After 3-6 days kalanoe washed and prepared juice.

In order not to lose a drop, gauze is pre-moistened with warm water.

Store homemade juice in a bottle of dark glass at a temperature of up to 10 ° C for no longer than a week. You can extend the period by adding 1 part of alcohol to 20 parts of juice.

Pregnancy and hypersensitivity to this plant may be a contraindication to the use of Kalanchoe juice in any form.

Kalanchoe in the treatment of gastric ulcers - video

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