How to clean sheepskin coat at home: 3 simple and effective method


  • 1 General rules
  • 2 The material has a value
  • 3 Methods for cleaning coats at home
    • 3.1 Method 1. dry cleaning
    • 3.2 Method 2. wet cleaning
    • 3.3 Method 3. cleaning fur
  • 4 Home cleaning coats: pros and cons
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To sheepskin coat looked like new, it should be cared forTo sheepskin coat looked like new, it should be cared for

Beautiful, warm and practical coats for many years not going out of fashion. That is why the appearance of these stains and dirt gives a lot of trouble. I'll tell you how to clean sheepskin coat at home and return it to its former luster and appeal.

General rules

First you need to understand the rules of sheepskin cleaning.

  1. Examine the label. That is the information on the labels will help you decide on the method of cleaning and tools that can be used. Remember:
  • dlyazamshipredpochtitelensuhoysposobchistki;
  • dlyakozhi-vlazhnyyisuhoysposob;
  • dlyaizdeliyslazernympokrytiemluchsheispolzovatvlazhnyymetod.
Shoe suede coats at home is performed using a special brushesShoe suede coats at home is performed using a special brushes
  1. Test cleaner. Before use, be sure to try out the chosen remedy on a small contaminated site. If the tool does not affect the quality of the material - you can use it further.
  2. Do not use the washing machine. After machine washing the product is not only reduced in size, but also to lose its color.

The material has a value

Sheepskin may be made from different materialsSheepskin may be made from different materials

Sheepskin is usually made of three materials, each of which requires a special approach to cleaning:

  1. Sheepskin. The most common material for sheepskin. And its quality depends on the country of manufacture. So, the most soft and light skin are usually imported from Spain, the most solid and rough to the touch - from America. The most common material is imported from Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece.
The picture shows coats of sheepskinThe picture shows coats of sheepskin
  1. Fur velor uncoated (polished leather). This material is made from high quality skins. Products made him look beautiful and expensive, but very easy to get dirty.
Fur sheepskin velor uncoated spoiled faster than the restFur sheepskin velor uncoated spoiled faster than the rest
  1. Fur coated velours. Such sheepskin pelts are made of a lower quality. However, due to the special nature of the impregnation resins and additives, its practicality and resistance to contamination increases significantly. Depending on the type of coating -krek, Kansas, Silk and others - are different and methods for their cleaning.
Fur velor coated easy to cleanFur velor coated easy to clean

Once again: before you clean a sheepskin coat, carefully read the label of what material it was sewn!

Methods for cleaning coats at home

Method 1. dry cleaning

suede sheepskin best dry cleaning method. A cleaner must be chosen depending on the kind and extent of contamination.

Update tarnished product may be common salt. For this purpose, contaminated sites need to pour salt and rub it with your hands or a brush.

Do not get too hard to press and rub sheepskin, that it has not lost its luster, and not "bald". After removing the stain remains of salt must be removed.

Do not use salt for leather goods - they will divorce.

Grease and stubborn dirt better to clean these means:

Picture Description of
Groats semolina. Natural sheepskin can be cleaned with semolina. To do this, rub the contaminated area with intense movements of barley from the edge to the center. Do it better in the rag gloves.

After removal of the main spots in the same way you want to process the rest of the surface. For cleaning you can use a brush with hard bristles.

Petrol. A piece of thick cloth, soaked in gasoline, will help remove grease stains serious.

This tool is absolutely not suitable for products from light skin.

The crust of rye bread. Refresh sheepskin coat at home will help dried up crust of bread.

Simply rub the medical device and remove the remains of the bread.

Dentifrice. With usual tooth powder made easy to clean greasy cuffs and collar.

This tool is better to put a rubber brush and carefully removed after cleaning.

Method 2. wet cleaning

Wet cleaning is most suitable for sheepskin leather and coated products. You can use it to clean even very serious pollution.

I'll tell you about the most effective means for wet cleaning:

Picture Description of
Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Sheepskin light shades are best cleaned with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

This will require a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, as much ammonia and 200 ml of warm water. The resulting solution should be applied to the stain with a soft sponge until its complete disappearance.

Ammonia. Ammonia dissolved in water in a ratio of 4: 1, perfectly removes strong soiling.
Warm soapy water (200ml water, 10 ml of the shampoo and 5 ml of ammonia) is also effective against severe pollution.

After using this product, a means is necessary to process another solution - 500 ml of water, 5 ml of borax, 20 ml of glycerol and 15 ml of liquid ammonia. This will help align the color coats.

Soda and milk. 10 grams of soda dissolved in 200 ml of milk can work wonders and remove even the stuffy spot on the fur coat.

Enough to treat the stain with a solution to its complete disappearance. After this, all the product you need to wipe the swab dipped in a weak vinegar solution.

Smooth battered sheepskin, you can use hot steam - use an iron with an impingement of steam or steam cleaners. From folk methods suitable hot tub - hang over her sheepskin coat and leave it for a while. After - clothes dry at room temperature.

Method 3. cleaning fur

Special attention is required when cleaning sheepskin fur. such means can be used to clean it:

Picture Description of
Wheat bran or sand. Heated in a frying pan wheat bran or sand freshen fur and give it its former volume.

Plain clothes brush can help remove the remains of funds.

Shampoo for cats. Feline shampoo whipped to a thick foam - an effective means for cleaning elements of fur coats.
A solution of alcohol, water and vinegar equally excellent clean fur.
Lemon juice. If you put lemon juice and thoroughly comb the fur, it will be soft and shiny.
a piece of chalk and baby powder - effective means to remove oil stains. Put one of them on the fur, then brush it thoroughly.
Hydrogen peroxide copes with a dusting of white fur. 5 ml of peroxide diluted in 1 liter of room temperature water to spray on the fur by using an atomizer.

After drying enough to comb the fur brush.

Home cleaning coats: pros and cons

A plus - the most important advantage of self-cleaning is considered to be cheap - the price of similar services in the dry cleaning is much higher than the "domestic" costs.

Photo - professional dry cleaning sheepskin ensures quality resultsPhoto - professional dry cleaning sheepskin ensures quality results

Minuses - , unfortunately, more than:

  • inadequate efficiency - let's be honest, professional dry cleaning cope with any pollution much better, faster and easier;
  • risk damage to products - you can choose the wrong means and hopelessly to spoil your favorite clothes.

helpful hints

To your favorite sheepskin long remained a beautiful, not too lazy to properly take care of it. Simple instructions will help you with this:

  • keep tags and checks from buying expensive things - it will help you understand the features of the care of a sheepskin coat and choose the most suitable method of cleaning;
  • purchase brushes and sprays Care outerwear;
The faster you find the pollution in the fur coat, the easier it will get rid of itThe faster you find the pollution in the fur coat, the easier it will get rid of it
  • at the appearance of contaminants and remove them As soon as possible;
  • not Remember to dry the sheepskin after a heavy rain or snow. It is sufficient to hang clothes on hangers, and dried at room temperature;
  • keep sheepskin correctly: Out of season, it is best to pack in a bag made of cotton and put back a sprig of lavender, or a cotton swab soaked in lavender oil. This will protect clothes from moths.
 Proper storage of outerwear extend its lifeProper storage of outerwear extend its life


As you can see, cleaning coats with their hands there is nothing difficult. Do not believe me - then watch the video in this article and once again convinced of it. And if you have any questions - leave them in the comments, I will answer them.

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