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video has been up to 15 years old, and our company has been a lot of people who need to have a pineapple juice. In freshly squeezed juice all the most useful is concentrated in a small volume than the product is rich. Sometimes liquid is the only form of nutrition. In other cases, a glass of juice is a source of daily intake of vitamins. Pineapple juice is a multivitamin complex with a special substance bromelain, which helps speed up the body's metabolism.

Choosing the right pineapple

Only juice made from ripe, healthy fruit is good. Therefore, choose a ripe pineapple, overseas berries, not easy. However, there are signs according to which it is very likely that you can choose a suitable fruit:

  • visually;
  • tactile;
  • by sound;
  • as a tuft;
  • by smell.

At external examination it is necessary to pay attention to the color, it should be yellow-brown. The crust should be intact without dents and damage. It is not necessary to inspect the fruit further, if brown spots were found on it, the pineapple began to rot. Taking the pineapple in hand, you need to determine the state of the peel, it should be soft and springy from pressing. If this does not happen, the pineapple is not ripened, and the juice from it will not be useful. Green fruit may turn yellow after lying for some time. But he will not become ripe.

If you hit the crust with the palm of your hand, you will hear a sound. Deaf speaks of maturity, sonorous warns, it is better to refrain from buying. Much will say tuft on the top of the berries. In a ripe pineapple leaf quietly twists and comes off. Fresh foliage says the fruit is freshly plucked. Dry, withered top with a small amount of leaves is a sign, the fruit was torn off green, traveled a long time by sea, through bases, and has long been put up for sale.

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When choosing a pineapple, you need to smell the fruit. The smell with the prevailing spicy sweet notes speaks of the fermentation that began inside. The fruit overcame. If the purchase is made in a company store with a good reputation, then the high cost may be associated with the delivery of goods by plane from the place of growth. Then , ripe pineapple will surely delight you with its taste. Although the price does not always correspond to the quality of the product.

The content of nutrients in the juice

Tropical fruit pineapple is a very valuable product, since with a low calorie content of healthy substances for humans is huge. Suffice it to say that vitamin C is more in it than in lemon. The caloric content of 100 g of juice is 48 kcal, but carbohydrates predominate in the energy composition. The juice contains:

  • water - 86%;
  • sugar - 11.5%;
  • citric acid - 0.4%;
  • ascorbic acid or vitamin C - 50 mg;
  • group of vitamins B, A, PP.

Vitamins in pineapple are enhanced by the action of organic enzymes, some of which are unique in their action. Trace elements are represented by 16 names, the most important of which for humans are the salts of potassium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, iron and copper. Such a complex of useful components of the juice is enhanced by the unique substance bromelain and volatile esters, giving a unique smell to the fetus.

Present in pineapple bromenine is a substance capable of promoting many processes in the body. This component is unstable, decomposes during heat treatment and storage. In canned products and juices of industrial production bromelain is not contained.

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The action of the bromelain is multifaceted:

  • is involved in the breakdown of proteins;
  • suppresses inflammatory processes;
  • boosts immunity;
  • helps to thin the blood and dissolve the sediment in the vessels;
  • has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract.

The benefits of freshly squeezed juice are greatest when it is consumed on an empty stomach. Then the most active effect on all systems of the body is healing bromelain. When drinking juice as a dessert, its benefits of enhancing the action of enzymes of gastric juice. Digestion of heavy and fatty foods will be more successful after drinking pineapple juice. That is, juice is always useful, but its action is selective in various cases.

For whom pineapple juice is vital

Knowing the benefits of the product, we can say, juice has no contraindications for use, except for a few cases caused by pineapple acidity and other factors:

  • intolerance to any of the components;
  • gastrointestinal disease in the acute stage and gastritis with high acidity;
  • age up to 6 years;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding.

For those who have entered the age of maturity, after 40 years, a glass of juice twice a week will extend health for many years. This is facilitated not only by bromelain and pineapple vitamins, but a large number of other active substances. Thus, potassium is necessary for the functioning of the circulatory system, including the heart muscle and brain activity. From taking the juice systematically, the pressure decreases to normal, the vessels are cleaned of cholesterol and the risk of thrombosis is reduced.

The memory improves, the joints and muscles no longer hurt, colds are easier to flow, and stressful conditions are removed. In this case, you should know the rules for the use of the medicinal product.

For those who want to get results quickly with the help of pineapple juice, we remind you that nutrients can become poison if you use it excessively. An overdose of vitamin C - cause diarrhea, heartburn, insomnia. An overdose of bromelain will lead to skin rashes, diarrhea, menstrual bleeding in women up to miscarriage. Bromelain interacts with drugs. For chronically ill, consultation with a physician is necessary.

The difference between the freshly prepared juice and the industrial product

. All that has been said about the benefits of pineapple juice relates to home making. Prefabricated products use dry ingredients that are dissolved in water, flavoring, sugar and preservatives are added. Nowadays, even sugar is replaced by other flavor enhancers, which is even more dangerous for the body. Even if the label indicates 100% pineapple juice, it is restored, and bromelain no longer contains. And even this composition is not in nectars, it is allowed to have only 30% of juice, the rest is water.

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Therefore, for the benefit, you need to make fresh juice at home and store it in the refrigerator for no longer than a day. Before you cook the product you need to wash the pineapple and peel it. Cut the peeled fruit into pieces and pass through a blender or juicer. You do not need to clear the juice from the pulp, you can dilute the mass with a little water or other natural juice.

Use this product with health benefits can be one glass twice a week. Pineapple acidity is active, frequent inclusion of juice in the menu can cause gastritis. After drinking the juice, it is imperative to bring the oral cavity in order. Juice eats away tooth enamel. Properly done by those who drink fruit juices through a straw.

Cooking Pineapple Juice with a Juicer - Video

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