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Mysterious, rare and fabulously curative mushroom veselka is a real treasure for millions of adherents of traditional medicine. Tinctures and decoctions from this mycelium are used in the treatment of patients with good and malignant tumors. In this case, the proper use of the made potions helps the body to develop immunity not only against cancer cells, but also viruses and bacteria. However, finding this representative of basidiomycetes is very problematic.

General information

Among his congeners, he is the "record" in the speed of growth. In this regard, the mushroom was even brought to the record book, because in 48 hours it grows and immediately dies. Thus, in five minutes the embryo reaches 25 mm. Often it can be found in coniferous or deciduous forests, shrubs, and also on other fertile soils.For those who plan to collect a unique mushroom, you need to know that:

  • on his search you need to go out in late June or early July;
  • In nature there are both single specimens and whole families;
  • The mushroom exudes an unpleasant stench, reminiscent of spoiled meat or carrion;
  • multiplies by spores, which take away flies on their limbs;
  • Collect this species at the egg-formation stage, then it is most useful for food and cooking medicinal infusions.

Prepare them better in dry weather, as they do not tolerate water procedures. From contamination fruits can be cleaned with a towel. In this case, do not scrub too hard and press on them.

Carefully peeled mycelia should be dried properly. To preserve the entire therapeutic effect of the vesicle fungus, it is necessary to cut along the body into two parts. The halves obtained should be threaded with a spacing of up to 1 cm between the pieces.Hang such a "garland" in a dry room with good ventilation / ventilation. It is desirable that there do not penetrate the sun's rays. When the pieces are completely withered, they must be beautifully folded into a glass container and sealed. The maximum period of storage of raw materials is 24 months.

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Healing properties

It is known from historical references that medicines on the basis of this extract cured intestinal diseases and stomach ulcers. Those who had problems with kidney and liver, also recommended the course of this therapy. At the royal court, the medicine guru practiced the treatment of psoriasis, gout and arthritis. Today, science has proven the therapeutic properties of vesicle fungus in the fight against widespread diseases. Its fruit body contains the lion's share of phytoncides. In turn, they destroy various bacteria and viruses, including:

  • herpes;
  • hepatitis;
  • AIDS;
  • flu.

Moreover, the polysaccharides entering into its structure strengthen the body's defense systems. Thanks to these compounds, lymphocytes, as well as perforin, are produced in a larger amount. Thus, in one study, the effect of the extract on lymphocyte activity was observed. Interacting with the extract, their quantity and productivity increased by 80%. These cells began to attack foreign bodies operatively. Based on this experiment, a vesicle mushroom is recommended to be used to treat good and malignant pathological formations. As a result, he will help to win:

  • leukemia;
  • adenoma (prostate or pituitary gland);
  • sarcoma;
  • polyps;
  • melanoma;
  • cysts.

The scourge of modern society is allergy. She does not give in to treatment and remains the "faithful companion" of the patient all her life. However, it was found that preparations based on this fungus remove swelling and rash, which are the result of allergic reactions. In addition to antihistaminic properties, the vesicle fungus has a positive effect on the reproductive organs. Included in the plant phytosteroids stimulate sufficient production of male sex hormones. The extract of this fruit is a component of many anesthetics. It also improves skin condition, namely:

  • removes itching;
  • heals wounds and sores;
  • slows the aging of cells.
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Since in recent years the level of radio emission exceeds the norm, the human body desperately needs antioxidants. They, in turn, derive free radicals, not allowing them to infiltrate the cells.

According to experts, to achieve the best results in any kind of therapy is possible only with the combined use of several different drugs.In addition, there should be a responsible attitude to the diet, as well as include physical activity in the treatment.

Recipes of infusions and fineness of application

As already noted, such medicines are used as an internal or external healing agent. Blanks of dried fruits can be made independently, if the mushroom picker is absolutely sure what the mycelium looks like. To make a healing tincture of the mushroom mushroom, you can take both dried and freshly harvested crop. Preparation and use of infusion is as follows:

  • crush fresh fruit so that it turned out 3 tbsp. l. with a slide (or 1/3 of a spoonful of dried);
  • it is filled with a glass of moonshine or vodka;
  • is infused at a temperature of no higher than 5 ° C for 14 days;
  • dosage depends on the degree of complexity of the disease (duration and neglect). The drug is taken as a standard for 1 hour. l. in two divided doses - 12 hours.

Cancer (carcinoma) treats 1-3 st. l. take it three times a day. Some people advise drinking a potion with water, and then with a raw egg. However, you need to be careful not to disrupt allergies. In addition, among the ancient Slavs, another recipe for the preparation of infusion was popular:

  • six pieces of mushrooms (the rudiments can be left), cleaned by wiping with a soft cloth;
  • in a 3-liter bottle put the raw material on the bottom, fill the vodka (50-60 degrees);
  • the period of infusion is 10 days;
  • storage - a dark and dry room.

This rare specimen needs to be known in person. From him emanates a sharp and disgusting smell of falling. Outwardly, he is unpresentable: a cone-shaped snow-white leg with a marshy color fitted with a bonnet planted obliquely. When maturing, the surface becomes wrinkled.

On how regularly the patient will take the mushroom veselka, the final result of therapy depends. Many people use medicine for normalizing blood pressure (hypertension), as well as removing cholesterol. In this tincture you can lubricate wounds, sores and cuts, as well as treat skin diseases. For its preparation, the hostess will need:

  • , 00 kg of fresh legs and hats, or incomplete art. l. dried (crushed);
  • 200 ml of alcoholic beverage (you can clean alcohol);
  • Insist for about 2 weeks in a cool place.
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Filter the resulting concentrate is not recommended. In the morning and in the evening make lotions. A small swab of cotton wool should be moistened with liquid and applied to the wound, after holding for 10-20 seconds. Compresses in this case are contraindicated.

In one bottle, a person receives an antiseptic, an antihistamine and an antiviral agent, as well as a medicine combating cancer cells. It is for all these medicinal properties mushroom veselka and received popular recognition.

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