Does not work refrigerator refrigerator Ariston

If your fridge "Ariston" does not have a cold store, read our article.

All modern refrigerators are electronically controlled. The main board manages all processes in the system, so when an error occurs, the display may show an error code. Following the value of the code, the user can find out what the cause of the malfunction is. But if the error has not been shown, it is possible to determine the breakdown by external signs.

Causes and methods of troubleshooting

Causes and methods of troubleshooting

Did you notice that the freezer compartment is working, but there is no refrigeration? It is necessary to urgently search for the causes of the problem, otherwise the problem can lead to a complete breakdown of the refrigerator. Since the upper chamber does not work, the lower one receives a double load.

The reasons can be in a simple malfunction, you need to check:

  1. Density of closing the door. Closely cramped can interfere with the body. Also inspect the rubber seal, which could eventually deteriorate or become dirty. There is a possibility that the hinges of the door are slack, they need a brace.Causes and methods of troubleshooting
  2. Fan work. If you have a two-compressor refrigerator, the fan in the compartment could be covered with ice. Therefore, its blades do not rotate, cold air does not flow. It is necessary to completely unfreeze the equipment - not less than 10 hours or 24 hours.Causes and methods of troubleshooting

If the Hotpoint Ariston refrigerator still does not work, then such details could break down:

  • The fan motor burned out. After defrosting the blades did not start to spin? Hence, it is necessary to replace the defective element.
  • The engine broke down. You could notice that the motor is trying to start, but after 5 seconds again stalls. In this case, the compressor is diagnosed and repaired.
  • A refrigerant leakage has occurred. Manifestation of breakage can differ in different ways, depending on the location of the damage. If you notice that the wall inside the chamber is swollen, it means that a leak has occurred in the interior - this forces you to install a new evaporator.
    Are there traces of rust in the area of ​​the freezer? This happens when the steel circuit rusts, the microcracks formed let the freon pass. During repair, the damaged part is cut off, spike and gas refueling are performed. Freon can exit through the damage in the chamber. Then the damaged area is repaired.Causes and methods of troubleshooting
  • Problems with start relay. Since in a two-compressor refrigerator in each chamber there is a motor, the breakdown of the relay in the refrigerating chamber leads to the compressor failure.
  • Faulty electronic temperature sensor or regulator. The control module does not receive information about the temperature rise in the compartment, so the motor does not start.

If your equipment is equipped with one compressor, the reasons for the breakdown are similar, but there are some differences. In addition to checking the fan, inspect the temperature regulator. When the kitchen is very hot, and the regulator is set to full power, the engine does not turn off, but only the freezer compartment works. In this case, the light in the upper chamber may not burn.

What is the reason:

  1. The evaporator heater, which is responsible for defrosting, does not work. The rear wall is covered with snow, the fan blades do not rotate. A new heater is being installed.
  2. Broken thermostat freezer or refrigerator. Therefore, the compressor works continuously, pumping the cold into the freezer compartment.Causes and methods of troubleshooting
  3. Refrigerant leakage is eliminated, as in the previous case.
  4. A thrombus in the capillary tube. You may need to help the wizard to remove the clog.
  5. Defective defrost valve. If it does not work, there is no switching of cooling from one camera to another. I'll have to replace the node.

Pay attention to the operation of the equipment. Refrigeration equipment can not work absolutely noiseless - this should alert you. Follow the rules of operation, then you can avoid many problems.

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