The refrigerator does not freeze, the compressor does not work

There are situations when the refrigerator does not freeze, but the compressor is constantly running. The normal operation of the technology is considered to disconnect the motor every 15-20 minutes. If he works more than an hour - time to sound an alarm.

We will give examples of common problems in the refrigerator, tell you how to determine the breakdown, what signs to pay attention to.

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    • 1.1The refrigerator compressor does not work: the reasons for the breakdown
    • 1.2The refrigerator does not work, but the compressor is hot

Why does the compressor work without stopping

If the refrigerator motor runs for a long time and noisy, the cause may be minor problems. First, perform defrosting of the equipment within 24 hours. The refrigerator did not start working properly? Then check:

  1. Correct installation. When the refrigerator body is put close to the wall, the battery, the gas stove, ventilation is not enough, overheating occurs. The engine works loudly and without interruption, trying to compensate for the temperature increase. Therefore it is important to observe a distance of 7-10 cm between the body and other objects.
  2. The density of closing the door of the camera. Perhaps the shelves of the compartment are overloaded, which prevents the door from closing properly. The cause may be an unsuitable seal or weak fastening of loops.
  3. Is the super-frost mode on the Atlant and Indesit refrigerators with mechanical control not turned on? The engine can not shut itself down until you turn off the mode yourself.

After checking, it turned out that everything is in order? So, it's a breakdown, requiring repair.

The door seal worn out. The elastic band must fit snugly against the body. If this does not happen, warm air penetrates into the compartment, which leads to non-stop operation of the motor. Seal must be cleaned or replaced.

The thermostat or the temperature controller does not work correctly. Modern refrigerators are on electromechanical control, all the processes in the system are managed by the main module. If no temperature information is input from the sensor to the module, then the board does not give the command to turn off the compressor.

The electronic module is defective.Therefore, some nodes may not work correctly.

Reduction of refrigerant volume. Because of the leakage of the cooling gas is not enough for the normal operation of the equipment. The cause of the leakage is eliminated, after which the system is charged with refrigerant.

The compressor is running on wear. When the engine loses its working power, the pressure in the discharge pipe does not reach the preset level, so there is no cooling.

The refrigerator compressor does not work: the reasons for the breakdown

Everyone is used to the fact that the refrigerator is noisy when the engine starts. But if there has been silence, and in the offices a complete "thaw start looking for a malfunction.

How to proceed:

  • open the camera door, see if the light is on;
  • if there is no light, check the wiring and the cable for the moment of damage;
  • if the light burns in a new refrigerator (LG, "Stinol"), you need to check the location of the enclosure. With leaky closing, warm air enters the chamber, so the motor does not start.

More serious breakdowns require diagnosis and repair:

  1. Compressor burned. You can hear how the engine tries to start, but then turns off; the relay clicks, but does not give a result. The motor needs to be replaced.
  2. Defective thermostat. Lighting in mechanical engineering (Minsk, Biryusa) can work, and the compressor has stopped turning on. The module does not receive temperature data, so it does not start the motor.
  3. The failure of the temperature sensor in models with an electronic system leads to similar consequences.
  4. The start relay that is responsible for activating the compressor has broken or jammed. Repair or replacement of parts.
  5. The electronic module is defective. Two compressors may not work simultaneously. Since the module is not possible without a module, a flashing is performed.

Watch the video on the topic:

The refrigerator does not work, but the compressor is hot

How long does the compressor have to work in the refrigerator? As mentioned above, the motor should be switched off 3-4 times within an hour. All the breakdowns resonate with each other, although they have different signs. Why does the compressor heat up?

  1. Look, maybe you did not turn off the "Super Frost" mode. It is used for quick freezing of vegetables and fruits, while the engine constantly works, forcing the cold. The off-time function fails to lead to overheating.
  2. The starting relay jammed, so the trip does not work.
  3. The chamber wall or sealing rubber is damaged. This leads to the ingress of warm air into the chamber, so the refrigerator freezes without stopping.
  4. There was a release of a coolant.
  5. As a result of overvoltage, the control board burned down.

The reasons that the technique is not cold, can be more trivial. Putting a hot dish in the compartment, you doomed the motor to a permanent job. This negatively affects the details and knots of the refrigerator.

Carefully read the instruction manual, do not avoid the rules described there. So you will help the machine to last many years.

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