Photos and descriptions of popular varieties of anthurium

Contents New Contentthe first of the cultivated and described representatives of a vast species, in the 70s of the last century brought to Europe. A little later, in 1889, thanks to missionary Samuel Damon, the plants came to Hawaii. This radically influenced the popularity and distribution of the species, as well as the variety of varieties available to growers.

Known by many lovers of exotic flora, as the “heart of Hawaii”, anthurium has become a truly local symbol. Plants whose inflorescences are able to maintain decorativeness for 2.5–4 weeks can be found everywhere here. But anthuriums are not only the decoration of houses and landscapes, but also one of the most important business areas in the world.

In Hawaii alone, more than 12 million plants are grown annually. Not less anthuriums come from other countries and regions. And it is no coincidence. Among the tropical flowering species of bright varieties of anthurium, grown as indoor or garden plants, going to cut and decorate the interior, occupy a leading position in popularity.

The interest in culture is fueled by the abundance of forms and colors of long-lived inflorescences. Today, you can see not only the red anthurium found once in the jungles of Colombia, but also the two-colored varieties of this plant, called Obake, green Midori, white, purple and even brown anthuriums.

Red Anthurium - a flower from the old legend

A bright glossy bedspread and a yellow spathe made up of many tiny flowers. This is a classic Anthurium, the legend of the origin of which is remembered for many centuries in South America.

A young beauty sacrificed her own life in the name of love and loyalty. Struck by such selflessness, the gods turned unhappy into a scarlet flower with a single petal in the shape of a girl's heart.

Red anthuriums are still considered classics today and are very much appreciated by gardeners.

Anthurium Dakota can rightly be called the most famous and common variety. At the same time, the plant is distinguished not only by the rich color of the cover, but also by its size from 14 to 23 cm. A large, spectacular plant cannot be overlooked even in a very spacious room.

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Anthurium name comes from Anthos - flower, and Oura - tail. But no less than a tail, the cob is like the long neck of a flamingo. But unlike flamingos, anthurium today can have not only red or pink colors.

The Minnesota Anthurium inflorescences of an Anthurium variety are distinguished from a number of equally spectacular plants with bright scarlet bracts and cobs, which change the white color to yellow and then to green.

The Red Anthurium group, with its red color prevailing in the bedspread, is very large and diverse. It also includes Anthurium Edison, represented on the shelves of shops not only plants with red buds, but also varieties that bloom in pink.

In addition to the scarlet and classic red varieties, you can find Dark Red Anthurium. The bracts of such anthuriums, as in the photo, come in all shades from crimson, wine to burgundy, brown or almost black.

An example of a brown anthurium is the Otazu Brown variety with a thick maroon heart-shaped cover and a straight light green cob.

Anthurium variety Utah willingly form solemn large inflorescences with a glossy textured spathe with a diameter of up to 14 cm. The ears and bracts of the anthurium are purple or densely purple. At the same time, older inflorescences can be easily identified by the green shade of the base of the bedspread.

The luxurious Black queen anthurium seems even darker due to the light color of the cob. On the surface of a dense glossy bract, all veinlets stand out in relief, giving the inflorescence a fantastic look.

Anthuriums of pastels

Pink, blush as well as roasted varieties, as well as peach varieties of anthuriums are highly valued and used by florist hanged by.

Pink Anthurium Tennessee has an interesting feature, as it grows up, its bedspreads and cobs change color. If on the newly discovered bracts pure light pink tones predominate, but over time their shades take on green shades. The cob of white also turns green.

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Having a common variety name Love Anturiums is a whole family of very attractive houseplants with large inflorescences and bright glossy foliage. The Lady Love anthurium variety, for example, is distinguished by very bright pink bracts, whose diameter reaches 17 cm. The ears of the anthurium presented in the photo are even, pointed, light yellow.

But another Anthurium variety Fantasy Love has a light pink cob, and in the colors of the bedspread there are not only pink and green tones, but also white. Darker veins are well visible.

The bracts of the anthuriums of the Blush species seem to be browned with delicate pink dust. The ear in this inflorescence is also white-pink, thinning towards the tip.

Midori Green Anthurium

The entire inflorescence of Midori green anthurium has a smooth green color since the opening of the bract. Unlike other varieties of anthuriums, this class of cob is also green.

Exceptions are varieties of Lime Anthurium, similar to Midori, but differing in a lighter, yellowish tone of the bract and white-yellow cob.

White Anthuriums

Anthurium variety White champion forms elegant inflorescences with a fancifully twisted, elongated veil and a straight, light lemon shade on the cob. As they grow older, the cob changes color, turning green. The greenhouse starts from the base.

The spectacular white heart Anthurium White Heart impresses with the purity and freshness of the pointed heart-shaped bedspread and the unusual pink color of the cob, unusual for this species.

Yellow Anthuriums and Orange Varieties

The Picasso variety group includes Orange Anthuriums, like this one in the photo, as well as plants with pink, purple, blue and white bracts.

According to the description, Picasso Anthuriums are small plants suitable for growing under room conditions. The special color of the inflorescence is given by the color of the coverlet that thickens towards the tip and the base, which makes the flower more voluminous and bright.

Pictured in the photo, anthurium of a yellow color belongs to the Lemona variety. In this inflorescence large blanket delicate lemon-colored and white, with a green tip of the ear.

Anthurium Obake

The two-color anthurium hybrids under the general name Obake are of Hawaiian origin and amaze with unusual combinations of colors on large bracts. The name Obake, translated from Japanese, means something changeable, unsteady. This word is called and ghosts.

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The color of the bract of the Anthurium variety Araceae combines bright red and rich green color.

The color of the Anthurium Rainbow Obake is more complex and includes not two shades, but much more. On a white background, dark pink streaks and more subdued spraying are noticeable. The base of the bract is painted in a beautiful green tone.

The spectacular Mauna Loa Obake variety belongs to the Tropical Ice group. Its characteristic feature is a bright, almost white spot in the center of the bedspread and a gentle green environment. The veins are pink and the cob is white and yellow.

The name of this variety of anthurium Watermelon Obake very accurately describes the appearance of the inflorescence with a pink juicy middle and green edges.

Tulip Anthuriums with a tulip cover

Anthuriums of the Tulip variety are becoming increasingly popular due to the unique shape of the coverlet and the shape of the entire inflorescence. Today there are red, pink, white, purple, lilac and blue anthuriums of this type in the culture.

Anthurium Fiorino with a tulip-shaped coverlet of a rich pink-purple hue belongs to the group of small anthuriums. The shape of the inflorescences is very laconic, and thanks to it the plant easily fits into any interior. The colors of the coverlet and the cob of anthurium Fiorino are bright, and flowering lasts about 4 months.

Blue Anthurium Princess Alexia Blue does not hit the size of the inflorescence, but certainly will not leave indifferent fans of unusual colors. Both the ear and the cover of this variety are painted in a beautiful ultramarine shade. But as it ripens, green strokes appear at the base of the bedspread.

Not less bright and yellow anthurium varieties Princess Alexia with a small bract and a short straight cob. Bright inflorescence is perfectly noticeable on the background of compact dark foliage.

Anthurium variety Joli is a miniature representative of a large family of indoor plants. The size of the outlet does not exceed 15-18 cm, which allows you to find a place fairly small anthurium with a pink bract and the same cob on the closest sill.

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