3 ways to permanently get rid of horseradish in the garden

When we plant horseradish in our garden for the first time, we don’t think about how things can turn. At first, this is just a plant that will allow you to add spiciness and peppercorns to your dishes. But over time, everything changes dramatically, and a small bush becomes a dangerous invader, who displaces other cultivated plants and does not want to share space with them. How to get rid of horseradish in the garden forever our article.

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  • Why the hell on the site is difficult to remove
  • How to get rid of horseradish in the garden forever. All because it has a strong root system, does not require special conditions for development and is difficult to influence, including chemical. But the most dangerous is the length of its roots, which can reach seven meters. And if you have destroyed only the upper part of them, the remnants of the system can continue to spread throughout the site, growing into a powerful and large bush.
    Excessive bush of horseradish in the field
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    How to get rid of horseradish in the garden foreverGardeners initially advised to use sparing folk remedies and recipes. When the option does not work, you need to move on to heavy artillery - chemicals. But remember that these drugs can harm not only the pest, but all living things that exist on the land plot.


    Blackout many gardeners consider the most effective method of combating horseradish. This procedure is carried out with the arrival of spring, when the first shoots of plants are just beginning to appear. The essence of the method is to cover the place of plant growth with some kind of darkening material. A slate sheet, dark film, roofing felt or just a sheet of metal may be suitable for this. The main thing is that the material or object should completely eliminate the light entering the land plot. Due to this, horseradish, like any other plant, disappears without light. Therefore, you will get rid of it without the use of harmful chemicals.

    This shading procedure is recommended once a season. If the next year he began to show up again, repeat the technique. It is really effective, just the root system could be strong.
    Horseradish leaves close up

    Using chemical methods

    The best option to remove the occupant on the garden plot is considered to be special chemicals called herbicides. They are divided into:

    • drugs of continuous action, which destroys all the vegetation without exception;
    • selective substances that differ in exposure to a certain type of plant.

    The first option is considered more efficient. But with him you need to be extremely careful, otherwise there will be a risk to remove all the “living” on the site. Consider the most popular chemicals:

    1. Tornado - a means of penetrating through the leaves and extending directly to the root system, killing the pest forever.
    2. Hurricane different system action. The drug is advised to use after sprouting plants. But it will begin to act only a few days after falling on the vegetation.
    3. Unlike other substances, Roundup is a very effective, but plant-safe, remedy. Because it does not affect the root. That is why immediately after its use it is necessary to plant other cultivated plants.

    To achieve a positive result when using herbicits, you need a little patience. Prepare in advance a syringe and a thin needle. After cutting the leaves and opening access to the root, make a lot of holes in it. Then draw the undiluted preparation into the syringe and inject it as deep as possible into the rhizome. This procedure is recommended to be repeated after a couple of days again. This is because the branching of the roots is now becoming an obstacle, and even a small living piece of it can lead to a new growth.

    Bed with horseradish fenced stone
    You can also use saltpeter, constantly watering it with a bush. This will provide regular stimulation of plant growth. As a result, it does not have time to prepare for winter and freezes.

    Planting other crops

    Practice shows that it is extremely difficult to fight the pest by planting other crops .For this, it is recommended that after using hemocytes and digging up the beds, plant zucchini or pumpkin all. But this does not give a full guarantee that the remnants of the root system will not germinate in the future, surpassing the zucchini in size and height.

    You can make a lawn on the land, which allows you to prevent the emergence of horseradish with the arrival of spring. Combination of grasses with fencing of beds, for example, walls of wood or barrels, showed themselves well.

    Gardeners do not advise the neighborhood with potatoes. A crop plant will initially slow its growth. But in the future will serve as fertilizer. To permanently get horseradish, it is recommended to use several methods of struggle simultaneously.

    Horseradish Blossom

    Spread Prevention To this end, it is recommended to insert sheets of tin or iron around as deeply as possible, which will not allow the roots to spread.
    When it is only planned to plant a crop, it is worth advancing. To do this, first a barrel or a box is driven into the ground, and horseradish roots are planted in it. This will protect the surrounding culture from the annoying conqueror.

    To get rid of horseradish, or rather its spread over the land, it is important to act in a comprehensive manner. This means simultaneously using several methods of struggle. Practice shows that the conqueror does not give up so easily, and it would seem that after difficulties in the fall, the small surviving roots come to life again in the spring. And gardeners face the same problem. In order not to complicate your life, it is best to take care of limiting the space at the stage of planting it. So it will be much easier.

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