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For millennia, Chinese doctors used apricot oil to treat various inflammatory processes. Later discovered, the drug not only cures, but makes the skin radiant, healthy and elastic. The value of cosmetic oil in England in the 15th century was equal to gold by weight. Valuable is a product obtained only by cold pressing. Oil retains its outstanding qualities if it is stored in a dark, cool room for no more than a year. Dense texture, light yellow color and aroma characterize a quality product - Apricot Kernel Oil.

Composition of apricot oil

The product obtained from apricot kernels retains the benefit of organic ingredients and vitamins only during cold pressing. It is the preservation of the biological components of apricot oil that has a healing effect on the human body. The product is expensive, it is used as a basic substance in various healing compositions.

Organic acids are represented by:

  • lenolenovoy;
  • linoleic;
  • palmitic;
  • stearic.

Acids promote active regeneration of skin cells, their rejuvenation.

Vitamin E, present in apricot oil, tocopherol, is an antioxidant. It stimulates the production of elastin, enhances the formation of collagen. The skin gets rid of small wrinkles.

Vitamin A or retinol relieves inflammation, reduces itching associated with peeling and dry skin. B vitamins promote the rapid elimination of toxins. They accelerate the process of regeneration in the tissues. Vitamin C, the strongest antioxidant, saves from a lack of vitamins.

Potassium helps retain moisture in skin cells, while magnesium removes the vascular reticulum from the face. This is not a complete list of useful substances that make up the apricot oil. Gentle effect on the skin, hair, internal organs due to the harmonious composition, including many components - natural wax, fatty acids, stearins.

Properly cold-pressed oil has no contraindications. However, you should know that the handicraft-produced product may contain amigdoline, the strongest poison. Its action causes a spasm of the respiratory system. The poison is contained in the embryo and is removed during processing. Only a product obtained in an industrial environment can be safe.

Apricot oil

. In ancient times, the product was used to treat hemorrhoids and other inflammatory processes. To this day, the use of apricot oil in food and medicinal broths is welcome. Official medicine has taken the product to the pharmacopoeia. Especially effective is the use of oil against the common cold. To do this, mix the oil with vitamin A in equal doses, make inhalation. After, rinse with salt water and drip in each nostril 2 drops of apricot oil in the nose. Relief comes right away. For the treatment of inflammation in the throat prepare a rinse - water + 5 drops of the drug. You can rinse, you can do inhalation. It helps even with bronchitis. But more than the drug is known as an effective product in cosmetology.

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The use of apricot kernel oil in the care of

The effectiveness of using oil for skin care, hair, nails is not disputed. Moreover, the use of apricot oil and its properties, in combination with other oils, decoctions, cosmetics, are welcomed.

Test your allergic reaction before you start consuming the oil. Some funds need to be applied to the wrist or elbow. If redness does not appear, there is no burning sensation, the drug can be used.

Apricot kernel oil is indispensable in aging skin care products. Such compositions can be bought, but you can add to the cream that you use. The healing product combines perfectly with the components of perfumery.

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Apricot facial oil is an indispensable tool for the care of dry, dehydrated skin. The tired flabby skin is smoothed, gets elasticity, edematous bags under eyes disappear. The top layer is quickly restored, the horny scales exfoliate and are easily removed. If there is diaper rash and dermatitis in a newborn, it is apricot oil that will become the best helper. All cosmetic procedures with apricot facial oil are beneficial:

  • massage;
  • cleaning;
  • nutrition and hydration.

For skin to shine at any age, you need a little - wipe your face for the night, using a drop of oil in water. Useful gadgets for eyelids - no swelling. In any means of care, before use, add a little oil from the seeds of apricots and the effect will be great.

Apricot oil for hair brings the effect, surpassing other means of leaving. Get a wave of thick healthy hair can be regularly making masks. In the summer, hair is preserved from drying out due to a thin film. In winter, they preserve their brilliance in the absence of greasiness. Methods of applying the oil are different:

  1. You can mix the shampoo with 1-2 ml of the product or apply it as a balm on clean damp hair, leaving up to 60 minutes without rinsing, depending on the condition of the hair.
  2. Heat a little oil in a water bath and apply on hair, while massaging the scalp. Cover the head with a wrap, wrap in a towel and take the procedure up to an hour. Then wash the hair with shampoo and warm water.
  3. You can get rid of dandruff by preparing the composition in equal parts of apricot, tea and rosemary oil and rubbing the mixture into the scalp.

If you feed the cilia with a little oil every day, they will become noticeably thicker and longer after just a few procedures. Apricot oil for eyelashes is the best doctor.

By nourishing your nails with healing oil, you can get rid of many problems: the

  • cuticle becomes healthy, without any agnails, the skin becomes stronger;
  • nails stop splitting and break;
  • speeds up the growth of a sturdy plate.
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Apricot kernel oil is very pleasant to the skin, well absorbed. The use of mixtures with castor, burdock, almond oil increases the healing power of each component.

Apricot oil for tanning protects the skin from redness, and the tan will fall flat. It is necessary to use oil, putting on wet skin after bathing. But with an immensely long stay under the scorching rays of the sun, the oil does not protect.

Here are how many useful properties in a sunny fruit nature gave to man!

Video recipe of using apricot oil for oily skin

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