Description and characteristics of the hybrid variety of tomato pink bush

Each summer resident aims to grow a rich crop of tomatoes on his plot. The problem is only in the selection of seeds, so that tomatoes are unpretentious in the care and high-yielding.

There is a wonderful Japanese hybrid - Pink Bush, which received great love from many gardeners. Description and characteristics of this variety are presented below.

Convocation of Prosperity and RestorationPink Bush is an unpretentious, high-yielding variety of pink tomatoes, bred by Japanese breeders. The plant is undersized and determinant. The variety can be grown in open beds, greenhouses, and greenhouses. Adult plant grows: in open ground - 50 cm, in closed - 70 cm .Shrubs are not subject to formation and they do not need to stepchild. Pink Bush is not susceptible to such diseases as: tobacco mosaic and fusarium.

Tomato Pink Bush

Pink Bush tomatoes are grown in a seedling manner. From the moment the young plant is planted and until the fruit picking, it takes about 100 days. With proper care for 1 square.meter can grow up to 13 kg of tomatoes. The fruits are pink in color.

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The mass of one tomato reaches up to 200 grams .The flesh is fleshy and juicy.

The Pink Bush variety does not have a green spot near the stem.

Advantages and

disadvantages The advantages include:

  • high-
  • Bush does not need the formation and removal of stepsons
  • fruits are juicy and fleshy
  • not prone to cracking
  • Tomatoes well transported and stored
  • variety is resistant to many diseases
BushesPink Bush tomato bush with

fruits There are few disadvantages, but there are:

  • The seedlings are very demanding to care
  • High seed cost

Soil requirement

For gendergood harvest exercises should be properly prepared for the planting of the Pink Bush variety. The soil should be nutritious and fertile, so when preparing the beds to the ground they add:

  1. Humus
  2. Ammonium nitrate
  3. Ammophobia

If the soil is clay, must be added sand( 0.5 buckets per square meter).

In the acidic soil, make:

  1. Ash
  2. Chalk
  3. Dolomite flour

Sowing rules

For growing seedlings, seeds are sown in a ready, fertile soil, to a depth of 5 mm. Before planting, the seeds do not need additional treatment.

Before planting, Pink Bush seeds do not need to be pre-soaked or treated with any

stimulants. The earth is moistened with warm water using a spray bottle and covered with a film, creating a micro-greenhouse. Capacity with seeds is transferred to a warm place to maintain the temperature in the mini-pot 24-26 degrees.

When shoots appear, the container is moved to a bright and cool place to harden the seedlings. The air temperature should be within 15 degrees.

To grow healthy and sturdy seedlings, you need to follow standard rules of care:

  • ;overgrown, you need to remove the two lower leaves, lay the plant on its side and sprinkle with soil.

Transplantation of tomatoes in open ground

Pink Bush tomatoes can be grown in open ground only in southern and central regions.

It is possible to plant grown-up Pink Bush seedlings on 45-50 days

Grown seedlings are planted on open beds at the age of 40-50 days, according to the 4-5 bushes per square meter scheme.meter. It is impossible to thicken the landing. With a thick planting yield decreases, and there are various diseases.

Seedlings are planted by way of transshipment. After falling asleep and sealing the hole, the plant is shed with warm water. The soil around the seedlings is mulched and for 10 days the young plant is not watered or loosened.

Grade care after transplantation

Grade care for Pink Bush is simple, you need to follow only standard rules:

  • Watering and fertilizing.

When growing tomatoes in open beds, the need for watering is determined by climatic conditions. In closed ground, as the top layer of the earth dries out.

Excess moisture makes the fruits watery, sugar content decreases, fruits crack and are subject to fungal diseases.

Seedlings are planted on prepared beds. The earth is fertilized with humus, manure or mineral fertilizers.

After planting, it is necessary to apply well-rotted manure or a complex of mineral fertilizers for tomatoes

to the soil. Top dressing is carried out with complex mineral fertilizers for tomatoes once every 2-3 weeks, and with weak growth once every 10 days. The first feeding is carried out 7 days after transplanting, during the flowering period;the second is on time;fruit filling;the third is in the fruiting phase.

  • Humidity. For normal plant development, it is necessary to adhere to 50% air humidity and 90% soil moisture.
  • The variety must be tied up due to the high yield on the flower brush. In greenhouses, tomatoes are grown on the trellis.
  • Pink Bush does not need to be a shooter .
Every week, you must remove the bottom two sheets. This procedure will protect the plant from the occurrence of many diseases.

.orgto diseases, then for these tomatoes only the following preventative rules are necessary: ​​
  1. Perform timely watering with warm water
  2. Making complex fertilizers
  3. Оexist for loosening and weeding from weeds, since weeds can cause a number of fungal diseases
  4. Observe crop rotation. Tomatoes grow well on the soil they used to grow: garlic, onions, carrots and legumes.

Tomatoes growing in greenhouses may encounter:

  • Whitefly .Against it, use the solution "Confidor" - 1 ml per 10 liters of water.
  • Slugs and snails .The soil is sprinkled with a mixture of ash and red pepper or tobacco dust.

With proper and timely care for the Pink Bush variety, he will thank you with beautiful and juicy fruits. This variety is used only fresh, in salads and for the preparation of fresh juices. Tomatoes lose their taste during canning and heat treatment.

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