How to wash organza: 2 ways to wash hands and in the machine-Machine


  • 1 Proper washing Organza
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Organza - material requiring delicate careOrganza - material requiring delicate care

Beauty organza loved by many, it is increasingly used as curtains on the windows. But this capricious material and should be treated with care. I'll tell you how to wash organza in a washing machine and by hand, so as not to spoil its texture and appearance.

Proper washing Organza

Despite the fragility and tenderness, organza curtains washed in different ways:

  • manually;
  • in the machine-gun.

Agitator type machines here are unlikely to help because they can damage tissue, and there they are now extremely rare. But in an automatic machine such curtains can be washed without fear for the quality of the fabric.

To create this fabric using the finest silk threadTo create this fabric using the finest silk thread

The complexity of the wash curtains of a material is its sensitivity. The material is made from two strands: synthetic and silk. This allows for transparency, but it keeps the fabric density and shape.

Improper maintenance or aggressive washing yarn break, thinner, which inevitably leads to rupture and deformation of the material. Therefore, we must act correctly.

Method 1. Handwash

How to wash curtain organza with their hands? The volume of the container in which it is assumed soaking and washing of fabric depends on its quantity. In some cases you can use a basin and surround tulle easier to wash in the bath.

Small curtains easier to wash in a basin, and large - in the bathSmall curtains easier to wash in a basin, and large - in the bath

it is recommended to use not ordinary powder, and special detergent for washing Organza delicate fabrics, as it foams less rinse better and effectively removes pollution.

Instructions on how to wash tulle organza yourself:

Photo Description
table_pic_att15077497153 Step 1. Training

Fill basin or a bath of warm water (not above 40 ° C).

Dissolve in the water a little detergent.

table_pic_att15077497164 Step 2. Soak

If the curtains were not erased for a long time and they have spots, the better the fabric soak for 1.5-2 hours.

If you want to refresh only organza, then leave it in soapy water for 10-20 minutes.

table_pic_att15077497175 Step 3. Wash

Walk your hands on the entire surface of the curtains, gently squeezing it in his fist and tested with your fingers. Rub and sharply pull the fabric is not necessary, so as not to spoil it.

If you want to whiten organza, you can use a little bleach to make it white.

Whitening soft cloth Do not use chlorine-containing agents! It can be used more sparing formulations or apply to the people's ways of whitening peroxide or smelling salts.

Next you need to drain the water.

table_pic_att15077497196 Step 4. Rinsing

Dial pure water into the vessel and thoroughly rinse the fabric.

If you use a special tool, the only one rinse.

table_pic_att15077497207 Step 5. Drying

Hang the curtains on the bathroom window to the excess water.

Send the curtain to dry in the fresh air on the balcony or the dryer.

Some kinds of organza curtains can be washed and drier so that no stroke in the future. Simply hang a damp cloth still on the ledge, and dosyhaya she straightened under its own weight and will look presentable.

Method 2. Wash machine

If in the arsenal of the modern housewife has a machine, then no harm will learn how to wash organza in a washing machine, as it saves a lot of time.

Modern cars are carefully wash even the most delicate fabricsModern cars are carefully wash even the most delicate fabrics

Organza laundry in the washing machine is not much different from the manual, except that it is necessary not to mess with the fabric pieces and wash out every centimeter. The rest of the requirements are the same:

  • Water Temperature - not exceeding 40 ° C;
  • powder - it is better to use liquid funds, which is not much foam;
  • no sudden actions with tissue - only "manual" or "delicate" mode;
  • do not squeeze;
  • gentle rinse.

The following discusses the features of the washing machine and turn-based recommendations.

Picture Description
table_pic_att15077497228 Step 1. Training

Before you begin to erase organza in a washing machine, make sure that the "delicate" mode, "hand wash only", or you have set up all the necessary parameters themselves.

Load curtain in the drum and close the door.

table_pic_att15077497259 Step 2. Wash

Run the program and wait for it to end.

Do not forget to turn off the spin!

table_pic_att150774972610 Step 3. Drying

Before further drying can be rinsed in warm water curtain.

Then hang tulle over a basin or tub to the water glass.

Send blind dry on the balcony. You can hang it on a ledge in a slightly moist.


Beauty and weightlessness organza can persist for many years with proper care. Correct and delicate fabric care saves stunning looks curtains.

By following the above recommendations, you can easily wash and dry cloth such capricious. Otherwise it is necessary to spend money on new curtains, the price of which can "bite."

Videos in this article is divided into the subtleties of organza washing. If you have any questions - I will answer them in the comments.

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