How to get the drum out of the washing machine

Usually, you need to pull the drum out of the washing machine if you are going to repair it from the inside or disassemble it completely when it is hopelessly broken. At the same time you want to remove the drum without damage, to make something useful out of it.

Fine, if you call the master for this hard work, but, armed with our step-by-step instructions, you can get the drum yourself.

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  • 1 What you need to pull out the drum
  • 2 Disassembling a washing machine
  • 3 How to open the washing machine drum

What you need to pull out the

drum Before you start disassembling, you should prepare the tools. Almost everything listed below is in stock with any home craftsman:

  • screwdrivers of various types;
  • pliers;
  • wrenches;
  • hammer;
  • saw-hacksaw( for fixed drum).

If you find everything you need, you can get to work.

Disassembling an

washing machine In order not to miss anything( especially if you are repairing and planning to assemble the machine back), proceed in sequence. Follow the instructions:

  1. Remove the cover. To do this, using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the screws that hold the panel - usually two of them, and they are located behind the case. The cover can be removed with a slight push away and upwards.
  2. Remove the control unit. To do this, unscrew all fasteners that hold it on the body of the CMA.Some screws you will find under the powder receptacle, so first remove it.
    When the push-button unit is connected to the SM case with only one wiring, carefully place it on the case or hang it on the service hook( not available on all models of machines).You can disconnect the wiring by pre-tagging all the contacts or taking a picture of their connections.
  3. Remove the bottom panel that hides the drain filter. In most models( Ariston, Indesit, Samsung and others), it rests on plastic snaps.
  4. To provide access to the front panel, fill the seal into the drum. To do this, first remove the wire or plastic clamp, having hooked it with a screwdriver, after which you can bend the edges of the rubber band inside.
  5. Remove the front wall by unscrewing the screws behind the previously removed panels - the bottom and front. Raise it slightly and pull it towards you. Set aside.
  6. Disconnect the interlock contacts or remove the UBL completely.
  7. Now remove all parts that prevent the drum from being removed. All wires connecting the heater, engine, pump and sensors must be disconnected.
  8. Go back to the top of the machine - here you need to unscrew the fasteners that hold the intake solenoid valve. Also, jerk off the nozzle supplying the dissolved laundry detergent from the cuvette to the CMA drum. These parts will be mounted back when reassembling, so remove them carefully.
  9. If you interfere with the pressure sensor, connections and wiring, remove them.
  10. Remove the counterweights. In most models there are two of them, bolted at the top and bottom of the case.

Caution! Unscrew the "stones" carefully so as not to drop them on the foot or on the body of the machine.

  1. Carefully peel off the drain connection, as well as the pressostat tube, if you have not removed it before( it is necessary to unclip the clamps and pull the connections onto yourself).Inspect at the same time the drain pipe - often it cracks and begins to pass water.
  2. Remove shock absorbers( dampers) and springs. The first ones are shock absorbers: pull out the fasteners that hold the tank. The principle of removing fasteners is the same for both shock absorbers. The removal of the tank from the springs occurs last.

Important! It will not be very convenient to get the tank alone, so it would be nice to enlist the support of a friend - one of you will neutralize the springs, the second holds and pulls out the tank. Caution! Buck is heavy, do not drop it.

  1. After bringing the tank with the motor, place it so that the pulley stays at the top.
  2. Unscrew the engine by disconnecting the belt.
  3. After removing the electric motor, unscrew the shock absorbers that remain on the tank.

Caution! Remember that such a “capital” disassembly of a washing machine is a chance to check the performance of all its parts. If you are armed with a tester, you can ring the whole electrician.

Even a visual inspection will be helpful. Take this opportunity to get the heater - perhaps there is a scum on it, and it requires cleaning or replacement.

"Dirty" work has already been done - it remains only to disassemble the tank and pull out the drum.

How to open the washing machine drum

Before you open the tank to gain access to the drum, learn the principle of its connection and the material from which it is made. Most often, plastic tanks, and open one of the ways:

  • Disassembled tanks( for example, in Hotpoint-Ariston) are sawn with a hacksaw or grinder. Cutting is carried out strictly along the seam gluing. To assemble such a tank, then it will be necessary to drill the holes for the bolts and thoroughly process the halves with a moisture-resistant sealant to ensure a reliable connection.

  • Collapsible tanks open up simply: to do this, unclip the brackets that tightly compress the two parts of the plastic tank. The brackets are unclamped with a conventional slotted screwdriver.

Next, you have to disassemble the drum, or to be more precise - removing it from the plastic "shackles" of a sawn or disassembled tank.

To open the drum, you need to remove the rest of the plastic from it - to do this, remove the pulley by unscrewing it with a wrench. Replace the bolt on which the pulley was held. Arm with a hammer and lightly tapping the shaft, knock it out.

Work is finished.

. If your plans reassemble CM, then check the bearings and grease seals. Replace the grease, the seals or the bearings themselves if necessary. On how to replace the bearings in the washing machine LG or Bosch, we wrote earlier.

If you removed the drum from a non-working typewriter, you can make a grill or smokehouse with your own hands.

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