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Albion Strawberries are a young but already popular strawberry variety that was bred in 2006 in California. The berries of this strawberry can grow for quite a long time, due to the hybrid nature of this variety. She can give none, but several yields per season. For example, growing in a warm environment, it can bring up to four full yields per season.

The first berries can ripen in June, and at the end of October it will be possible to harvest the last time in a year. If you count the yield of each bush separately, then it can be noted that during the year it can produce an average fruit weighing four hundred and fifty grams. The life cycle of this strawberry goes through all its stages for three years, starting from the moment the first ripe fruits are gathered. This variety is distinguished by unpretentiousness, so many novice gardeners opt for growing this particular strawberry.

An interesting feature of the albion strawberry is the substantial strength of its flower stalk, which makes it possible to hold the berries above the ground and prevent them from touching the soil. Therefore, the berries always remain clean and bright.
One more important characteristic of this strawberry - resistance to diseases and pests - also helps to preserve the purity and safety of fruits.
The plant does not need to be sprayed with any chemicals or drugs, as its immunity is enough to cope with most of the problems that are susceptible to strawberry planting.

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Ripe berries can be quite large, while they are very sweet and juicy. The structure of the fruit is usually solid, and the color already in the early stages of maturation is bright red. Not only the fruits differ in large sizes, but also the plant bush itself - its height can reach twenty centimeters, which makes it possible to call this variety a real record-holder compared to the others. Strawberry stalks slim and strong. Many gardeners celebrate the wonderful aroma, which is characteristic of this strawberry variety, and which invariably accompanies each stage of ripening berries. Even the latest harvest is in no way inferior in flavor to the first fruits collected from the bush.

Albion Strawberry Seedlings

A good gardener always pays great attention to seedlings, because the future growth and fruitfulness of the plant on the garden bed depends on how healthy and well-groomed it is.

There are a number of strictly defined standards for strawberry seedlings "Albion", following which we can guarantee a good harvest in the future:

  1. The type of root system is fibrous.
  2. The size of the root collar should not exceed six millimeters.
  3. The time when it is best to dig out shoots for seedlings is autumn. This is explained by the fact that the processes that survived the winter period are much more resistant to diseases, pests, and changes in the weather.
  4. Planting time - spring or early fall. It should be remembered that in the case of the autumn planting, the first ripe fruits will appear on the bushes only next year.
  5. The conditions in which the seedlings should be contained a week before the landing itself is a cool temperature.
  6. Immediately before disembarking, the roots should be trimmed. Their length should not exceed ten centimeters. Thanks to this procedure, young shoots will begin to appear as soon as possible. You should also cut the leaves and flower stalks, leaving no more than three green leaves on the bush.
  7. The landing process should take place in a darkened room.

The strawberry “Albion” planting itself also has a number of rules and features, the observance of which plays an important role in the further life of the plant.

It is important to remember that:

  1. The roots should be placed vertically in the ground.
  2. The root collar should be at ground level.
  3. The earth should be highly moist. It is advisable to plant strawberries after a rainstorm or after abundant watering of the soil.
  4. For each bush, it is necessary to dig a hole commensurate with the length of the roots, and place one tablespoon of natural fertilizers, wood ash, into it, and then add a small amount of manure.
  5. Strawberry bushes should be planted at a distance of twenty-five to thirty centimeters from each other in a row. Between rows should be left between sixty and seventy centimeters of free space.
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Growing Albion strawberries

As we have already mentioned above, Albion strawberry is unpretentious, and the process of growing it does not require any special skills from a gardener.

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However, there are a number of useful tips that will help increase the yield of berries, make bushes stronger and healthier:

  1. In the first year of a plant's life, you should pluck its flower stalks so that all the power of the bush goes to its roots. This will not allow strawberries to bear fruit this year, but will significantly increase its yield in the next.
  2. Chemical treatment of plants against diseases and pests is not necessary, but it is advisable to treat the bushes with Fitosporin for prevention. Spraying with iodine solution can save you from abundant blotchiness.
  3. Strawberry of this variety responds significantly to climate change. For example, when the temperature rises to thirty degrees or more, it can stop producing crops, when the drought is severe, the bushes wither, and when it is watered abundantly, the fruits lose their solid structure and become watery. To avoid such troubles, it is recommended to grow Albion strawberries in closed conditions, such as greenhouses, where the gardener has the ability to independently regulate the humidity of the air and soil, as well as the temperature regime. Also, this variety of strawberries can be grown at home, for example, on a balcony or windowsill.

Growing Alba and Albion strawberries - video

https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = Y7loHPU5x1I

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