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Pests bring irreparable harm to the crop. It is difficult to fight with them, but it is possible. Fastac - an insecticide, the instruction of which is presented below, has proved itself well among many insecticides intended to combat uninvited guests.


The agent is a synthetically created insecticidal drug belonging to the group of pyrethroids. The main active substance is alpha-cypermethrin (at a concentration of 100 g / l). The insecticide is available as a concentrated water-soluble emulsion.

Fastak effectively destroys pests in the field, in the garden, in forest cultures. The spectrum of insects with which the drug is struggling is large. It is both sucking and gnawing pests, as well as insects living openly.

The insecticide works on contact-intestinal action. This means that the poison penetrates not only through the chitinous cover, but also through the food tract while eating the treated crops. And the necessary dosage is minimal.

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Instruction of insecticide Fastac: dignity of the preparation

Among the main advantages of insecticide are:

  1. Resistance to precipitation.
  2. Safety for bees.
  3. High efficiency against a wide range of pests.
  4. Minor dosage when used.
  5. The effectiveness of the insecticide, regardless of the steel development of the insect.

Instructions for use

The drug is used not only for spraying agricultural land, but also for storage facilities. In this case, the grain can be put into them only after 20 days.

Any treatment can not be carried out before and immediately after the rain.

First, a working solution is prepared. The water of the sprayer is poured into a third of its volume. Then pour the desired dosage of the drug and mix thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous solution. After add the water to the desired volume. To ensure that the resulting emulsion does not settle to the bottom, you must turn on the agitator of the sprayer and mix the solution for 15 minutes. You also need to work with the agitator on.

After spraying the crops, any work by hand can be done only after 10 days, and mechanized - after 4 days.

Work is carried out strictly in windless and dry weather, evenly covering the insecticide solution with leaves and all parts of plants. The rule is observed irrespective of the manner in which the spraying took place, manual or mechanized.

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However, the abuse of this amount of working fluid is unacceptable, since the solution will drain to the ground and will not bring any benefit.

For maximum efficiency, spray plants as soon as they are noticed.

Compatibility of Fastac with other drugs

Fastac is an insecticide that is quite well combined with other preparations used to protect the crop. With the exception of substances with an alkaline reaction.

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However, in order to mix several insecticides, a test for the compatibility of these preparations should be carried out in advance.


Precautionary measures

Primary requirements:

  1. The working solution must be prepared before use. You can not keep it.
  2. Using an insecticide in private gardens and grounds, mixing it with other drugs is strictly prohibited.
  3. The duration of the protective action of the drug varies within 10-14 days, and the effects - a maximum of 4 hours.

It is strictly forbidden to spray crops during the flowering period.

Knowing the rate of use of the insecticide Fastak, its positive properties, as well as precautionary measures, you will easily eliminate pests and save the harvest.

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