Tray cutter: how to make a grass chopper from a washing machine

Household cutter - a necessary thing. Such a shredder is able to minimize manual labor, quickly and efficiently recycle grass and straw for compost.

Not all can buy a new device. Therefore, we will describe how to assemble a homemade chopper from the washing machine engine. Recycle logs, grass, straw productively and quickly, cleaning the yard from debris and fertilizing the soil.


  • 1 .Powerful installation is not tied to the electrical network, so you can work with it in any corner of the site. Allows you to quickly process large branches, effectively chop the grass.
  • Electrical .Unlike gasoline, it is lighter and more compact, but less powerful. For processing a small amount of waste device suitable capacity of 1.5 kW.For long and laborious work, stop the choice on the device, which produces 4 kW.Motors with a power of 6 kW recycle even large branches.

The choice should be made on the basis of upcoming work.

The design is easy to use. The principle of the garden shredder does not differ from a food processor. It consists of the following parts:

  • shaft equipped with knives;
  • engine;
  • protective cover;
  • metal frame;
  • cable;
  • receiving capacity;
  • container for cutting.

For ease of movement, the cutter is equipped with two wheels. The engine contributes to the rotation of the shaft of the device, grass and straw are thrown into the container, which are crushed with knives. Shredded waste poured into the prepared container.

What you need to make a grass chopper

Tools needed:

  • Bulgarian;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • pliers;
  • hammer;
  • bolts, nuts, washers.

As well as components:

  • tank, preferably a cylindrical shape, from an old washing machine;
  • electric motor with a capacity of 180 W;
  • wire with plug;
  • hay collection container;
  • metal corner - from it you will weld a frame for the device;
  • start button;
  • knives.

If you need to recycle not only grass, but also thick branches, it is better to install a more powerful motor. It is recommended to use a gasoline engine.

How to choose knives

Depending on the design of the knives, at the exit you can get either pieces of 10 cm or fine dust. In professional units, these types of cutting elements are used:

  • The disc-shaped product allows the grass and small branches to be crushed.
  • Milling unit recycles dry brushwood 8 mm thick.
  • The milling-turbine design can handle even large and wet branches.

Knives from a hacksaw or a circular knife are suitable for home installation.

Do-it-yourself assembly of the structure

It is advisable to prepare detailed drawings before making the device. On them it will be easier to observe the accuracy and sequence of assembly.

How to do the job:

  1. From the bottom of the tank you need to make a rectangular hole where the knives will be installed. Hole dimensions - 20x7 cm. It is recommended to position the knives above the hole.
  2. Next, make a protective cover. Cover the hole with a sheet of metal, fasten it with bolts. So the grass will not scatter during work.
  3. Make a stand with a welding machine. The height of the stand will depend on the choice of container that you use to collect waste. Additionally, the stand can be set wheels for easy movement travorezki.
  4. Prepare the motor. Using a drill, make holes on the shaft and fit a sleeve made on a lathe on it. Sleeve length must be at least 50 mm. Place the motor on the bottom of the tank. Secure it with studs.
  5. Before installing the knives, they must be properly sharpened. Perform one-sided sharpening to chop the brushwood. Make a diamond shaped plate for chopping herbs. Make sure that the length of the knives is optimal, and they do not touch the walls of the tank.
  6. Make holes in the center of the knives and slide them onto the motor shaft. Secure with a nut.
  7. Weld the finished structure to the stand.
  8. Connect the start button and wire to connect to the network.
  9. Make a casing for the engine, which protects it from the weather. For this you can use a metal sheet.

We have written in previous articles on how to properly connect an electric motor.

How the cutter from the

washing machine works The grass is loaded into the connected cutter, just don’t immediately fill up the full tank. The capacity for the crushed silo is substituted, and the device is switched on in the network.

Be sure to follow safety precautions when working with a shredder. Try not to load wet branches, otherwise the device will jam. In the future, it is enough to sharpen the knives so that the cutter works fine.

Cutting machines are easy to make and also just take care of them. Therefore, if you have an old washing machine, you can find a worthy use for it.

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