7 tips for choosing a carpet


  1. №1. Mode of production
  2. №2. Material type: natural or artificial?
  3. No. 3. Method of staining
  4. №4. Pile height and density
  5. №5. Way of weaving
  6. №6. Carpet and type of room
  7. №7. What manufacturers trust?
  • The best world manufacturers of carpet
  • The best domestic producers of carpet

Searchwarm, soft, durable and pretty coverfor the floor in the apartment? You should definitely be interested in carpet, which replaced the popular carpets in the Soviet Union and drove them out thanks to a lot of advantages. The material can differ not only in color and height of the pile, but also in the type of thread, the way of production, dyeing and weaving. Such a wide range allows you to choose a carpet with the appropriate properties for the living room, bedroom, nursery, office and other premises.What to look for when choosing?

№1. Mode of production

The carpet consists of a base, a fastening layer and a fleecy part. Such a structure provides coverage with a number of advantages, among whichgood heat and sound insulation, strength, excellent appearance, softness

. Less is the need for careful regular care and cleansing from dust, which is attracted to the nap.

The main difference of all types of carpet, which are presented today on sale, isThe method of production, according to which the material is divided into:

  • needle-punched carpetthe most wear-resistant, durable and inexpensive, used in offices, cinemas and other public places, since it does not have pile. It is produced by piercing the fibrous base with needles with special notches, by means of which the fibers are pulled out and entangled in an arbitrary order. It turns out a felt surface, which is usually fixed with rubber on the wrong side;
  • tufted carpethas become most common, because the production technology allows you to create a coating with loops or pile of any height, color, and even form drawings. A woven or non-woven base is sewn with needles and threads, while a covering of the loops is formed on the front side. If necessary, the blade cuts the loops, and as a result, the pile turns out. On the underside, the yarn is fixed with latex and a second base is applied. The height of the coating can be any, and from the loops and villi it is possible to form patterns. Such coatings perfectly show themselves in operation, are easy to clean and can even be used in rooms with high humidity;
  • flocked carpethas increased strength, ductility, resistance to deformation and moisture. For its manufacture, already cut very thin threads are used. Their height does not exceed 3 mm. Due to the effect of electrostatic field on a layer of villi located on the basis of polyvinyl chloride, they assume a certain orientation. Then the coating is done with latex, which provides resistance to moisture;
  • woven carpetis considered the most durable and durable. From multicolored yarn formed pile, which in the process of production is reliably intertwined with the warp threads. As a result, the coating does not exfoliate even after a long period of operation and numerous cleaning. It is distinguished by the highest price.

№2. Material type: natural or artificial?

Pile for carpet can be made of natural or artificial materials. The choice depends on where you plan to use the cover.


For the production of natural carpet, the following materials can be used:

  • fiber of animal origin (wool, silk);
  • fiber of vegetable origin (cotton, linen, jute, sisal, etc.).

The most popular raw material for the production of natural carpetat the moment is:

  • wool. It produces most of the natural carpet. In addition to naturalness, such products can boastexcellent elasticity, heat-insulating properties, elasticity. Such carpet is pleasant to the touch and differs with calm colors, since wool is worse than artificial materials, it is painted. Among the shortcomingsquick wear, instability to moisture and pollution, the effect of mold and moth, and even the jute base is not very strong and durable. Additional manufacturing processing allows to reduce these disadvantages a little, as well as adding up to 20% of synthetic fibers. Wool carpet is best used in the bedroom and other rooms, where environmental friendliness is appreciated, but there are no strong loads and negative influences;
  • silk. Such carpet is durable, lightweight, resistant to various damages, it does not accumulate dust and looks great, it is expensive;
  • cotton. The material will retain its original shade for a long time. In addition, it is hygroscopic, but it is inferior in strength to silk and flax;
  • linen. Such carpet is wear-resistant, durable, resistant to dirt and mechanical damage, it has an excellent appearance;

Carpet with artificial materialsit turns out more durable and durable, it is much easier to clean, less deformed, easier to clean, and costs several times cheaper than natural. Excellent for rooms with large cross-country capacity, can be used even in the hallway, not to mention the living rooms.

Felt, rubber, jute, foamed or rubberized base can be used as a base.For the production of a fleecy part, use:

  • mineral raw materials, incl. metal and fiberglass;
  • artificial raw materials, obtained from plant materials (rubber, viscose). Viscose carpeting pleasant to the touch, soft and warm, but afraid of moisture;
  • synthetic raw materials. This is the most popular option, and requires more detailed consideration.

For the production of carpet, such synthetic materials can be used:

  • polyamide, also known to us asnylon. Among synthetic fibers this is the best option, as it has a number of undeniable advantages: excellent wear resistance, plasticity, ease of maintenance, elasticity, high temperature of ignition and moisture resistance. The coating is soft, retains the original color for a long time, but can be electrified. Its service life is about 15 years;
  • acrylic. Such a carpet will not be electrified, very much like a natural material, and it will cost less than a polyamide analogue. Among the minuses is insufficient moisture resistance, difficult cleaning and small durability;
  • carpet cover made of polypropylenewill be perfectly cleaned, resistant to dirt, long retains color, but does not differ in moisture resistance, has a specific synthetic hue, and it will be easy to crumple. The price is affordable;
  • polyesteron many properties like nylon, but it is more rigid and has a distinctive sheen, but it costs several times cheaper.
  • There is another option -mixed carpet, which is made of artificial materials with the addition of 20-30% natural fibers. It combines the advantages of both option and is great for bedrooms and living rooms.

No. 3. Method of staining

Carpet is colored in one of the following ways:

  • drawing of a picture on a finished cloth by stencils. The simplest, but at the same time, the most unreliable option. The pattern is quickly erased during operation or burned out. When buying such a carpet you can find out by not completely painted threads;
  • the coloring of the yarns from which the carpet is made. Similarly, they receive a fade-resistant carpet, which retains its original color for a long time. As the production process becomes more complicated, the price rises:
  • artificial carpeting can be painted in a different way.The threads for its manufacture can be made of a colored synthetic mass. In this case, you can achieve maximum color stability.

№4. Pile height and density

Appearance of the carpet depends not only on the picture depicted on it, but also on the height and density of the pile. By the way, the operational properties of the finished product depend on it in some way.

Depending on the height of the pile, these types of carpet are distinguished:

  • short-hairedwith pile less than 5 mm. A good option for hallways, corridors and offices;
  • medium-sizedwith pile 5-15 mm suitable for living rooms and nurseries;
  • high-altitudewith a pile length of 15-40 mm is ideal for bedrooms where the floor loads are small.

In one product can be usedpile of different lengths, so you can get whole patterns, which looks interesting enough.

Densityis determined by the degree of pile pressing. Than this indicator is higher, the more durable and wear-resistant will be the carpet. This parameter is important to consider when choosing a cover for any room.

№5. Way of weaving

Carpet can differ and by the type of weaving, which primarily affects its appearance.Weaving can be one of the following:

  • velours. The surface consists of a short cut pile, the ends of which are fluffed. The surface is soft and pleasant, but all the dirt on it is very clearly visible and poorly derived, therefore this type of carpet is suitable only for bedrooms and living rooms;
  • saxony. To make such a carpet, twisted yarn is used, and the finished product has a granular appearance. On the operational and decorative qualities, this carpet is an elite carpet;
  • shag- a variety of saxony, for the production of which use coarse pile;
  • scrollcombines the whole and cut loops, due to what an interesting drawing is obtained. Such products have increased durability, suitable for both residential rooms and corridors;
  • cut-loopcombines low whole loops and high cuts, due to which the relief of the coating is achieved. Good for bedrooms;
  • Frize. Such carpet is obtained from high and highly twisted pile, which is pre-fixed by exposure to high temperature. There are several variants of execution: fully cut pile, combination of cut and uncut loops, combination of pile of different thickness. This carpet has a high resistance to deformation and pollution;
  • booklet. Such carpet is made by tying knots "with eyes". Not bad either in appearance or strength.

№6. Carpet and type of room

With such a huge assortment of carpet, it is logical to assume that for different purposes a coating with different properties is needed:

  • for a bedroomYou can choose a carpet with a long and not the dense pile for maximum comfort and relaxation. For dark bedrooms it is better to choose a cover of light warm shades, for well-lit and calm cold colors;
  • for the living room, where the whole family and guests gather, it is better to choose a more practical and dense cover with medium or short nap. The color scheme is chosen according to the degree of illumination, but you can choose a multi-colored carpet to make the pollution less noticeable;
  • for childrenit is better to choose the most natural carpet, which at the same time will be easy to care for. Colors can be the most vivid and imaginative;
  • for the hallwaycarpet is also suitable, but should be as practical as possible. It is better if it is made of nylon, with a short nap and is made with a woven or needle-punched method.

№7. What manufacturers trust?

The name of the manufacturer plays one of the key roles in choosing a carpet, since well-known manufacturers meet their reputation for product quality, so it is better to purchase their goods.

The best world manufacturers of carpet


Belgian company, which carries out a full cycle of carpet production and controls everything from raw materials to finished products. This gives grounds to guarantee high quality, which was appreciated all over the world. Basically, the tufted method of manufacturing is used. For all coatings, anti-mud protection is used to simplify cleaning. In the collections of the company a lot of different samples of carpet, and domestic buyers available the entire range of the manufacturer.


Another Belgian company with a worldwide reputation. The manufacturer's products are known and appreciated all over the world thanks to the highest quality and huge assortment. The company is trying to constantly improve products and expand the range. Buyers are now available carpets of different ways of production, from different raw materials, different ways of weaving and designed for any premises.


This German manufacturer is interesting in that it was the first in the world to produce a carpet that is capable of filtering air. All the contaminants of the Dura Air collection material flow through themselves, bringing out the products of the transformations - carbon dioxide and water vapor. Among other materials of the company are carpets of different production variants, mainly of synthetic materials.


British company that produces the highest quality carpet. Usually, the woven production method is used, and the abundance of a variety of colors makes it possible to choose a suitable coating for a variety of rooms.


This German company is engaged in the production of commercial carpet, which is widely used in cinemas, offices, shopping centers. It features high resistance to abrasion, good soundproofing properties, durability and treatment from dirt.


The French company, which has long been one of the leaders in the carpet market. Carpet here is produced in the widest range, so the choice can satisfy almost any buyer. The company focuses on stylish appearance and durability, not forgetting to constantly update the collection.


This German company produces carpets made from nylon and polyamide, with the highest quality raw materials used. The products meet the most stringent standards and can be used in apartments where allergy sufferers live.



A company from the Netherlands, which specializes in the production of commercial carpet. The products are used in offices, cinemas, banks and stores around the world, and consumers value this company's carpet for a record durability and a large selection of attractive colors.

The best domestic producers of carpet


The company is located in the Kaliningrad region and is considered the leader in the domestic market. There are already more than 10 years, professional products and technologies are working on the products, so the result is a durable and stylish coating that is affordable at affordable prices. The basis of the assortment is a lint-free covering, perfectly suitable for public premises and hallways, but there are other types of carpet.

Neva Taft

This is one of the largest Russian companies for the production of carpets. Carpet here is made on foreign equipment using raw materials brought from Germany, Belgium and France. In the manufacturer's range of carpets for different types of rooms with the highest performance. Moreover, carpet can be made on an individual design.


The enterprise produces European-quality products in acceptable domestic scenes, which was the key to the success of the company. Raw materials are purchased from world leaders, the technology is identical to that used on European production facilities, and the location of the company in Russia allows buyers to receive high-quality goods by profitable prices. The firm offers a lot of collections, so it's not difficult to choose a suitable option.


The company has been operating in the Kaliningrad region since 1999, produces carpet from synthetic fibers of various types of twisting. A huge range allows you to choose the right option for appearance and performance. At a sufficiently high quality, prices remain acceptable.

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