Samsung washing machine errors and repair tips

The owner could find their own mistakes washing machine Samsung manufacturer has created a system of signals. When a fault code is reflected in the specific display, consisting of letters and numbers.

On those devices, where the monitor is not available, the corresponding indicators light up in the buttons on the scoreboard. Knowing the decryption code can eliminate minor damage, without the help of professionals.

The content of the article:

  • Symptoms of major problems
    • Unusual odors
    • Fixing unusual noises
    • Discoloration
    • The various manifestations of water leakage
    • Failure of the doors
    • Violations of the display work
  • Possible errors and their solutions
    • №1: malfunction of the pressure switch
    • №2: problems with tachosensor washing machine
    • №3: problem with the water supply system
    • №4: the failure of the drainage system
    • Number 5: response to surges
    • №6: a one-off failure of the machines
    • №7: failure in the control system
    • №8: errors in operating modes
    • №9: improper preparation for washing
    • №10: damage to the temperature sensor unit
    • №11: a signal of excessive foam
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic
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Symptoms of major problems

Elementary diagnostics can be carried out by the presence of the previously unobserved deviations in the operation of the machine or change its appearance.

Unusual odors

A similar phenomenon may occur when a strong wear of mechanical parts. The problem is solved replacing them with new ones.

Unless explicitly smell of burning - is a signal of a short circuit. The machine must be shut down and turn to the professionals.

Washer «Samsung»

Washing machine, produced under the brand «Samsung», fits well into any interior. To understand in its management is quite simple - you need only to put forward a program that is suitable for those things that will be loaded into the drum. At the same time all modes of the machine itself will select

Fixing unusual noises

I heard a loud noise at the time of filling the tank with water - the reason lies in the high pressure. If the input control valve does not work, perhaps, foreign objects are present in the supply hose.

Periodic rumble during spin It says that the machine is not installed correctly or the drum or the housing object has fallen. In this case, the unit should be well inspected and reinstalled.

The cause of noise during draining may be misalignment of the underlying surface. To eliminate the loud sound, it should be correctly set body and make clean the drain pump filter.

If during much roaring engine knock or there - need to consult a professional.


Paint can flake off, and change hue when you install the washing machine in a room with high humidity. Usually suffers the lower part of the housing unit and its bottom.

If the damage is minor, it is possible to touch up yourself and clean the place changes. To further resolve the problem you want to reinstall the machine in a dry, well-ventilated room.

The appearance of mold on the machine

In the wrong circumstances washing machine can quickly be rendered useless. Therefore, in the bathroom, where there is always high humidity, it is better not to install

The various manifestations of water leakage

The presence of pools, flowing out of the body speaks about the flaws in the hoses, designed to drain and water supply. If you do self-examination revealed cracks and holes, the elements must be replaced. Otherwise it requires specialist intervention.

At overflow compartment loading powder or contamination can also occur leak. To resolve this problem should be well cleaned compartment.

If the examination revealed a flow of the places where the pipes are connected to the machine, it is necessary to repeat the assembly seal or replace the item.

Failure of the doors

Jamming reported disruptions voltage. In this case, to open the door, you need to press and hold for a long time in this state, the power button.

If the door does not close, perhaps it prevents excessive amount of laundry in the drum, or foreign objects into the gap.

Problems with the machine door

Door boot the machine hatch must be opened and closed easily. Faults can testify not only about the problems of the mechanism itself, but also about the more serious problems of the unit

Violations of the display work

Hover code and there is no light - this may indicate ingress of moisture into the control panel. The machine must be disconnected from the mains and dry day. If the display does not light up when you turn it on or unknown symbols appear, you need to contact the service center.

Possible errors and their solutions

If the display of the washing machine there is a combination of numbers and letters or the models without the screen is issued the combination of burning lights and the machine stops working - it means that there were some problem.

Knowing the decryption code, you can quickly navigate to the seriousness of the problem and to determine the order, whether it is the result of user carelessness or a serious failure that requires intervention professionals.

№1: malfunction of the pressure switch

The appearance of the screen combinations such as 1E, E7, 1C shows deviations in the water sensor, the so-called pressure switch. On models, where the display is not provided, in this case all washings flashing LEDs are lit, and all modes except the temperature bio 60 ° C.

About the failure occurred the machine begins to signal almost immediately after turning. Most often, this failure requires treatment to specialists, but can be removed in some cases, this problem yourself.

Faulty pressure switch washing machine

Adjusting the amount of filled water is very important for the normal operation of the washing machine. If the level switches (pressure) fails to perform its functions the unit is not able to

To fix a violation, you should do the following:

  • For 5 minutes to turn off the appliance. If the reason lay in the one-time violation of sensor operation, the unit will operate normally execute the program.
  • All contacts must be checked by pressure switch to the control module. It is likely that the cause of the error lies in the disconnect one of the connectors.
  • In order to detect problems need to check the condition of the tube connecting the water level sensor to the pressure chamber of selection. Perhaps she leaned or fell off. To correct the error should be returned to its original position.

If the above work has been done, and the code still appears on the display, it is best to contact the service center and to entrust the repair professionals.

№2: problems with tachosensor washing machine

codes 3E, 3E1, 3E2, 3E3, 3E4, 3C, 3C1, 3C2, 3C3, 3S4, 8E, 8E1, 8C, 8S1, EA may appear on the screen due to an error tachosensor. This small device is responsible for the execution of a certain number of engine revolutions.

How to quickly restore the function of the machine appears in the display 3E code will demonstrate video:

On models without display in such cases will flash modes and washing burn temperature indicators 40 ° C and bio 60 ° C.

Probable causes:

  • The drum is loaded with laundry amount, the weight of which exceeds the norm and the engine can not simply pull a load. If a lead in this, that after removal of the things erasable and re-start the device continues to operate normally.
  • Demonstration described code error in washing machines «Samsung"May occur due to random failure. To check the option to turn off the machine from the socket and switched on again after a few minutes.

If the restart is successful - there is no reason to worry.

Problems with tachosensor

Determine brewing failure tachosensor can badly wrung by the laundry, a slower rotation of the drum when spinning, or its complete stop, unstable rotation speed during the washing

№3: problem with the water supply system

How to decipher error 4A, 4C or E1? If, during washing or rinsing machine is stopped to carry out the program, and the display will show flashing said combination - it is reported on cessation of water flow into the drum and linen. On models with no screen, in this case light bulbs, LEDs modes of washing and minimum temperature.

Errors may be several reasons:

  • The filler hose through which the car enters the water, something pinched.
  • There has been a clogged filter, located at the exit of the same hose.
  • The user simply forgot to open the faucet valve that supplies water.
  • Pressure is too small.
  • In the system there is no cold water.

To accurately determine the cause of a restart should implement programs and listen to the sound emergence poured water.

Shoe input filter

Filter through which the water passes, prevents flow into the tank cars organic contaminants and mineral origin. Even particles of small size, delayed on the grid it can interfere with normal functioning stiralka

Further actions are completely dependent on the presence or absence of sound:

  1. If he heard, but the car is worth and continues to indicate an error - possibly a drum overloaded or deleted things absorb almost all of the water from the tank.
  2. When clearly heard that the water flows, the weight of laundry in conformity with the rules and instructions in the fabric not strongly absorb water, but the flashing display still says error, you need to check the pressure water. Most likely, he is weak.

In the absence of sound is poured water under tap is open and the normal supply pressure in the following steps are system: peel filter mesh, reboot the control unit by switching off from the outlet for 15 minutes, then turn the car into a wall outlet and re-run the same mode washing.

Cleaning the filter of the inlet hose

Water Filter system set in the machine is required to periodically clean. Unscheduled inspection and cleaning is carried out in the absence of water in the tank at revitalization tap is open and under normal pressure in the plumbing

№4: the failure of the drainage system

What can be done if the code is flashed on the display 5E or E2? In models without display of flashing signals machine washing and backlight modes of the temperature indicator 40 ° C. The appearance of the error indicates a problem with the water draining.

Causes of the code are as follows:

  • The hose through which the machine drains water clogged or bent. After cleaning or return the hose to its normal position normal operation of the unit is restored.
  • The drain filter is clogged. To check the version it is necessary to remove, clean, rinse and screw ago.
  • Clogged siphon located at the connection of the machine to the sewer. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to disconnect the drain hose from the connecting position to the sewer, immerse it in any kind of container, run the program and wait for the water drain. If it pours smoothly, an urgent need to clean the siphon.

Such a machine may issue an error in case of discharge of the drain pump contacts. After their tight connection code on the screen does not appear.

Cleaning the filter output

Clean the drain filter from contamination is not difficult. If prodelyvat this procedure regularly, wringing it does not require much effort. In addition to dirt and lint you can find small items that fall into the machine together with the laundry: buttons, coins

A one-time glitch in the system can also cause errors demonstration. To check this, disable the device, and after 10-15 minutes, then on again.

Number 5: response to surges

How to determine the causes of errors Uc, 9C, 9E1, 9E2 and eliminate them? These numbers and letters can appear at any time during the program. They mean the lack or excess voltage standards in the network for a few seconds. In fact, it voltkontrol protecting electrical components.

If the fault occurs on the screen, and then quickly disappeared - in the network spike was short-lived. In this case, you do not need to do anything. Long code reflection on the screen may be problems in signal power.

Causes of signal reflection can be as follows:

  • Regular failure voltage. When such problems worth installing stabilizer.
  • Failure voltkontrolya system. In this case it is enough to restart the program by switching-off the washing machine.
  • Using low-quality extension cord to connect the unit to the network can also be a reason for the demonstration of error. His replacement will solve the problem.

Very often voltkontrolya error is displayed on the display in the case of defective wiring, the old sockets etc. After replacing all of these elements fall into place.

Power Problems

This group of errors indicating problems with the supply of electricity. Washing machines Samsung responsive to the elevation and lowering of the voltage and current supply instability

№6: a one-off failure of the machines

How to fix bugs AE, AU, 13E? These error codes appear in the case of interruption of communication between the control boards, which function It is receiving information from multiple sensors, its processing and the team returns implementing mechanisms.

Correct the error, you can disconnect the device from the network. If it was a one-time glitch - when restarting the machine will work normally.

Checking the control board

The control board can be called the "brain" of the washing machine to ensure consistent implementation of specific actions under the program chosen by the consumer. Diagnose problems chips can only be a professional

When the code is displayed again after turning off the screen, you need to call the master for an accurate diagnosis.

№7: failure in the control system

What do the codes 6E, Eb, bE, bE1, bE2, bE3? On models without display in the case of this error is noted to include all lights of all modes of washing and temperature indicators, except 60 ° C.

The reasons for the demonstration a few errors:

  • Problem with triac responsible for the operation of the machine engine. Normally, it includes its off-sets and the desired number of revolutions.
  • Malfunctions of the washing machine buttons.
  • Problems in the control module.

You can try to resolve the problem. First, unplug the machine and then on again. If a reboot helped - it was a one-time mistake.

Error in the control system stiralki Samsung

When displaying the group breakage errors are confined to the control system. This may be the fault of the triac, relay, instrument, organ, or the control board

The numbers on the display may indicate sticking or, conversely, the absence of contact of one of the buttons on the control panel. To fix this problem, you should poklatsat button repeatedly or hold them pressed. The specified encoding may indicate overload outlet or malfunction. When replacing a new car again starts to work well.

№8: errors in operating modes

This segment of the fault indicated by the symbol CE, AC, 4C2. On models with no screen similar bug affects all blinking modes of washing and temperature indicator light comes on the button at the top. In this case, the code indicates the excess of water-temperature.

Connection of the washing machine

Connect the washing machine to the water supply and sanitation should be strictly according to the rules. If something is not clear, it is better to consult an expert

To fix the problem, the first step is to check if the water inlet hose to the pipe with hot water is connected. If it's all right, it is necessary to restart the machine. The occasional failure it will work fine.

№9: improper preparation for washing

How to respond to a combination of DE, DE1, DE2, DC, DC1, DC2, ED? Units without screens react to the error by flashing all modes of washing and temperature. Presented combination means that the door is not closed.

Eliminate the error is simple - check the condition of the car door. Perhaps a piece of thread to entangle the hook, or interfere with the lock mechanism. Perhaps one of the parts is bent door.

Do not shut the door of the washing maishnki

To restore operation stiralki after inspection and detection of unclosed doors need to close the door tightly and restart the program

What to do - there H1, H2, HE, HE1, HE2, HC, HC1, HC2, E5, E6? On the panel of the machine, where the display is not provided, the indicators included washing, as well as the second from the top and the lowest temperature indicators. It should be noted that when the error does not occur without heating.

The main causes of errors here are two:

  • The unit is not connected to the mains.
  • Does not work TEN (heating element).

When you try to rectify the situation, check the correct connection of the unit to the mains. If you use an extension cord is better to replace it with a new one or make a direct connection.

Error code on display

Usually, failure code appears on the 10-15 minute wash, but in some cases this happens at the very beginning, from the first seconds. If an error is shown in a different time - most likely a one-time glitch

If as a result of actions taken over the machine may have a problem, it is necessary to turn to professionals.

Which means the appearance of the combination LE, LC, E9? screen machines without signal fault glowing buttons washing and temperature indicator located at the bottom and the top.

This error appears on the screen when water leaks from the unit. The reasons for its occurrence are several:

  • Drain hose is below the state level.
  • He is not connected to the sewage system.
  • Through the hole or crack in the tank water leakage occurs.

To fix this problem, do the following:

  1. Disconnect the unit from the mains.
  2. Check the position in which there is a hose to drain. Normally, he must first go up, and then descend.
  3. Check whether the drain filter is opened. Through it can also leak.
  4. Disconnect the hose, designed to drain water from the sewer and put an end to it in a sink or other container.

Then you must restart the device. If everything went fine - the cause eliminated.

Which means the appearance of the display UE, UB, E4? The control panel without a display, in this case point flashing of all modes of washing and the temperature indicator of the second top. The combination points to the difficulty of the machine with a uniform distribution of the laundry in front spin.

Difficulties with spin

The codes UE, UB, E4 indicate arising from difficulties with the machine spin cycle to wash laundry, what happens due to violation of rules of loading things in the machine drum

To correct this, follow these steps:

  1. Drain the water from the tank.
  2. Turn off the appliance.
  3. After waiting 15 minutes to open the door.
  4. Unravel the tangled pile of linen, distribute it to the tank.
  5. Close the door and start the further implementation of the program.

In some cases, after carrying out manipulations machine continues to operate normally.

№10: damage to the temperature sensor unit

What if it is shown on the screen tE, Ec, tc? If the machine is not equipped with a display with an identical error on the control panel of a washing machine company Samsung light washing all modes and temperature indicators "bio 60 ° C "and" 60 ° C ".

The error indicates a problem with temperature sensorResponsible for measuring the water temperature in the unit.

Damage to the temperature sensor

Temperature sensor regulates the inclusion of the heating element in the machine and disabling it after the water heated to a certain temperature. In the event of a failure or the water can not be heated or boiling

Fix any damage, you can use the overload. If this action does not bring any results, you need to contact the service center. Most likely, the need to replace any sensor TEN.

№11: a signal of excessive foam

The emergence of combinationsSud (5ud) or Sd (5d) on the screen indicates that the tank is too much foam. Most often this occurs because of the use of the powder is not suitable for washing in the machine.

Increased foaming at the stiralki

Excessive foaming characteristic when using detergent for hand washing. The foam can penetrate the electrical parts of the unit and create the conditions for a short circuit. Determine suitable washing powder for an automatic machine or not, it is very simple - it is always indicated on the package

Amount of detergent is also easy to calculate: the norm is 1 tbsp 1 kg of laundry in the dry state.

In this case, it is not necessary to take any action. After the deposition of the foam unit will automatically continue washing.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

What are error codes and how to act when they occur on the machine display, you can learn from leduyuschego video:

Combination of numbers or indicator lamps - tips, through which, in most cases, you can quickly find and solve problems on their own, without resorting to the workshop. This feature helps even ignorant in the art owner save significant time and money.

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