What brand of washing machine to choose

Today they sell washing machines with vertical, horizontal loading, automatic determination of the weight of the laid laundry, centering of the drum, processing of things with steam. Budget, expensive, small, large, domestic, foreign, from the neighbors of the Customs Union. What brand of washing machine to choose? We will conduct a brief overview on the subject of what qualities brand products are characterized.

General recommendations for the choice of

washing machines Experts call the useless option the possibility of a washing machine drum to spin at a speed of 1800 rpm. Fast, noisy, absolutely not necessary. What is the limit number, experts are unable to answer. More precisely, opinions differ. The values ​​are 800 - 1400 rpm. Lying above 1000 need cotton, terry towels, other. Clever heads say: during the spinning process, the laundry becomes 500 times heavier, will fly out in a straight line, acquiring a speed of 140 km / h, if the metal walls disappear instantly.

Closely related to the spin speed is the smoothness parameter of the inner surface of the drum of a washing machine. Many copies are broken, experts say: for excessive delights, a non-standard profile of the walls has to be paid too expensive, it is worth checking the quality. The method is available to everyone. You will need a female stocking. It doesn't matter, the old is new, the main thing is clean. Put on the hand, stick the palm covered with the stocking, inside the washing machine, move it along the inner wall of the drum. We check the absence of the slightest obstacles. Stocking must ideally slide on a flat, smooth surface. Otherwise, it is better not to buy a washing machine of a proven brand. Roughness will gradually turn the laundry into tatters.

Next, it is recommended to pay attention to the labeling of washing machines. Experts say: the washing class is determined by the linen thing. The indicator varies between types of fabric, colors. However, the energy class deserves close attention. The letter A, then come the pluses:

  1. One plus sign - 10% savings.
  2. Two Plus - 30% Savings.
  3. Three Plus - 50% Savings.

However, even without the crosses, the washing machine will not force you to tighten the belt more tightly due to the increase in the accounts of management companies.

Spin class is considered a controversial issue. Mentioned, the boundless increase in speed does not mean an indispensable improvement in quality. There are washing machines with dryer. The process is based on the circulation of warm air inside the drum, things are able to roll over for a better blow. The option is useful, does not require space for hanging textiles.

Some masters say: Avoid overpaying for a tank( a box containing a drum) made of stainless steel. A simple argument is given - with a 15-year service life of a washing machine, the polymer does not have time to grow old. Tend to be skeptical. After 5 years, the process of depolymerization can begin, not promising good to owners of a washing machine with an interesting quality.

At the maximum temperature wash certainly pay attention. Most powders are designed for use in conditions of 40 - 60 degrees Celsius. The promise to heat the water to 95 ºC will be useless. Things are not disinfect, energy is required a lot. Better find a model equipped with the True Steam option( LG technology).The washing machine eliminates the majority of allergens, unpleasant odors.

By the way, the function of indicating the residual washing time is considered completely useless by modern washing machines. The option of tracking foaming, some others force the smart device to adjust the program during operation. Gradually pushes the final step, the displayed time does not correspond to reality.

LG Washing Machines

LG is positioned by a broadband manufacturing company. Products are inexpensive, high quality. Pleases the noise level. When compared with Samsung washing machines, the difference is obvious. So, what's new for the South Korean firm?

The best brands of LG automatic washing machines today flaunt the Big In option. Convenient wide loading portal. The company has increased the size of the tank. According to information received from official sources, it has been achieved by replacing the anti-vibration shock absorbers with a number of other drum stabilization measures. Allowed to increase the useful volume by 30%.LG's narrow washing machines have a similar capacity, reminiscent of the usual models of other brands.

Prerequisites for achieving a similar effect.

  1. A special system of adjustment of the center of gravity. The company does not fully disclose secrets, says: there are balancers in the form of balls in the interwall space. Distributed, allowing you to balance the laundry lying in the drum.
  2. The rear wall of the drum is equipped with a noise insulating gasket, at the same time eliminates vibrations.
  3. The depreciation system is not completely removed, modified so as not to interfere with the expansion of the drum( by 30%).Metal levers, shoulders absorb the lion's share of shocks and blows.
  4. Finally, the smart equipment is equipped with a special vibration control sensor in three dimensions. Depending on the sensor readings, the speed of rotation of the drum is regulated. As a result, the level of vibrations is noticeably reduced.

Additionally reduces the noise level of the washing machine motor with direct drive( Direct Drive).The function is associated with control technology, which has a rather complicated name 6 Motion DD.Rather, the acronym is the original idea, immediately the meaning is weak. It turns out that LG machines are capable of performing 6 basic movements, suitable situations. Brands of washing machines today get rid of belts, pulleys, acquiring direct drive. A modern trend to reduce noise. By the way, LG gives 10 years warranty for the motor. Take care to fill out the documents on the washing machine.

The True Steam function mentioned above will allow to penetrate the linen with jets of hot steam through the initial stage. Why hot? LG ignores the mechanism of steam generation, probably uses the built-in heating element of the device. As a result, most odors and allergens are removed, and an “unprecedented freshness of linen” is achieved.

Housewives will appreciate the Smart Diagnostic option. To determine the cause of the breakdown, you now need a smartphone, but the answer from the service center will appear immediately. The washing machine transmits the information to the mobile, from there data goes to the service center. Any housewife will cope with the system:

  • press the power button of the washing machine;
  • bring the smartphone to this button;
  • press the Temperature button for 3 seconds, without releasing.


washing machines It’s easy to guess: LG’s perpetual competitor was not left unanswered. The products were given a wide loading window, a roomy drum, and a stunning Eco Bubble system. With efficiency class A +++, the washing machine generates bubbles inside, exploding dirt from the inside.

Samsung washing machines will allow you to set, save your user wash program, and then start the process at the touch of a button. Eco drum cleaning eliminates dirt from the outside, from the inside. Direct drive motor greatly reduces noise levels, vibrations.

Other washing machines

Does not lag behind the Panasonic brands described: 3D sensor, direct drive motor, extended tank, which holds 10 kg of linen with the standard overall dimensions of the device. Energy savings of 55% are achieved by an inverter motor with built-in control, injecting water through 5 nozzles evenly arranged in a circle.

What is the best brand of washing machine from guests from the East? We prefer LG.Cheap, high quality, reliable. Competitors are not inferior. LG has been the world leader for several years in a row. Not everyone can afford German quality or Ariston, consider the South Korean company the choice of the majority. Not super expensive top brand, the best solution to the overwhelming mass of ordinary citizens. The commercials of the company, despite the curvature of the translation of Korean interpreters, are understandable and clear. Where is the person looking for first thing information before going to the store?

We hope you understand each other. The best brand of washing machines is determined by the price given by the buyer. Among the budget models, we consider LG to be the leader. We are glad if you helped choose a washing machine.

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