What food processor with a meat grinder to buy

Internet is full of offers to sell and buy Mriya's food processor. The product already exchanges the second decade. Bosch will be envied. Let's see what they sell on the market today and compare it with products of the Soviet Union.

Food processors with meat grinders of the military-industrial complex of the USSR

Many people today sell and buy food processor Mriya, especially in Ukraine. Maybe an amazing food processor a lot. Modern qualities are evident:

Food processor with an

  1. meat grinder Nozzle auger juice extractor. Still considered "meat grinders" for fruit the best, along with a durable engine. Twin screw juicers appeared in Korea in 1981.The difference mentioned Mriya: juice is obtained with pulp. The developers did not pursue fame and did not compete with Europe, they simply supplied the market with the necessary Soviet citizen. Tomato juice twisted most families, the food processor simplified the process of harvesting to the maximum.
  2. Centrifugal juicer was designed to produce juice from hard fruits. The spin ratio is not the highest, a lot of noise. However, most modern food processors provide the same type. Not screw.
  3. Meat grinder - where a Soviet citizen without meatballs and meatballs. The food processor is obliged to include an accessory in a set of nozzles. There is a legend that Mriya grind a steel knife into three parts, only a small notch remains on the screw. However, after 13 years the device broke.

    Food Processor with Mixer

  4. Mixer. In the USSR, housewives loved to bake rich products. Mixer Mriya mixes, will help knead the dough. If it happened to buy the Tefal food processor, the instructions say, for example, that the work time is 15 minutes. Then you need a rest. This is called the work cycle of a modern frail engine. Mriya didn’t have any complaints about regimes and breakdowns in the network. In particular, attributable to the initial period of operation of the food processor.
  5. Mriya is no stranger to salads. No holiday was complete without the little detail mentioned. The food processor has in the set a vegetable cutter, instantly chopping ingredients.
  6. In ancient times, a coffee grinder seemed an unnecessary miracle, but today it looks great and works the same. This is a great food processor.
  7. Citrus Juicer for those times looked wild. Orange or tangerine juice is not available in the USSR.
  8. Blender to get drinks will help to keep the post or master the workout. A truly versatile food processor.

Combine and Meat Grinder 2 in 1

Complaints against Mriya are received only for noise. Of the descriptions - not less than 75 dB, it fits into the standards of modernity.

We believe that buying a bowl for the Mriya food processor and spare parts is problematic, but complete and half sets of accessories in the network for bidding are exhibited. Characteristics of the food processor Mriya.

  • Engine power is 400 watts. The network has repeatedly encountered information that the motor is relatively massive, a hundred not bad: a solid unit, the power is small. Due to this, the engine runs tirelessly for a long time, slightly overheating.
  • Number of speeds - 3. The engine, of course, collector. Power is transmitted to the nozzles through the gearbox. Maximum 15,000 revolutions.
  • Device weight 4.2 kg without nozzles.

Complete set of food processor

Mriya has and features. First, the knife is designed for left rotation. This is not suitable traditional cross-shaped knives. In the stores we find double-edged knives, it is easy to bring to the standard. Surprising is the presence in the complete set of the Mriya food processor a recipe book. The meat grinder is protected from overload. With a sharp increase in force on the shaft, the knife moves away from the grid, the viscous mass begins to spin in place, slowly weeping. Modern food processors are equipped with disposable plastic gears and couplings.

When buying, look: Izhevsk plant puts in a set of a dozen couplings. With each overload one breaks, there is a new one to replace. In the case of foreign food processors with meat grinders gear two - and the first is already inside. The conclusions are obvious. Even shipping is expensive, not to mention the cost of a spare part for a food processor.

What food processor to take at the price of Mriya

Long discussed the domestic( by the standards of the USSR) food processor, standing within 4 thousand rubles. Today for this money we will buy only the Philips food processor, whose chopper is designed for large volumes, is designed on the basis of a bowl.

Of course, in the process of work, make pauses, make sure that there is no mechanical overload. Otherwise, have to look for parts. Mriya's food processor - a meat grinder with steel gears, do not forget about the built-in mechanism to prevent overloads.

For 4000 rubles, it is difficult to choose a good food processor with a meat grinder, with similar chic functionality. Look at the counter: there are models with a capacity of 900 W each, with a housing four times less in volume than Mriya. Dimensions of our compatriot:

  1. Height - 20 cm.
  2. Width and depth - 18 cm.

And this is a parallelepiped of considerable weight, where a substantial part of the space is occupied by the engine. Take a look at the womb of a modern Philips food processor. You will see a small rotor weighing 600 grams is surrounded by air space. The result is obvious - the thermal regime of modern food processors is selected unfavorable to the detriment of the small space occupied. From the West came technology aimed at saving materials.

We state that only materials in Mriya were spent on a couple of food processors from other manufacturers. It is a pity that the products are no longer available. Use the opportunity to buy a food processor with a meat grinder at a low price because of the age of the product. Good wine becomes more expensive over the years, the Soviet quality is still remembered with a kind word.

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