For Kitchen

What to buy a pancake

What to buy a pancakeFor Kitchen

At first glance, it seems pancake device useless. At least once a year, the device is useful - before Lent is celebrated Maslenitsa Pagan. Feature pancake makers - in the rapid preparation of panca...

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What to buy electric Barbecue

What to buy electric BarbecueFor Kitchen

The program "Health" Malyshev said with improvised - frying kebab on fire dripping juice. Carbohydrates "fused" with the fats. Favorite flavor of grilled meat is dangerous. Odor emanating from elec...

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Which to choose Thermo

Which to choose ThermoFor Kitchen

Kitchen Thermo unpopular in Russia: the best friend of writers and scholars who abuse coffee. However, it is an indispensable instrument in the service of citizens and villagers. The meaning of D: ...

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How to choose a bread machine for home

How to choose a bread machine for homeFor Kitchen

Experienced users home bread maker note taste of bread. The next advantage is difficult to say how well respected the conditions of the standard recipe bakery, home cook gets full control over the ...

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Which is better: a blender or mixer?

Which is better: a blender or mixer?For Kitchen

Infomercial blender Vaytamiks kilogram ice making snow, spending 3 seconds. 1000 W of power ready to crush anything. According to the Vaytamiks manufacturer, not a home blender - Professional Serie...

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Which company is better to buy a meat grinder

Which company is better to buy a meat grinderFor Kitchen

The main thing in business - prestige. For people in the first place appearance, mannerisms, and perception of the brand consists of the historical aspect. When choosing a manufacturer grinders usu...

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Specifications grinders

Specifications grindersFor Kitchen

Today grinder replaces a food processor. The shop is easy to find a unit that is difficult to classify appliances. Called harvester, processor, when in addition to the shaking of fruits and vegetab...

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Advice to housewives which meat grinder is better for home

Advice to housewives which meat grinder is better for homeFor Kitchen

Choosing a meat grinder, it is important to understand that increasing the number of options raises the price. The trend is clearly visible on the example of the company Zelmer. The choice of the...

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Should I buy a bread maker

Should I buy a bread makerFor Kitchen

Forum members complain: they write something wrong in the reviews, they indicate in the product cards of the bread makers. Not the number of programs is crucial, not power will play the first rol...

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Glass kettle for gas stove

Glass kettle for gas stoveFor Kitchen

Melamine tableware is considered dangerous. The composition of the components includes formaldehyde, causing health disorders. Since 2011, products are prohibited by European laws, exclusively fo...

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