Why do you need a blender 8 operating rules


  • 1 What is it
  • 2 Application: 8 Rules
    • 2.1 How to use the hand blender: 5 Important Rules
    • 2.2 How to use the stationary blender 3 rules
  • 3 Summary
If used properly the technique it will last a long timeIf used properly the technique it will last a long time

Before the birth of my son pylilsya blender in the kitchen - I just did not know what to do with it. It turns out he's great simplifies cooking. I offer together to figure out why there is a blender and how to use it.

What is it

Recently, I realized the beauty of using kitchen appliances, namely - what a blender. Blender - an indispensable appliance is intended for:

  • grinding food;
  • Emulsifying puree;
  • whipping the beverage, mousses and m. p .;
  • as well as an ice pick.
Blender - the best assistant for grinding productsBlender - the best assistant for grinding products

Mixer can not buy if there is attachment to the blender in the form of the corolla. What can you make with a blender:

Picture Dish
table_pic_att15028001762 forcemeat
table_pic_att15028001773 puree
table_pic_att15028001784 Cream soup
table_pic_att15028001805 sauces
table_pic_att15028001836 smoothies
table_pic_att15028001847 Cocktails and desserts

There are two options blenders models: manual and stationary. The market is full of different variations on the color and the purse. If you need a blender, you can easily find a suitable device.

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of blenders:

Photo Description
table_pic_att15028001858 Hand or immersion blender

Price: From 800 rubles


  • a plurality of orifices can handle almost all products - a blender and replace a meat grinder, and processor and other devices;
  • unit is easy to use - just press the button;
  • nozzle can be used for cooking any dish.


  • Some attachments, such as the whisk in a blender, it is difficult to wash off the remnants of viscous mixtures.
table_pic_att15028001879 stationary blender

Price: from 1000 rubles


  • tight lid to prevent splashing of the bowl;
  • models are stable and easy to operate.
  • The device has several modes that allows you to cook a variety of dishes without any extra effort.


  • when the main damage to the blender bowl can not be used to purchase a replacement.

Application: 8 Rules

Before using the blender check the directions from the manufacturer, see "instructions operation "- there you will learn about the features of the device and the contents of the look of each of the attachments.

How to use the hand blender: 5 Important Rules

So, we shall understand why there is an immersion blender? It's pretty multifunctional device - in the mixer can be cooked mashed potatoes, pastry, cream, sauces and various drinks. Special nozzles allow to cut vegetables and fruit, crushed ice, nuts, sugar and coffee, cook the stuffing of different consistencies.

How to use:

  1. Prepare motor suitable nozzle, mixing vessel and products.
  2. Assemble the device following the recommendations from the manufacturer.
  3. Download the products into the bowl.
  4. Insert the plug into the socket.
  5. Select the appropriate mode and act.

To avoid trouble, follow these simple rules, then the blender will serve you for many years and will be indispensable.

Picture recommendations
table_pic_att150280018910 rule 1

Most hand-held blenders equipped with special bowl products.

In the case of an immersion blender into another container, choose the most deep bowl.

I recommend to use plastic utensils to avoid scratching the instrument of its wall.

table_pic_att150280019411 rule 2

Processed products must cover the cutting portion, or a blender can not do anything to shake up.

table_pic_att150280019412 rule 3

Keep the temperature of the crushed product - it should not exceed 70 ° C.

table_pic_att150280019513 rule 4

Before chopping fruits and vegetables get rid of the seeds, stalks and skins.

table_pic_att150280019614 rule 5

Correctly select the nozzle for each product:

  • The main knives - intended for pureeing and smoothies.
  • corolla - is designed to prepare the dough, sauces, creams and cocktails.
  • Bowl-chopper - mini-processor to mix any of the products and cooking meat.

There are also tips:

  • kubikorezka;
  • chopping ice;
  • dough hook;
  • discs for shredding others.

How to use the stationary blender 3 rules

Stationary models are mainly needed for grinding of solid foods (eg, nuts) mixing into a homogeneous mass in all heart desires, and preparation of all kinds of drinks, sauces, creams.

As a rule, they do not have attachments, so the question of how to use a stationary blender has a simple answer:

  1. Assemble the apparatus, following the recommendations of the manufacturer.
  2. Download the product in the cup. Vegetables and fruit cut into cubes - so the more fit in the bowl.
  3. Insert the plug into the socket.
  4. Press the power button and wait for the operation of the mechanism.

The table - a few simple guidelines that will prolong the life of your vehicle:

Picture recommendations
table_pic_att150280019715 rule 1

Use dimensional grid on the glass - underused or overloaded device can break.

table_pic_att150280019916 rule 2

The high temperature processed products for stationary blender - death.

Before grinding the food cool at least 40 ° C.

table_pic_att150280020517 rule 3

Do not forget to close the lid on the bowl - or in the kitchen will have to scrape away pieces of products.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you will understand why there is a blender and how to use it correctly. All your questions and recommendations will be glad to see in the comments.

And how to prepare four amazing dishes in a blender with your hands, you will learn from the video in this article.

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