F12 error in the washing machine Ariston

CM Ariston( Hotpoint Ariston) shows the error F12 on the display before setting the water. The malfunction code manifests itself at different stages of washing, but if the failure is not fixed, the error will be displayed on the display immediately after turning on the machine.

On models with electromechanical control, the code will be displayed on the indicators, which means a serious malfunction.

. Contentson failure by flashing the on / off light. The indicator will flash 12 times with a break. Additionally, the “Lock” indicator is lit, the knob clicks, rotates in a circle.

  • For Ariston SMA( type AML and AVSL), the Superstart LEDs - the “Delay Timer” LED blink, the “Lock” light often flashes.
  • On typewriters Hotpoint Ariston of the ARL, ARSL, ARXL series, the Spin and Drain indicator blinks, all the program LEDs are lit in parallel.
  • Hotpoint Ariston Aqualtis machines will issue an F12 error by flashing a temperature light bulb of 40 and 50 degrees.
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    What does the code F12 mean, what should I do if there is a malfunction? There is no contact between the display system and the control unit. You can try to solve this problem at home.

    To fix the problem, read on.

    Correcting breakdowns at home

    How to fix the problem in Ariston washer and clear the error F12:

    • Reset the code will help complete shutdown of the machine from the network. The system may have crashed. If this is the case, when you turn on the washer, it will work in normal mode.
    • View the pins leading from the indicator to the electronic controller. If the wires are loose, reinstall them.

    What if nothing helps? Try to determine the cause of the breakdown.

    control module It is estimated that 80% of the problems with F12 errors occur on the board. Then the machine immediately issues a code without starting the wash.

    What can be done:

    1. If the firmware of the board fails, you need to “flash it”.
    2. In the event of malfunctions with the elements of the board( diodes, triacs), replacement is necessary.
    3. If the microcircuit has burnt the tracks, you will have to clear the elements, solder the contacts.
    4. A broken microprocessor needs to replace the entire control module.

    Display Module

    The causes are similar to the faults of the control board, the solutions are the same.

    Damage to the connecting circuit

    The wires connecting the control and display unit could burn out due to voltage surges, rodents could damage them. Defective contacts can be cleaned and soldered, and the wires can be replaced with new ones.

    Each element is checked by a tester before repairs.

    If the repair at home did not return the machine to work, contact the service center.

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