CE error in LG washing machine

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The LG washing machine displays the CE error code on the display, stopping in operation, which means engine overload.

The CE code on the Al-Jy washer board allows the user to detect a problem and try to fix it by itself. Let's figure out how to fix the problem.

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  • 1 What to do to fix the
  • 2 error yourself What does CE mean: possible failures and repair

What to do to fix the

error yourself If you want to solve the problem at home, without calling the wizard, then try the available methods to resolve the CE error.

How to troubleshoot:

  1. The cause of the CE error on the display may be engine overload. Because of the large amount of laundry in the tank, the engine is turned off. If the error code is lit on the mode "Wash" or "Spin", stop the operation of the washer, remove part of the laundry.
  2. Disconnect your LG washer from the network for 10-15 minutes. If the cause was a failure of the electronic board, an error will occur. If the code flashes again, continue searching.
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If you tried all the recommendations, but your actions did not help to remove the error, then the typewriter needs repair.

What does CE mean: possible failures and their repair

After examining the signs and causes of LJ CM faults, you can do the repair yourself.

  • If during washing and spinning on the scoreboard of the LG washing machine, the CE code is lit, and you hear a crash, a rumble and a gnash, then a bearing or a gland came into disrepair. Depending on the degree of destruction of the bearing, the error may be lit on the program "Wash" or "Spin".Need to check and replace the bearing.
  • The breakdown of the tachometer responsible for the engine speed is also accompanied by twitching of the drum in the Al-Gee direct drive. The machine shows the CE error code on the programs "Wash" - "Rinse" - "Spin".Requires verification and replacement of the tachometer( tachogenerator).
  • Check wiring connectors, wiring leading from the motor to the controller. You may need to replace a burnt wire or tighten the connection.
  • The system gives an error on any of the modes, be it wash, rinse or spin. From the front panel, where the control unit is located, there is a smell of burning. This means a malfunction of the control unit. You need to check the module, if possible, clean the tracks and solder the damaged contacts. In case of malfunction, replacement of the unit will help.

If you have a direct drive LG machine, you may notice characteristic drum twitches during operation. This behavior may indicate a problem with the stator of the engine or the ingress of small objects between the tank and the drum.

In this case, the motor is being checked and tested, it may be necessary to replace the stator. Video will help you to cope with this:

. Be careful when repairing a LG washing machine. Do not forget, the first thing to do is to disconnect the CM from the network.

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