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Convection - is the circulation of hot and cold air.

When buying a new gas stove in the appliance store, I strongly suggest to pay attention to the multi-functional model, in which the presence of air convection. I wonder how necessary this mode? Together, let us understand, what is needed in a convection oven.

convection mode

convection feature increasingly common in new models of electric and gas ovens. To get the most out exactly what it is and how to use this feature, you need to know what an electric convection oven.

Feature 1. What is the convection?

What is a convection oven? In fact, it is the circulation of hot and cold air inside the stove. Air exchange occurs, because the housing of the gas and electric cookers equipped with a special fan which surpasses air (fan arrangement shown in the picture below).

Typically, the fan is located at the rear plate.Typically, the fan is located at the rear plate.
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In a modern oven with convection built different baking modes, grill and defrost. This allows to cook multiple food, greatly reducing gas consumption (electric power) and the amount of time for preparation. Detailed instructions from the manufacturer tells you how to configure the necessary parameters.

convection function allows you to cook a variety of dishes at once.convection function allows you to cook a variety of dishes at once.

Thus, convection - function in which the inside of the oven there is forced circulation of air, whereby there is formed the same heating temperature on all sides.

Feature 2. Main types and advantages of the convection plates

There are three popular types of plates, which are equipped with convection:

Picture Description
table_pic_att14946100043 View 1. Gas stove + electric convection

Several features gas stove with this function:

  • Gas + electricity. Most often produce models in which the hob is powered by gas, and the oven due to electricity.
  • Price. The cost of such a device is generally higher than that completely works by electricity.
  • Security. When running the forced air circulation, the gas supply is disconnected.
table_pic_att14946100064 View 2. Electrical

On store shelves can meet electric oven mini-format. This is a fairly compact device that works when connected to the network.

In the electric stove limited space, so the cook in several dishes may be difficult.

View 3. combined

Manufacturers are increasingly producing models with the mixed operation. This design allows you to cook as e / e, and gas.

To see if the convection oven is necessary, we explain the advantages of this feature.


  1. uniform temperature. Dishes baked through at once on all sides.
  2. The preparation of several dishes simultaneously.
  3. Replaces cooktops. In some cases, this oven makes it possible not to use the standard cooktops (in the country, in country houses and so on. D.).
Furnace mini format can be easily transported from place to place.Furnace mini format can be easily transported from place to place.
  1. Minimizing the consumption of e / e and gas.
  2. additional Features - baking, defrosting, drying.
  3. Full control and safety. You can always turn off the function of blowing their own hands.

Feature 3. use Cases

In some cases, it is recommended to include blowing:

Picture Description
table_pic_att14946100096 Case 1.

If you want to evenly propech a large piece of meat or poultry.

table_pic_att14946100147 Case 2.

To make the dish crisp. To brown the dish, turn the purge mode for the last 15 minutes of cooking.

table_pic_att14946100158 Case 3.

To defrost:

  • if specified in the manufacturer's instructions, which is a function of defrosting - use it;
  • if there is a special function - enable airflow to a minimum temperature.
table_pic_att14946100159 Case 4.

For drying fruit, meat and nuts.

We mentioned earlier that many furnaces are equipped with forced air by blowing. Recently on the shelves there are increasing ovens equipped with moist convection mode.

Major differences moist convection enhanced and dry:

Picture Description
table_pic_att149461001610 View 1. Forced circulation dry.

The furnace is one or more fans which can be surrounded by additional heating circuits.

table_pic_att149461001611 View 2. Wet circulation.

Besides the usual purge air is saturated with moisture, through which you can prepare meals for a couple.

table_pic_att149461001812 View 3. Enhanced circulation.

A powerful fan to create a rapid flow of air that allows you to quickly grab the crust and the interior of the dishes remain succulent.

The panel of both the gas and electric stoves must be a corresponding icon. Usually it looks like a three-bladed fan.

EXAMPLE icons on the panel arrangement.EXAMPLE icons on the panel arrangement.

Designations other icons:

  • Fan with an underscore - blowing from below.
  • With the zigzag from the top - blowing + grill.
  • Eco - wet circulation.


We found that convection is why it is needed and when to use this feature. Videos in this article will tell about the differences between the main operating modes of the oven. If you have any questions - I will answer them in the comments.

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