Which toaster is better to buy

The bread in the toaster is heated by convection and infrared radiation from open heating elements. The degree of roasting depends on the thickness of the slices. A simple toaster must be able to use. Which one to choose?

Typical toasters

We recommend to determine the size of the toaster, not the body. Contains a recessed spring basket. The latch is connected with a bimetallic relay - in models with automatic ejection of bread after cooking. Not all toasters are here.

The classic toaster

On the Yandex market, the option “Automatic toast raising” was invented."Extra-rise toast" - the device contains a lever to approach the bread to the exit. Grab the lever and pull up.

Don't forget to grab the ruler. We conduct measurements in the retracted and lifted state of the basket. In the latter case, at least a piece of bread sticks out from above.

Manual raising of slices in a toaster.

The toaster inside contains a latch unbending on the heating of the bimetallic plate. Most can be lifted by hand.

Find out in the shop: it is possible to manually raise toasts until ready. The option is needed with the smell of burnt toast. So that the toaster is turned off( not directly connected with the position of the basket) - you do not want to stick your fingers in this stove.

Crumb tray

Basket for crumbs in a toaster

A toaster contains a couple of slots - lead to a narrow compartment, bounded on both sides by heating elements. Flat hot plates are engaged in cooking. In the process down crumbs pour down - you need to remove from the device. The first toasters either had no bottom, or provided for periodic maintenance( the toaster should be turned upside down).

Now crumbs are collected in an ergonomic tray tray. Periodically, the drawer is extended, emptied. Try not to do it during cooking or immediately after. Prepare the toaster well in advance.

Power toaster

Which toaster is better to buy: powerful or with modest consumption. The cooking speed depends on the temperature. Definitely a powerful toaster handle faster. But the likelihood of burning increases, although a parameter setting is available to most modern instruments. Power spirals difficult to regulate.

The thermal effect is determined by the wire material, dimensions. With constant voltage according to the Joule-Lenz law, the effect is the same. To divide volts is unprofitable from the point of view of design complexity. It is easier to change the tension of the bimetallic plate, but the power remains the same. Changing the time after which the device will work. The parameter “Temperature adjustment” has been added to the Yandex Market.

The capacity of the toaster depends on the type, size of the helix, and the supply voltage. This toaster manages faster.

There was a problem: the electric kettle is powerful too, two devices work simultaneously. If there is also a running water heater at home, it is possible to overload the home electrical network.

Number of toasts in the toaster.

There are usually two toasts. If necessary, look for another indicator. On the Yandex Market, see the parameter "Number of toasts."

Grid for heating

Grid for heating bread in a toaster

The device will allow you to put slices over the compartments for receiving bread. The product is not baked, just heated. Lattices are built and removable. In the first case, if necessary, structures can hide( Philips models).

Automatic centering of the slices in the toaster.

In the toaster in the basket is something like ticks, carefully grabbing bread on both sides and leveling. The distance to each heating element is the same, the piece is baked evenly, it does not burn.

In separate toasters, the option of toasting only one side is included. Convenient for making sandwiches - the filling is put after roasting.

Automatic toaster

Sound signal in the toaster

Toaster throws out slices, will call for ready fervent peep. Pay attention to this when deciding whether to buy a toaster.

What is a roaster, and how does it differ from an


Roaster - oven, where there are open heating elements - the same oven. Similarity to the toaster only in the method. Convection and infrared radiation are used.

Roasters are on the counter of two types. In one case, it resembles a microwave; inside, instead of microwaves, heating elements are used. In the other - the old Oreshnitsa, drop-down mold.

Exterior design of the toaster

The video clip of the store Photos says that black plastic quickly gets dirty. Every imprint is visible. Buy a toaster with a drawing is free every. Appearance in the kitchen is not the last thing, nothing wrong with the appearance of the device, harmoniously combined, for example, with curtains.

From which manufacturer to buy a toaster

It is easier to examine the product according to the instructions. Buy a toaster Mulinex - not the best idea. It is impossible to get a guide on the official website, the moderators did not bother to bring the product reference. Most prefer to buy Tefal toaster.

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