Why your croton dry and fall leaves

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Decorative croton leaves, which affect both connoisseurs and beginners in floriculture with a variety of shapes and colors, is the main distinguishing feature of the houseplant. When the croton leaves dry and fall, and the exotic handsome man who recently decorated the room loses most of its appeal, its owner has many reasons for concern.

On the one hand, leaf fall from the lower tiers of the stem is a natural process, always accompanied by the appearance of new foliage on the top. The Croton owner needs to sound the alarm if:

  • shoots will quickly become exposed;
  • dries and dies even young foliage;
  • in croton dry leaf tips;
  • yellowing and wilting manifests itself as spots in the center of the sheet plate or along its edges;
  • gain does not have time to compensate for the loss.

Why do Croton leaves dry? What are the mistakes made by the florist, and how to correct the situation?

In most cases, the cause should be sought in violation of plant care, changes in housing conditions, for example, when changing the season or transferring the croton to another room. Sometimes indoor culture is affected by insects that negatively affect the state of foliage and depress the whole plant.

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Irrigation errors: croton leaves dry and fall off

wither, not enough water their pet.

Earthen ball in a pot should be constantly wet. In the summer to a greater extent, and in the winter to a lesser extent, but it is impossible to allow complete drying of the soil. If you water croton frequently, but only moisten the surface layer, the root growth points will be in conditions of moisture deficiency, which will immediately affect the culture and foliage in the first place.

Croton's foliage is its “signal flag”, following which you can understand what the health of a handsome room is, how well the care is organized, and whether care is sufficient.

Dry ground beneath the Croton is a sign of impending disaster. But an excess of moisture is also not the best factor for the development of culture. Especially dangerous is excess water during the cold season.

It is possible that the answer to the question: “Why do the croton leaves fall?” It will be precisely the excessive watering during the autumn-winter period. From permanent residence in the wet substrate on the roots, foci of rot develop, dead spots appear. As a result, the plant ceases to receive a sufficient amount of nutrition, and the croton leaves dry and fall off.

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It is easy to prevent the problem. If, half an hour after watering, water is poured into the glass pan, it must be drained, and when croton is planted at the bottom of the pot, a thick layer of drainage is provided. In addition, we must not forget that when the temperature is lowered, the content of irrigation is reduced.

Croton leaves fall from the dryness of the air.

Among the reasons why the leaves dry in Croton, a florist often encounters such an error as excessive dryness of air in a room, for example, in the winter months when heating is in operation.

Both at this time, and in the summer, the plant must be pampered with a warm shower, for which the deflated soft water is taken. A good hygienic procedure for an exotic guest will be to wipe the sheet plates with a damp cloth. And to humidify the air, it is convenient to use specialized household appliances or to put the pot in a pan with wet moss or expanded clay.

If in the room where the plant is located, the increased humidity of the air is constantly maintained, the florist will hardly notice that the tips of the leaves dry in Croton, or the foliage falls prematurely early. In this case, the green lives much longer than in normal indoor conditions.

Staying in dry air weakens the plant and provokes attacks on the croton of such a dangerous pest of indoor crops as a spider mite. This is another reason why the croton leaves dry and fall.

Why do croton leaves dry when conditions change?

Sometimes flower growers forget that the change in weather and the season outside the window also affects houseplants.

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Asking the question: “What if croton leaves fall?”, The florist should pay attention to the temperature conditions of the plant:

  1. When the room is colder +14 ° C, growth and the restlife processes are slowed down to such an extent that the tips of croton leaves dry, and then the plant sheds leaves at all.
  2. At temperatures above +24 ° C and low humidity can be seen as the leaves of croton dipped.

Croton drops the leaves and in direct sunlight. When such an impact is short term, nothing terrible will happen. It is necessary to return to the penumbra, beloved by the plant, and the leaves will return the original elasticity and beauty. But prolonged sunbathing under the scorching rays leads to the oppression of the flower. As a result, leaves fall from the croton.

If you do not return the flower to a comfortable environment, the situation will worsen until the death of a home plant.

It is possible that Croton loses foliage, experiencing a lack of food. Falling leaves, even in usual conditions and with sufficient watering, indicate the need for transplanting or feeding large room cultures.

Video about croton care problems

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