40 best beet varieties for open ground

Beet has been used for cooking since ancient times. For more than two thousand years, breeders have deduced many varieties and hybrids that differ in both appearance and taste. Beet seeds also differ depending on the variety and its characteristics.


  • Varietal diversity of beets
  • most popular varieties of early beet
    • Woden
    • Pablo
    • Red ball
    • Boltardi
    • Bordeaux 237
  • best middle-grade
    • Opole
    • Patrick
    • Monocle
    • Don flat
    • Boyarynya
  • Popular late beet
    • Citadela
    • Matron Zedekiah
    • Odnorostkovaya
    • Red Ruby
    • Bolivar
  • Best Dark Grades of Red Beet
    • Bohemia
    • Carillon
    • Cylinder
    • Red Bogatyr
    • Bon-Bon
  • best grades for cultivation in the suburbs
    • Ataman
    • Lark
    • Eclipse
    • Egyptian flat
    • Borscheva
  • Beet for Siberia and Ural
    • Bona
    • Mulatka
    • Betin
    • Wyrowski single seed
    • Bikores
  • Best cold-resistant varieties
    • cold resistance 19
    • podzimnego A-474
    • Gribovskaya planarA-473
    • Red ice
    • Masha
  • The best varieties for winter storage
    • Renova
    • Libero
    • Salad
    • Unparalleled
    • Detroit

Varietal beetsly

The modern range allows you to choose the best plants for planting in regions with different climatic features, be it Siberia, the Urals or Moscow region. Drought, heavy rainfall and freezing will not create problems when grown in open ground, if you prefer weather-resistant varieties.

This article describes the most popular types of beets and varieties recommended for planting on the plot. Most of the plants perfectly adapts to any climate, shows resistance to diseases and pests.

Particular attention should be paid to the growing season, which will ensure full ripening of root crops.

The most popular varieties of early beet


Root crop is characterized by a flat pattern of smooth red beet. The vegetable is juicy, the taste is neutral, the weight is 220-500 gr. From the moment of emergence of sprouts above the ground surface to harvest, 95 days pass. The hybrid is resistant to tsvetushnosti.


Highly productive hybrid with an aging period of 60-100 days. The product of Dutch producers is appreciated all over the world for its stable yield, delicate, slightly sweet taste and the ability of vegetables to remove radionuclides from the body. In a mature form, the beets reach a weight of 110-500 grams. The plant is not susceptible to color blooming and bolting, fruit cracking.

Red ball

A total of 95-105 days after the young shoots appear on the beds, harvesting can begin. The root crop reaches a mass of up to 300 g., Its shape corresponds to the name - rounded with smooth contours. Cooks highly appreciate the variety for a sweetish taste and absence of unpleasant bitterness. The culture is cold-resistant, so you can land in regions with difficult climatic conditions.


Gathering of root crops is possible in 100-120 days after the appearance of seedlings in the garden. The weight of medium-sized beets reaches 150-200 g., The shape is rounded. Culture is characterized by strong immunity, which is manifested in resistance to cercopiasis, bolting. The harvest is stored for a long time, until the next season.

Bordeaux 237

Cold-resistant plant with a growing season of 95-120 days. Root crops are characterized by medium size, round shape, pleasant-tasting pulp. The weight of the vegetable reaches 180-300 gr. Gardeners often plant seeds of Bordeaux table for the winter to get an earlier harvest.

Best mid-season varieties


A moisture-loving plant with oblong fruits, whose weight reaches 320-500 grams. The cut has barely noticeable rings, the skin is thin, the pulp has a sweet taste. Culture is demanding for irrigation and soil fertility. The shelf life of the crop exceeds 6 months.

Beet Opolsky


One-growth plant that eliminates the thinning of the bed. The term of ripening of root crops is 120-135 days. Beetroot is characterized by a round shape, dark maroon color and small size( weight up to 200 gr.).On the cut rings are weakly visible.

Feature: tender pulp structure without signs of fibers.


Purpose fruits universal. Vegetation lasts 110-120 days. Root mass reaches 270 gr. The peculiarity of the culture: belonging to the single growth type, which excludes the thinning procedure. Young shoots withstand small frosts and an abundance of moisture.

Don flat

Harvest occurs 110-120 days after seedlings appear above the ground surface. Up to 480 centners of vegetables are harvested per hectare, of which more than 80% are marketable. The weight of one copy is 230-380 g. Variety resistant to tsveuhe.


The growing season lasts 115-120 days. Beet has a sugar taste, the flesh of a delicate structure, which is prepared fairly quickly. Culture tolerates drought and cold. Fruit weight - 350-480 g.

Popular late beet


Weakly leafy plant with a growing season of 125-130 days. The root crop is formed of a cylindrical shape about 26 cm long, weighing 360-420 grams. Red flesh has no rings.

Matron Zedek

Vegetation lasts 115-125 days. Culture forms friendly shoots and matures up to 250-500 grams. The round-shaped vegetable is distinguished by its high taste characteristics, long storage period, and resistance to a moist environment.


When sprouting, it gives one sprout, which facilitates thinning of the bed. Round dark cherry root ripens in 120-130 days, reaching a weight of 280-350 grams. The plant is resistant to various diseases, pests, withstands adverse weather conditions. The crop is easily harvested due to the shallow dip of the vegetable in the soil.

Ruby Red

Used for all types of processing. Harvesting begins in 100-120 days after germination of the shoots. Beet rounded usually small in size, weighing 240 grams.

Feature: cooks quickly.


A variety bred by Dutch breeders. The growing season is 95-115 days. Fruits are round small in size, weighing up to 230 grams. The flesh has an intense red color, without annular borders. The plant is cold-resistant, tolerates drought and humid environment.

The best dark red beet varieties


Dark type of beet with missing rings on the cut. Aging period is 83-98 days. The shape of the vegetable is round, the weight is 240-450 gr. The variety is disease resistant, well stored, has a pleasant taste.

Beet bohemia


Hybrid bred by Dutch breeders. Harvesting begins 90 days after germination in the garden. Plant need to use the scheme: 30x60 cm. The vegetable is formed of a cylindrical shape weighing up to 430 grams.


Mid-season plant with a growing season of 120 days. The root mass is up to 600 gr., The shape is cylindrical up to 16 cm in length. Strong immunity is manifested in resistance to many diseases, adverse climatic conditions. Harvest stored for a long time( until March).

Zillindra in the garden

Krasny Bogatyr

A high-yielding variety with high taste. The nutritional value of the vegetable is preserved even in processed and frozen form. Dark red pulp of uniform color without signs of rings, fruit weight - 250-500 gr. Harvesting begins 125 days after the appearance of young shoots.


The growing season is 120 days, the root weight is 240-450 gr., The shape is round with smooth contours. The plant is sensitive to a humid environment, easily tolerates drought, is not afraid of autumn frosts.

Feature: juicy flesh with a sweetish taste.

The best varieties for growing in the suburbs of


The plant tolerates frosts well, but does not like a moist environment. The term of aging is 120-130 days. Beets curls up to 300 grams. Pulp juicy dense structure of uniform color( without banding).


A high-yielding variety that is resistant to coloring and stalking. The growing season lasts 120-135 days, the root mass reaches 125-340 grams. Light pink rings are seen on the flesh. Vegetable is distinguished by its ability to cleanse the body of toxic substances and radionuclides.


Root crops have an oval-cylindrical shape with different curvatures, the weight does not exceed 350 grams. The plant responds well to fertile soil and fertilizer, and is resistant to adverse weather conditions. Productivity - consistently high. The shelf life of fruits without losing valuable properties is more than 7 months.

Egyptian flat

A small head has a rounded flat shape, the mass does not exceed 350-500 grams. The color of the middle is pale pink, the taste is sweetish. Egyptian flat is not prone to stitching and tsvetushnosti, tolerates temperature changes, excessive soil moisture.

Feature: can be sown before winter.


Moderately cold-resistant variety, not prone to colorization. Ripens in 80-120 days. Rounded fruits weighing up to 500 grams.characterized by a neutral taste and lack of annular boundaries on the pulp. Features: long shelf life, drought resistance.

Beet for Siberia and the Urals


High-yielding crop with a ripening period of 120-130 days. Fruits form a round shape of medium size, weight reaches 230-280 grams. The flesh of rich burgundy color has no rings, the taste is neutral with a slight sweetness. The plant is susceptible to watering and feeding.


You can harvest in 125 days after the shoots appear above the ground surface. The mass of fruits of a round form reach 350 gr., Pulp has dense structure, a thin skin is thin. Among cooks, the variety is valued for versatility, richness and fast preparation.

Mulatka Beet


Vegetation lasts 120 days. The hybrid belongs to the high-yielding types steady against a tsvetukha and a stalking. The mass of beet is 350 gr., The shape is regular round, the flesh is dark without banding.

Feature: high taste and commercial quality, long shelf life.

Virovskaya single-seeded

The rounded flat fruits in a mature form hang over 300 grams. Vegetable is highly valued among culinary professionals due to its versatility and excellent taste. The growing season is 125 days, the plant is resistant to diseases, the storage period exceeds 8 months.


Ideal for winter storage. The term of ripening is 90-110 days, the root crop weight is 320 g., The shape is round, the color of the flesh is brick-red. Feature: high sugar content, high yield of marketable products.

The best cold-resistant varieties

Cold-resistant 19

A high-yielding plant with an aging period of 76-85 days. It has a unique taste, filled with sweet notes. The pulp retains a dense structure even after heat treatment. The root weight is 150-230 grams.

Vegetables are stored for a long time without losing valuable properties.

Podzimnyaya A-474

The culture is suitable for cultivation on almost any soil, is resistant to many diseases, tolerates drought and cooling. The term of ripening is 125-135 days, the weight of beet reaches 400 gr.

Gribovskaya Flat A-473

Vegetation period - 75-100 days, yield - up to 57 tons per hectare. Root crop has a flat shape, weight - up to 400 grams. Flowering-resistant plant, is responsive to fertile soil and moderate watering.

Red ice

Early ripening with vegetation lasting 100 days. Root crops have a round shape, smooth thin skin, dark maroon pulp. The mass of the average vegetable - 250 gr. Beetroot does not crack during cultivation; it retains valuable properties even during long-term storage.


Very tasty beets, high-yielding and resistant to tsvetushnosti. The weight of the vegetable reaches 350-550 gr., The color of the pulp is dark red without ringing. Harvesting begins 115-120 days after germinating shoots.

The best varieties for winter storage


Characterized by high taste, lack of beet smell and bitterness. Vegetation lasts 115-125 days. The root weight is 350-400 gr., The storage period exceeds 8 months.

Renova beet


A plant with an early term of ripening( 70-85 days).Round fruit with regular contours curls up to 480 gr. On the cut of the pulp barely visible rings are visible. Feature: strong immunity, resistance to wet environment and drought.


Hybrid of late term of aging( 130-150 days).The head of medium size has a rounded shape, weight up to 350 grams. Variety resistant to discoloration after cooking, the taste is rich in different notes.

Peculiarity: deep occurrence of root vegetables in the soil.


Beet is widely used not only in cooking, but is also part of the dietary and therapeutic nutrition. Its value lies in the ability to improve liver function, cleanse the body of toxic substances. Vegetation - 120 days, the weight of the fruit - 250-500 gr. Features: cold resistance.

Beet Detroit


Vegetable ripening period - 110-120 days. Not afraid of spring frosts. During the period of active growth, beet is demanding for watering and feeding. Fruit weight - 210 gr., The shape is round, the flesh is red without banding. Detroit is practically immune to disease.

The planting of several beet varieties will make it possible to diversify the home menu and saturate the household with useful substances.

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